Algaecal / November 7, 2015

“My Sister Told Me About AlgaeCal…Her Bone Density Had Increased”

"The results were amazing!"

My name is Ann, from Vancouver, Canada, and I’m happy to endorse the AlgaeCal program.

I’ve always been conscious about the importance of diet and exercise.

I was using calcium supplements and thought I had nothing to worry about because I had several bone density exams that were close to normal. So I was shocked when a test in 2010 revealed that I was close to being labeled osteoporotic and my fracture risk was high.

My doctor did not want to prescribe bisphosphonates because of my sensitive stomach and suggested I try to put more calcium into my diet by choosing appropriate foods, and that was something I was already doing.

Not long after, my sister told me about the AlgaeCal program. She had been on it and found success because her bone density tests had increased. So I thought, what did I have to lose? I started on AlgaeCal and Strontium in January 2011, and had to wait 3 years for the follow-up bone density exam, which occurred last October.

The results were amazing.

  • The density of my lumbar spine increased 13.8%,
  • And up the left femur: 9.8%.

These values are statistically significant.

My doctor was pleased and surprised, I even more so. So I will continue to use the AlgaeCal products and recommend them.