Algaecal / December 9, 2014

Barbara Briddle on AlgaeCal, “It Has Changed My Life”

“My Doctor was Surprised to See Improvement in All 3 Areas…and AlgaeCal Has Changed My Life”

My name is Barbara Briddle, I live in Arizona and this is my story on using AlgaeCal and how it has changed my life. It all began in 2008 when during my Bone Density Review with my Doctor; it was determined I had osteoporosis and was immediately put on medication.

The test scores at the time were:

  • AP Spine L1-L4 was at -2.6 Osteoporotic
  • Total Hip Left was at -1.4 Osteopenic
  • Femoral Neck (Left) was at -2.1 Osteopenic

Shortly after starting the medication I read an article warning of the damage medication was doing to the jaw bone. I immediately stopped taking it and began looking for an alternative. I found an article on AlgaeCal and decided to give it a try. It offered a very good money back guarantee if my test scores did not improve over the next two years so I thought what do I have to lose.

In 2010 during my next Bone Density Review with a different Doctor (I had changed doctors since 2008) at first all she did was talk about my 2008 test scores, her concerns, and she wanted to put me on another Drug. She had not seen the results from my test in 2008 and was basing her decisions on the 2010 test alone. I had brought my X-rays and reviews from 2008 and asked her to please compare the results between 2008 and 2010. After doing so she was actually surprised to see that the tests did show improvement in all 3 areas. After further discussion she even agreed to wait until the next test in 2012 before deciding on an action to take.

  • My Ap Spine L1 – L4 had improved from -2.6 to -2.2
  • My Total Hip Left had improved from -1.4 to -1.3
  • My Femoral Neck NO information for my Femoral Neck.
  • Conclusion: Osteopenia

In 2012 I had my third Bone Density Review with another Doctor (we had moved again). I hadn’t picked up the past X-rays from my previous Doctor so I didn’t have anything for the Doctor to compare the results to. However I did have the hard copy reviews filed away at home.
Reviews of the last 3 Bone Density Tests from 2008 to 2012 show the following T-Scores:

AP Spine L1-L4

  • 2008 -2.6 Osteoporosis
  • 2010 -2.2 Osteopenia -Improved
  • 2012 – Total 1.4 Osteopenia
  • Still improving moving towards normal +1 and -1

Total Hip Left

  • 2008 -1.4 Osteopenia
  • 2010 -1.3 Osteopenia -Improved
  • 2012 Total -.4
  • Now Normal Bone Density

Femoral Neck (Left)

  • 2008 -2.1 Osteopenia
  • 2010 No Info
  • 2012 -1.2 Ostepenia
  • Improved, moving towards normal +1 and -1

Because of the positive results using AlgeaCal I intend to continue to take it and will continue to monitor my results. I am extremely happy with the improvements especially since I did it without taking a prescribe drug that comes with warnings that were worse than the condition itself.

Barbara Briddle DEXA Scan