How to Stimulate New Bone Growth

Treatment / September 30, 2014

Author: Monica Lam-Feist, BS

Monica is the Content Manager at AlgaeCal. She's also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and has a B.S. and B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she played varsity soccer for four years. She's matcha-obsessed and enjoys the occasional barre and yoga class to mix up her workout routines. She loves to write and pulls from her experience in athletics and health to contribute to AlgaeCal.  

I recently came across this great article by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, who is a MD, board certified dermatologist, nutritionist and also happened to be a co-investigator in one of our AlgaeCal human clinical studies.

In this post, Dr. Perricone emphasizes the importance of stimulating new bone growth and explains that new bone growth brings anti-aging benefits and also can prevent bone loss. But to do so, you must take in key nutrients in the right combinations to see the benefits.

Here are a few of the highlights…

Stimulating new bone growth

Vitamin K: K2 is a crucial part to any bone building regimen because it has the ability to direct calcium to the bones, where it belongs, and remove it from the arteries, where it does not belong. Vitamin K2 has also been shown to work in the regulation of bone metabolism and improve bone turnover.[1]

Boron: Recent research is recognizing boron as an essential nutrient for healthy bones and joints. It has been shown that boron reduces calcium and magnesium excretion, and increases calcium absorption in peri and postmenopausal women. While no recommended levels have been set for boron, upper limits of intake are 20 mg per day. [2]

Vitamin D: Vitamin D gets talked about a lot when it comes to bone health. But did you know that when your body is exposed to the sun’s UV light it actually produces its own vitamin D? And you only need about 10 minutes a day in the summer and about 15 minutes in the winter to get an adequate amount.

Omega-3’s: The typical Western diet is high in omega-6s (found in most vegetable oils, grains and grain-fed beef) and low in omega-3s (found in salmon, sardines, nuts, omega-3 eggs, and grass-fed beef etc.) However, new studies show that omega-3 fatty acids help promote bone formation and higher intakes of omega-6 fatty acids lead to an increased production of compounds associated with bone loss.[3]

If you haven’t already read Dr. Perricone’s book, it is called, “Forever Young” and it’s worth a read. He actually praises AlgaeCal at one point for its purity, sustainability and plant-based form. In fact, he was so intrigued he said this: “ I have been extremely impressed by AlgaeCal, which has led to my working with colleagues…on a comprehensive peer-reviewed study to confirm its many benefits.”

Now, I don’t want you to think that Dr. Perricone gave AlgaeCal a glowing review because of an affiliation, because there isn’t one. It all happened quite organically, as Dr. Perricone stumbled upon AlgaeCal’s clinical research when he was researching for his own book. We are just delighted that others recognize the significance and validity of our studies and what we are trying to accomplish here at AlgaeCal.


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Will Algaecal promote bone growth in my minus 3.2 bone density? I drink one cup of skim milk plus cheese in AM, sardines and broccoli for lunch and at dinner I take 2 citric all pills of 500 mg. Will Algaecal add benefits to my regimen?


Hi Benita,

AlgaeCal has been clinically proven to increase bone density at any age and stage of bone loss -that includes -3.2 bone mineral density, or osteoporosis. While what you’re doing in terms of dietary calcium is a good start and we recommend including as many calcium-rich foods in your diet as possible, your bones need much more than just calcium. They need magnesium, vitamin K2 (which is rarely eaten in a person’s diet), vitamin C, vitamin D3 (again, difficult to get adequate amounts through diet), boron and trace minerals. AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost will ensure you are getting all the nutrients your bones need to increase bone density. I’m not sure if you mean you are taking 2 citric acid pills of 500 mg or not so can’t clearly answer at this time.

However, if you’d like to call in and speak to one of our Bone Health Specialists, they will be able to discuss what you’re currently doing and what may be best for you to get the results you desire. You can call 1-800-820-0184 from Monday through Friday: 6am to 4pm (PST), Saturday: 8am to 4pm (PST) and Sunday: 8am to 2pm (PST).

Hope to hear from you, Benita!

– Monica

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