Charleen Cordo
Aurora, CO
Aug 17th, 2017

In the Face of a 14.9% BMD Increase, Charleen’s Doctor Is Still Skeptical!

The results of this current DXA scan showed a change of 14.9% . Left femur, a change of 8.2% . Right femur, was a change of 9.9% . The doctor said there has been a significant improvement and he still wants me to get on the medicine but I’m not going to! I think AlgaeCal is wonderful, thanks for listening.
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Mildred Enchelmaler
New Jersey
Mar 1st, 2017

88 Year Old Mildred says “My Friends Call Me A Miracle!”

Two years later, my bones were significantly improved, 13.9% in my spine, 8.5% in my left hip and 5% in my right hip. Today, I am pain free, and my bones are doing great! My friends call me a miracle.
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Cindy Casey
Mariposa, CA
Dec 9th, 2015

The Lifestyle of 40-Year-Old Vegetarian, Cindy, Will Amaze You – Yet She Still Got Osteoporosis

My left hip has improved 3.9%, right hip 6.4% and best of all spine 7.5%. So I’m very happy. I don’t have osteoporosis in either hip anymore. I believe AlgaeCal is what has made the big differences.
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Elaine Briggs McMullen
Orlando, FL
Dec 19th, 2017

My Doctor Was Thrilled! She Stopped Calling Me And Telling Me That I Was Going To Break Something.

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Eileen Maxey
Spokane, WA
Aug 30th, 2017

Look what 6 months of AlgaeCal and lifestyle changes did for Eileen…

I'm happy to say now that I've had my next DXA scan six months later, my T-Score on my lumbar went from -3.2 to a -3.0. My left hip went from a -2.0 to a -1.9.
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