Strontium Boost Dosage Information

If you are actively trying to build bone, Strontium Boost is very important.  This formula was included in the AlgaeCal Bone Health Program because recent exciting French studies have shown Strontium to be very effective in enhancing bone growth.  Strontium is a naturally occurring element in the earth which is quite similar chemically to calcium.  It is completely safe and non-toxic.  Several studies on various forms of strontium have shown extraordinary results on bone growth, dental cavities and arthritis.

Important Dosing Instructions

For optimal results, take 3 capsules of Strontium Boost per day.

  *Do not take strontium together with calcium because these two chemically similar minerals compete at the sites of absorption.  Best to take your strontium first thing in the morning, 2 hours before breakfast, or 3 hours after the last meal of the day.  Take your AlgaeCal Plus calcium supplement separately, with a meal.