Nutrition / March 14, 2011

[VIDEO] Vitamin D Deficiencies and Fracture Risk

Women with Vitamin D Deficiencies

Dr. Heaney shares if women with vitamin D deficiencies have increased fracture risk and are more likely to fall and break bones.

Video Transcription

Vitamin D-deficient women are much more like to fall and break a bone. A marvelous randomized trial conducted by Heiki Bischoff about 5 or six 6 ago showed that elderly South German women randomized to receive either calcium alone or calcium plus Vitamin D had a 50% reduction in fall risk in the Vitamin D-treated arm, relative to just the calcium-treated arm, which is not to suggest that calcium isn’t important, but it’s not important for falls, whereas Vitamin D is. We don’t know for sure how Vitamin D is
working there, but the effect is very evident. That may well be one of the most important reasons why it reduces fracture risk. If you don’t fall, you’re less likely to break something.


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