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Inspiring Bone Health Journeys From 2017

My friends call me, a miracle.”

“You have 11.1% bone density increase.”

These are just some of the heartwarming quotes I’ve received from AlgaeCal customers in 2017.

Thousands of women and men all took their bone health into their hands and not only stopped their bone loss, but actually increased their bone density.

So we had our videographer, Antony, take a few of these inspiring stories and add them together. What resulted was the video below.

I hope this video inspires you to make 2018 your best year yet… and not only for healthier bones!

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Author: Dean Neuls, AlgaeCal CEO and Co-Founder

Dean Neuls is AlgaeCal’s Co-Founder and CEO. He has been operating the company since its beginning, and is passionate about creating an excellent product that helps people. Neuls is also a natural health author and student of bone health science.  As the discoverer of plant calcium and sponsor of calcium clinical research, he is uniquely qualified in this field. He also leads the rest of the AlgaeCal staff by example with his healthy diet and active lifestyle. Dean was born in Grenfell, Saskatchewan and raised all over Canada.