Osteoporosis Exercise Videos – Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Exercises

Fitness / January 25, 2012

You’re never too old or too young to improve the health of your bones. Dr. Elizabeth O’Neill from Springfield College tells how being physically active can maintain bone health and prevent Osteoporosis.

Dr. Neill tells us that low impact workouts can be a perfect solution to maintain bone density and be gentle enough to not cause further harm. These and other exercises can help fend off and be a great rehab tool for Osteoporosis.

To Listen to Dr. Elizabeth O’Neil of Springfield College’s Podcast : Click Here

Want to keep your bones strong and healthy? Make sure you get plenty of exercise to help ward off problems such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and pain affecting the joints and lower back.

The Cleveland Clinic offers these treatments for osteoporosis that boost your bone health:

  • Get low-impact exercise via activities such as swimming, walking and biking.
  • Perform gentle stretching and strengthening exercises.
  • Perform weight-bearing exercises such as dancing, climbing stairs, hiking and tennis.
  • Play sports such as golf that are relatively easy on the bones and joints.

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“Swimming, cycling are all excellent aerobic exercises, but are not generally much good for people with osteoporosis”. So says the lady in the first video. Yet,the Cleveland clinic recommends these exercises for building bone health. So, who is right here?


Hi Julie, thanks for your comment. I agree the above videos might not be the best examples of what exercises are for people with osteoporosis and for those just trying to prevent osteoporosis by improving their bone strength. I think the point to take out of the above information is that exercise and or activities play a big role in developing and improving bone health. We will be coming out with a lot more specific and detailed osteoporosis and bone health exercise information very soon.

In the mean time you can find some very good bone health exercise videos here https://www.algaecal.com/bone-health-videos.html

Thanks again for your comment


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Hi Hind,

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Thanks for commenting


I have taken Strontium Citrate a few times and have had a very itchy throat and ears after. Is this a normal or allergic reaction?


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