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AlgaeCal’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2020

Welcome to AlgaeCal’s end of year countdown (disclaimer: there will be no fireworks I’m afraid).

We delved into the archives to review every blog post we wrote this year and discover which were the most popular with our readers…

… and we’ve narrowed it down to our top 5!

There are some real gems here. Including my personal favorite AlgaeCal blog post of all time (hint: it has 3 FREE exercise classes).

Let the countdown begin!

5. Everything You Need to Know About Protein and Bone Health

protein foods

“I just want to say I APPRECIATE you for sharing your gift, knowledge, and wisdom in this piece of writing. Highly informative and SUPER EASY to understand, as well as, readily applicable ” – Faye

We updated this blog post in 2020 with the latest research, brand new infographics, and a few extra goodies. As you can tell by Faye’s comment, it was well-received!

In this post, you’ll discover the role protein plays in your bone health, how to calculate exactly how much protein YOU need each day, and a printable shopping list of the best protein sources. 

Click here to read it.

4. The Role of the Immune System in Bone Loss

immune system cells

We’re all about the latest, best quality research at AlgaeCal. But more than that, we’re about making it easy to understand for non-scientists. (If you’re like me, reading a research paper can be like reading a foreign language sometimes!)

This post is a great example of that. It takes a deep dive into how your bones are often affected by chronic conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Readers loved that as well as the latest research, there are practical applications too!

Click here to read it.

3. What Bonnie Did After Shrinking ½ an Inch

Bonnie Ihrke Testimonial Thumbnail

I love every single video message we receive from folks on their bone-building journeys with AlgaeCal.

But there was one in particular that served as a real inspiration to AlgaeCal readers this year.

And that was Bonnie Ihrke’s incredible story. 

A few years ago, Bonnie went in for a routine physical and discovered she’d shrunk half an inch…

Click here to see what happened next in Bonnie’s story.

2. The Best Magnesium-Rich Foods for Optimal Health

Magnesium-rich foods

Magnesium is a lot like Robin. Yes, Batman’s sidekick Robin. 

And in this scenario, calcium is Batman. Batman gets all the publicity and attention. But the truth is, he needs his teammate Robin. Just like calcium needs magnesium.

This post explains why our unsung hero magnesium is so important, along with the best food sources you can get it from. The free shopping list PDF in this post was particularly popular with our readers!

Get your own magnesium-rich foods shopping list here.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Yoga for Osteoporosis

Cat Buckley

This is it! The most popular AlgaeCal blog post of 2020… our ultimate guide to yoga for osteoporosis.

With over 8,000 shares, and 500 comments, this blog post swiftly became the most popular AlgaeCal post of all time –– let alone 2020!

It’s easy to see why. There’s research on 12 specific yoga poses that increase your bone density. A free printable PDF of those 12 yoga poses for you to try. And videos of 3 full yoga routines taught by our very own certified yoga teacher, Cat Buckley.

Click here to read the post.

Final Thoughts on the 2020 Countdown

I hope you enjoyed our countdown of 2020’s most popular posts! There’s plenty of great information in these posts to use on your bone-building journey.

Didn’t see your favorite post from the year here? Let me know what it was in the comments section below. 

Author: Monica Straith, BS

Monica is the PR and Outreach Manager and Fitness Lead at AlgaeCal. She’s an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, and has a B.S. and B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she played varsity soccer for four years. Monica pulls from her experience in athletics and health to contribute to AlgaeCal and has also been featured on myfitnesspal blog, Prevention, and Huffington Post.