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Bone Builder Pack

If you’re reviewing AlgaeCal Plus, Strontium Boost, or both: Please tell us about what brought you here today. For example, how you found out about your bone loss, what that experience was like, how you went about trying to improve your bone health, and the improvements you’ve seen on your most recent DEXA scan (bone density scan).

Speak from the heart! Feel free to share details like your percentage increase, your T-scores, your emotions and more.

Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil

If you’re reviewing Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil: Please tell us about what brought you here today. How were you feeling before trying Triple Power? How did you discover Triple Power? And then, how have you felt since taking it? (And if you measured your omega levels before and after with the OmegaQuant Test Kit, feel free to share those improvement too!)

Quick Tips For A Helpful Video

Due to legislation by the FDA, only drugs and medicine can legally claim that they can treat or cure a disease, even on customer testimonials.

  1. Avoid mentioning name-brand drugs such as Fosamax or Prolia.
  2. Avoid mentioning the disease name, such as osteoporosis or osteopenia. For instance, you could say “severe (or troubling) bone loss” instead. If you would like to mention how poor your condition was prior to taking AlgaeCal, you can express that by mentioning your T-score or how poor your bone density was.
  3. Avoid the following words in your evaluation of AlgaeCal in relation to osteoporosis: cure, reverse, heal, mend, fix, remedy, treat.

We understand that these rules seem unusual, but all this is to avoid legal complications arising from the new legislation from the FDA.

By submitting your testimonial to AlgaeCal you acknowledge and consent to any form of editing that may occur and its use on the website, newsletters, and any other promotional materials.

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