Algaecal / October 5, 2011

“He Announced To Me The 17% Increase…”

“…the 17% increase was surely the result of my taking Strontium Boost…My specialist said this was EXCEPTIONAL”

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From: Andre Robert

To: Algaecal Customer Service

Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 8:36 PM

Today I had my annual visit with the specialist treating me. He didn’t know I already had a copy of the results of the last test. So he announced to me the 17% increase, showed me the color graphic showing how I moved from the Orange area to the light Green area, skipping the Yellow area, and said: this is surely the result of my taking Strontium.

He also said this was EXCEPTIONAL results, even if sometimes there is the possibility of exaggerated or false reading, if we take 50% of that or a 8% increase in my bone density, it is still exceptional. Medication he normally prescribe gives 2 or 3% annually only. I’m very happy to hear him admit quite freely that what I was taking was the cause of my getting so much better. He told me to continue with that. Regards, Andre Robert

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From: Andre Robert
Algaecal Customer Service
Wednesday, September 7, 2011 1:49pm

Must be coincidence, I just scanned my last report to send it to you, and immediately received your mail. Please find attached copy of this report done a few months ago. I was most interested to hear what my doctor would say, my scheduled appointment was a couple of weeks ago. He did not know I already had a copy of the test result.

I discovered I had Osteoporosis 4 years ago (2007), my doctor then told me it’s OK to take Strontium and AlgeaCal calcium, but if next test shows degeneration, I will have to take his medication. Had second test in 2009, results where fantastic, my doctor then told me to continue with AlgeaCal, I no longer had osteoporoses but only osteopenia.

Third test in 2011, wonderful results again, I am left with traces only of osteopenia, with T-score of -1,1 and 1,2 after starting at -2,9 in 2007. My doctor said I am living proof that Strontium works, he repeated at least 3 or 4 time during the exam, my results are definitively from taking Strontium.

He even said I could stop taking it, and it would take years for signs of osteoporosis to reappear again. Of course I have no intention of stopping but at least will not feel bad if I need to skip some days when traveling or other reasons.

As a bonus, I have stopped taking Indapamide at least a year and half ago, and on this last test, there is no sign of Hypercalciuria. So in a word I feel great. Got 2 persons to start taking Algeacal calcium and Strontium during the last 2 years, and my sister is going to start soon. I don’t know if I can say I am completely Cured, but at least I am close.


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