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(#3) It’s Finally Here! RSVP Inside

Today’s the day!! The dawn of the “Bone Health Revolution”…

The first-ever connected community of positive, determined folks on their bone health journeys together.

This is the biggest development at AlgaeCal… well, maybe ever. We’re calling it the AlgaeCal Community! In it, you’ll get access to breaking research, videos, and bone health experts only reserved for AlgaeCal customers.

And since you are a current AlgaeCal customer, you’re invited to be one of the very first members of this exclusive group. Joining is free! To see ALL the details watch the video below:

I hope you’ll accept my personal invitation to join the new AlgaeCal Community, enter our exciting prize draw happening this week only, and get the support you need on your bone health journey!

When you join the AlgaeCal Community and answer a quick question at the top of the group page, you get to enter our “Launch Week Giveaway” where you can win some amazing prizes:

  • 3 people will win one bottle of Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • 2 people will win a 3-month Bone Builder Pack (that’s a 3-month supply of both AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost)
  • GRAND PRIZE: 1 person will win:
    • One 3-month Bone Builder Pack
    • 1 bottle of Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil
    • AND a 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation (including follow-up emails) with Lara Pizzorno, our resident Bone Health Expert, best-selling author of the book Your Bones, and 30+ year veteran in the bone health industry. ←- Ask Lara anything!

To enter the prize draw, click the green link below. Then, click the “Join Group” button at the top left of the next page to request access to the AlgaeCal Community on Facebook. We’ll “accept” your request ASAP!

Join The AlgaeCal Community!

Author: Dean Neuls, AlgaeCal CEO and Co-Founder

Dean Neuls is AlgaeCal’s Co-Founder and CEO. He has been operating the company since its beginning, and is passionate about creating an excellent product that helps people. Neuls is also a natural health author and student of bone health science.  As the discoverer of plant calcium and sponsor of calcium clinical research, he is uniquely qualified in this field. He also leads the rest of the AlgaeCal staff by example with his healthy diet and active lifestyle. Dean was born in Grenfell, Saskatchewan and raised all over Canada.