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Bone-Healthy Living / April 19, 2019

There’s tremendous satisfaction that comes from planting a garden. After all, the seeds you sow today will grow into beautiful plants tomorrow. But flowers and vegetables aren’t the only benefits you’ll reap from a little time spent in the garden.

There’s a growing pool of research that supports the theory that gardening is good for your health too!

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Nutrition / April 5, 2019 Fact-Checked

Some praise soy for its potential health benefits, but others point to a lack of evidence and even suggest soy products are detrimental to health. In this post I take a deep dive into the most recent, thorough research on soy to deliver a science-backed conclusion!

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Recipes / March 22, 2019

Finally! A sweet treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about! This cheesecake is packed full of protein and contains much less sugar than you’d think. Try it for yourself today!

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Recipes / February 22, 2019

These delicious burgers have got me looking forward to my “fish dish days.” They’re totally quick and easy to make– as you’ll see in the video –and are a great addition to any bone-healthy diet too!

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Exercise / December 7, 2018

Our Exercises for Osteoporosis of the Spine post reveals 4 great exercises–with video demonstrations– that work the muscles responsible for supporting your back and spine and promoting good posture!

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