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Osteoporosis Reversal from New Algae Calcium – Reported on PBS Television

According to a PBS television show, a new form of calcium may increase bone density and reverse osteoporosis…even in 80 year old women.

Forever Young - Nicholas Perricone, M.D.Other authorities are buzzing about it too. Celebrity MD and Author, Nick Perricone included a chapter about the miracle of marine algae for bone health in his book, Forever Young.

dr-oz-showDr. Oz ran a segment on his famous show saying he “adores algaecal”.

Your Bones by Lara PizzornoAnd best selling osteoporosis author, Lara Pizzorno of “Your Bones” heralds the new algae calcium as a godsend that helped the author to reverse her own osteopenia back to normal bone density without side effects of other treatments.

The Impending “Calcium Revolution”

Calcium supplements were discovered in 1932. That’s 83 years of use and studies to draw conclusions from – so researchers know exactly what calcium supplementation does for osteoporosis sufferers.

It slows annual bone loss a little.

Nothing more.

It cannot increase bone density. Nor can calcium supplementation reverse osteoporosis.

… Or can it?

harvesting-marine-algaecal-platn-calcium Osteoporosis results in broken bones for one in two women over age 50! According to US Surgeon General, Richard Carmona’s special report, bone fractures will reach “epidemic” proportions by 2020.

“The last thing older women and men need is to live in fear that normal activities will result in a fracture,” says Dean Neuls, discoverer of the new algae calcium osteoporosis treatment “Spine fractures causes curvature and loss of height – and hip fractures result in long hospital stays with a 20% chance of death.”

80 Year Old Women With 20 Year Old Bones?

The marine algae species Lithothamnion superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the locals call it) gives new hope.

Recently published studies in Nutrition Journal and International Journal of Medical Sciences, show statistically significant increases in bone density of 3 to 4% – and the participants grew this new bone mass in just six months.

algaecal-banner-1 A 7 year follow up study shows that even 80 year old adults continued to increase bone density, year after year, at almost 1% annually with this safe and natural ocean gift.

Until recently almost all calcium supplements have been manufactured with limestone – rocks.

But there’s a new kid on the block. Plant calcium … from a rather large species of marine algae.

Now this new algae derived calcium is actually composed of much more than calcium. The whole algae ball is milled into powder – making it a whole food – not just a calcium.

In fact, Brazilian Lithothamnion superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the locals call it) contains all the same minerals found in human bone – and in similar proportion. In other words lots of calcium, substantial magnesium and smaller amounts of boron, zinc, vanadium, molybdenum, strontium and other bone supporting minerals.

Commercial Availability of Marine Algae Calcium

This plant calcium has finally been made into a supplement – and it’s now available under the trade name AlgaeCal Plus. It’s not sold in stores just yet. But AlgaeCal Plus is available online in limited quantities.

The Brazilian government, where this algae grows, regulates the harvest for sustainability so product has been back ordered at times. AlgaeCal Inc reports that currently there is a small inventory available here.

Health Canada Grants Special Permission

Health Canada, the governing health authority for Canada is widely regarded as one of the most strict in the world. Their research team spent 8 months reviewing the clinical science supporting AlgaeCal.

The result?

AlgaeCal was awarded a special health claim that no other calcium is allowed to make, “may increase bone density in women”. Traditional calcium carbonate and citrate products can only legally claim to slow bone loss, not increase it.

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