Supplements vs Food – Are You Getting Enough Nutrition?

Nutrition / Research / June 18, 2014

Bowl of nuts and legumes - Nutritional foods

Recent studies have shown the need for supplements in today’s diet.

One reason is our farming practices – because the soil is not nutrient rich like in the past, our food isn’t either. And because of this, you are no longer able to get the adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals from your food alone.

Second, we are consuming more empty calories in the form of sugar and refined and processed foods – which isn’t doing us any favors.

With that in mind, the infographic below gives you an idea of supplements versus foods. This is not saying that we should replace our foods with supplements altogether, rather that supplements are now essential to our everyday diet because of the current state of our food system.

supplements and mineral rich foods
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Taking a supplement as security for the shortfall of vitamins and minerals in your diet is important when looking after your body.

Ways You Can Get More Vitamins and Minerals in Your Diet


  • Buy organic foods: organic produce is more nutrient dense than their conventional counterparts because of vine-ripening.



  • Take a plant based multi mineral supplement like AlgaeCal: A supplement featuring high levels of calcium, magnesium, as well as ample amounts of needed trace minerals like silica, copper, manganese and more is not only a good way to balance your diet, but also boast a complex make-up of bone-building minerals.



Author: Monica Straith, BS

Anne Pennington
Anne Pennington

Really nicely diffrentitate the supplements and food which one do you think is preferable. food or supplement. Nice post.

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