The Top 9 Calcium Rich Foods

Research / July 13, 2015

You will be shocked to see #1!

With all of the milk commercials we’ve seen in, it’s easy to think that milk products are the only real food source for calcium.
The truth is, there are many practical foods that are calcium-rich. And eating a variety of them makes good sense, as each provides a unique nutrient combination.
So, here is a useful list of calcium rich foods.
The list starts with the ninth most calcium-rich food and ends with the number one food that contains the most dietary calcium (per 100 grams).
9. Broccoli 47 mg
Broccoli is the food that might make #1 spot on a list of “Foods Most Likely To Start A Child Rebellion”. Yet there’s a reason it was foisted on all of us when kids as our moms knew that all the calcium inside would help us grow tall.
8. Okra 77 mg
Though Asia, Ethiopia and West Africa all lay claim to introducing the world to this calcium-rich plant, its name derives from Nigeria. It may be the most famous in America due to its presence in the famous Cajun dish, “gumbo”.
7. Chinese Cabbage (Pak Choi, Bok Choy) 105 mg
Chinese cabbage is a subspecies of the turnip. Chinese cabbage is great in soups, stir fries and even salads when sliced thinly.
You may not have access to all of these foods year-round, depending where you live and the season. non dairy sources of calcium - kale
6. Dark Leafy Greens 120 mg
120 mg of calcium in 100 grams is the average of kale, dandelion greens, turnip greens, arugula, collard greens, and watercress. This is a great calcium rating, and it’s especially appealing when you consider all the other things dark leafy greens literally bring to the table: chlorophyll, which alkalinizes the blood, fiber, and phytonutrients. 
5. Milk and Yogurt 125 mg
The calcium in milk is reported to absorb at a higher rate than most all other foods, and it provides a good amount of protein too. Grass-fed cow’s milk is best as it has higher amounts of vitamins and minerals because of its diet. If you cannot tolerate cow’s milk, there are alternative nut milks such as cashew or almond milk, which brings us to number five on our list…
4. Almonds 264 mg
Highly valued as they’re delicious and rich with calcium, the pollination of California’s almonds is the biggest managed pollination event in the world, with almost one million hives (that’s almost half of all US beehives) brought in February to the almond groves.
3. Canned Fish 383 mg
Canned sardines and salmon have tiny and soft bones that aren’t noticeable when eaten, but make a rich source of calcium. They’re also a good source of protein and omega 3s. Both are critical to bone health.
Most canned seafood have BPA-free liners, but make sure by checking the label. 
2. Sesame Seeds 457 mg
Sesame seeds are the most calcium rich land plant (only a marine algae is higher). Sesame seeds are the feature ingredient in tahini sauce, hummus. So it can be used as a dip, in salad dressings or wherever else your imagination can think of.
And drumroll please, for the most calcium-dense food on planet earth…
1. “AlgaeCal” Marine Algae 720 mg (from 4 capsules)

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.47.22 AM

It may be a food you have never heard of, but “AlgaeCal” is at the top of the calcium podium.  This ocean algae (species algas calcareas) wins the prize for the most calcium rich food!
A South American lemon sized ocean plant, AlgaeCal is milled into a nutritious powder. AlgaeCal is a whole food powder that is is so calcium-dense that your entire daily supplemental need is covered with 4 easy to swallow veggie caps.
AlgaeCal naturally contains not only extremely high natural calcium concentrations, but magnesium, zinc, boron, strontium, vanadium and other bone-supporting minerals.

AlgasCalcareas copy

The wide spectrum of minerals in Algas Calcareas (AlgaeCal) may be responsible for the clinical results that have the research community baffled.
Women are INCREASING Bone Density with AlgaeCal
Three human clinical studies show a completely different effect from this new calcium source.
Traditional calcium sources only slow annual bone loss. That is well established after 80 years of calcium supplement studies … but women are increasing their bone density with AlgaeCal.


Celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz recently aired a segment on the Dr. Oz Show saying, “Stunningly, studies show that AlgaeCal increased bone density in just six months of use!” Dr. Oz shows some interesting video clips of the actual live living algae. It’s only 3 minutes long and worth watching.

Dr. Oz said, I adore “AlgaeCal”. Watch this 3 minute clip now!

Now see what this leading Beverly Hills doctor says about it on PBS television:
Dr. Marcus Laux exposes traditional calcium supplements as “rock and chalk“, saying
while we aren’t designed to eat rocks, we are designed to eat plants.”


Plants ‘pre-digest’ and properly prepare the earth’s minerals into food form making them easier for our body to absorb.
Makes sense right?
Laux says, “Algas Calcareas is a plant that delivers calcium and all the minerals our bones need in natural proportions. This is the best news since the discovery of calcium supplements!”

Celebrity doctor shows real traditional calcium mine in action.  

Tests show it’s even better absorbed by our bodies than the common foods in the list above.
In fact, clinical studies show 80-year-old women increasing bone density and returning to youthful bone strength with this marine algae … in just six months!
No calcium rich food and no traditional calcium supplement can make this claim.




AlgaeCal wins the top prize for two reasons:
AlgaeCal Plus Product
1.  Superfood Calcium
It is the only food which fits conveniently into capsules.  That way you can conveniently top up on your calcium without adding calories to your daily diet.
2.  Increases Bone Density
It is the only food with clinical research showing that it increases bone density in adults. No other calcium rich food on this list can boast these results.


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