Nutrition / Research / Vitamin D3 / October 14, 2011

Vitamin D is a prohormone of the secosteroid type. It acts as a precursor to what makes a hormone or is a hormone prototype, if you will. Usually exposure to sunlight helps our body (skin in particular) to synthesize Vitamin D. The epidermal layers of Stratum basale and Stratum Spinosum produce maximum amount of a particular type of a pre-vitamin D3. It is fat-soluble in nature. So how is Vitamin D and bone health related? Vitamin D is metabolised by the liver and the kidneys and is converted to a hormone called Calcitonin. Calcitrol ensures that there is enough calcium in the blood to help form bones, teeth and maintain bone density. When ultra-violet rays shine on our skin, a cholesterol-like substance gets converted to Vitamin D and absorbed into the blood. Vitamin D is required for the metabolisation of…

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Bone Healthy Living / Treatment / October 14, 2011

Though osteoporosis has always been associated more with women than men and media content on osteoporosis usually covers women because they are more susceptible to the condition, a quiet 17 million men over the age of 50 go unspoken about. (1) However, there is hope in the form of a new risk assessment tool developed by the World Health Organization called the FRAX® tool that helps detect the level of risk of osteoporosis in both men and women. Dr. Silvina Levis, Founder and Director of Osteoporosis Center (a clinical research center and a joint venture Miller School of Medicine and the Miami VA Medical Center), even goes on to point that once men get a fracture of the hips due to osteoporosis, their chances of dying after the incident doubles when compared to women. The FRAX tool will ask the…

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Bone Healthy Living / Research / October 14, 2011

We already know that osteoporosis is a metabolic bone condition typified with the thinning of bone tissue and the reduction of bone mineral density. This is coupled with bone health deterioration  microarchitecture and an alteration in the quantity of proteins in bones, eventually raising the risk of easy fracturing of bones. Conclusions from a recent research conducted by Stine Marit Moen, MD, of Oslo University Hospital Ulleval in Norway, on 99 people with an average age of 37 recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis were published on July 12th 2011, in the medical journal Neurology® of the American Academy of Neurology. (1) The study was done to single out the cause of osteoporosis in persons who suffered multiple sclerosis for a long time. Though the multiple sclerosis- osteoporosis connection was well observes, the definite cause was not arrived at and the medical fraternity…

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Bone Healthy Living / Osteoporosis / October 14, 2011

Well over 10 million Americans are going in for or inquiring about osteoporosis treatment and preventive measures. The reason is simple. A man and a woman are only as happy as healthy as their body is; it is a reciprocal relationship. And if the very foundation of our being is weakened, why wouldn’t we be at unease?

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Algaecal / Bone Healthy Living / Other / Video / June 2, 2011

The struggles with osteoporosis are all too known with Dr. Youssef Eid al-Hawamdeh, a 59-year-old pharmacist, but he can consider himself to be a fortunate man. Despite suffering vertebral fractures in a fall at age 55, he has been able to resume his regular daily routine with no long-term impact on his quality of life. “I will never allow osteoporosis to change my life,” he says. Unlike many sufferers, Youssef has not gone on to experience further fractures and the terrible impact of what is termed the ‘fracture cascade’. This positive outcome can be attributed in part to the prompt diagnosis and osteoporosis treatment that he received following the accident. Suffering severe pain and bruising, Youssef was immediately admitted to hospital for three days where he underwent extensive testing. Testing revealed that he had suffered a vertebral crush fracture and…

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Algaecal / Nutrition / Nutrition / Video / Vitamin D3 / May 11, 2011

Vitamin D for Bone Health IOF General Secretary, Bess Dawson-Hughes, discusses IOF position on Vitamin D for adults, and makes important recommendations for vitamin D nutrition from an evidence-based perspective. Video Transcription Vitamin D is important for fracture prevention in a couple of respects. First, it improves muscle strength in the lower extremities and lowers risks of falling. Second, it improves bone strength, and therefore lowers your risk of having a fracture, should you fall. We get Vitamin D from a couple of sources; the most important source is sun exposure. Sun exposure to the skin increases the body’s production of Vitamin D. The other way we get it is through either the diet or through supplementation. The diet is not rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is present in salmon and other oily fish, there’s a little bit in…

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Algaecal / Bone Healthy Living / Other / Video / April 27, 2011

Eva Benedicta Saraiva, 77, lives in the Botafogo neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. Eva was diagnosed with osteoporosis over a year ago, following a hip fracture. Not long after the hip fracture, she suffered a spinal fracture which was extremely painful and greatly reduced her mobility for some time. Despite the serious situation, Eva did not give up. She found a specialized clinic where she was diagnosed and able to benefit from a targeted physiotherapy programme which helped immensely in her recovery. She currently has a doctor who monitors her osteoporosis treatment which includes calcium and vitamin D supplementation. Like many older people, Eva must also take medication for other health problems, including high blood pressure, anaemia and a thyroid disorder. With great perseverance and willpower, Eva is able to carry out many of her routine daily activities – she…

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Algaecal / Bone Healthy Living / Other / Video / March 23, 2011

Watch this true story about the struggles of osteoporosis Video Transcription Hi, my name is Salima Ladak Kachra. I’m 40 years old. I’m from Canada. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the young age of 25 after fracturing four bones in my thoracic spine from a fall. Before I fractured I was very independent and being able to do things that we take for granted like doing the laundry, doing the bed, doing groceries. Once I fractured it was really, really hard for me to do things like what I talked about. Now my husband and my children help me do these things. My kids help me do the bed. They help me pick up clutter on the floor because I’m really scared of falling again. When I fractured, it was really hard that first year just trying to become…

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