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Osteoporosis in Men

Snap Exhibition

The Snap Exhibition was selected by the city of Geneva in Swizterland to be exhibited open air by the lake on Quai Wilson. The project, developed by IOF photographer Gilberto Lontro, has been very well accepted around the world in a book form, traveling exhibition and online at

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Video Transcription

Snap! is really exciting. It’s a venture of the IOF in collaboration with all our national societies to try and highlight the burden associated with spinal osteoporosis, which is one of the most devastating and important features of osteoporosis. What’s happened is that we’ve had the opportunity to contact patients, sometimes to enter into their lives and their homes, take photographs and try and illustrate in a visual way the burden of spinal osteoporosis.

Spinal fracture is a really common fracture. It’s one of the common sites for osteoporosis to strike, and it causes acute back pain. In some instances with repeated fractures, you have chronic back pain which restricts movement, ability to undertake normal activities of daily living, and is a chronic burden on society.

I’m really delighted on this day, on June the 5th, to open this exhibition, which is going to run for 6 weeks in the city of Geneva. It’s very kind that Geneva have offered us the ability to show in this form, what we have had previously in a book form. This will reach a much bigger audience, and I wish it every success.

Author: Monica Straith, BS

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