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Introducing: Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil – Now Available from AlgaeCal

Today, I’m so excited to finally offer a practical approach to help ease inflammation with safe and natural foods.

It’s called Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil and It’s truly a game-changer!

And it could be the missing link to your health problems – it’s ingredients have been shown to help reduce the risk of disease.

In several of my recent emails to you I’ve covered the 3 most powerful anti-inflammatory foods on the planet.

They are: fish oil, astaxanthin, and curcumin from turmeric root. Not only are they anti-inflammatory but each of them are antioxidants too – so they scavenge the free radicals that age and damage our cells. 

No wonder each of these superfoods has STACKS of human studies showing a wide range of health benefits – and Triple Power gives you each of these ingredients, in a single, delicious spoonful!

Let me show you Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil (I’m so proud of this product and so excited to improve your life with it).

Here it is! “Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil” with certified organic Curcumin and algae-derived astaxanthin.

Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil bottles front and back

This is a sixteen ounce bottle representing a one month supply at a tablespoon per day. Do you see that delicious red color? That is not from artificial color my friends. That is from astaxanthin – the same carotenoid that colors salmon flesh. There is nothing artificial in this natural wonder – only nutrients your body recognizes as food. It is sweetened with a natural sugar, xylitol, which helps prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth – so dentists love it. Xylitol is naturally occurring in most plants including fruit and vegetables.

It contains no dairy, starch, wheat, or yeast nor does it have any artificial colors or preservatives. It’s also non-GMO and is gluten-free.

Do you know why it’s called Triple Power? There are 3 reasons:

First, it contains a whopping 1480 mg of omega 3’s per serving. That is triple what the typical fish oil capsules give you. You get 750 mg EPA, 450 mg DHA, and 280 mg other omega 3’s.

Also, the absorption of this emulsion is 3 times higher than fish oil caps. So you get more omega 3’s in your cells. It’s like paying for one bottle but getting 3 bottles!!!

Second, it is the world’s only fish oil to contain two additional anti-inflammatory agents. They are organic curcumin from turmeric, and astaxanthin derived from algae.

Third, it is triple guaranteed. It is guaranteed to:

  1.  be the best tasting fish oil you have ever tried
  2.  to be fresh and burp free
  3.  to improve your omega 3 blood test levels in just 90 days. (To learn more about how to improve your blood omega 3 levels follow this link and view the section called, Take our “90-Day Oil Change” challenge!)

Now do you see why we called it Triple Power?

This formula is about synergy. Astaxanthin and curcumin are best absorbed when taken with fats such as those found in fish oil. In turn, these two potent antioxidants help keep the fish oil from oxidizing in the body.

To learn more and to order Triple Power for yourself and your family, follow this link.

To your health,Buy Now!

– Dean

PS: as with every order you place with AlgaeCal, you’ll get free shipping. And when you order 3 bottles or 6 bottles we’re offering big discounts, just like we do now with AlgaeCal Plus. Follow this link to order Triple Power today.

Author: Dean Neuls, AlgaeCal CEO and Co-Founder

Dean Neuls is AlgaeCal’s Co-Founder and CEO. He has been operating the company since its beginning, and is passionate about creating an excellent product that helps people. Neuls is also a natural health author and student of bone health science.  As the discoverer of plant calcium and sponsor of calcium clinical research, he is uniquely qualified in this field. He also leads the rest of the AlgaeCal staff by example with his healthy diet and active lifestyle. Dean was born in Grenfell, Saskatchewan and raised all over Canada.