Exercising With Osteoporosis

Fitness / January 4, 2011

Bone Building Workout

When exercising with osteoporosis, it’s important to be very careful because osteoporosis is a softening of the bone due to the kind of gradual decrease in bone formation. Stay fit and increase strength with tips from a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video on exercising with osteoporosis.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Holly Perkins with Exercise TV. Welcome to my Everyday Health bone building workout. This is level one. Let’s get started.

I’m going to show you two exercises that you can do on your own, anywhere, anytime, to really help improve your bone health. Now, bone health can be improved two ways: by doing impact exercises, and by doing resistance-based exercises. We’ve got one of each.

The first impact exercise is just a basic jump rope. Now, it’s pretty important that you jump, so get those feet moving and use the arms. We want that impact because that’s what helps to improve bone health. You’re going to jump in place for about one minute, and then move on to this next exercise.

It’s a sumo squat. You’re going to need a set of dumbbells. Most people are great with three to eight pound dumbbells, depending on your fitness level. Make sure you’ve got great technique before you increase your weight. The feet are shoulder distance, turned open slightly. Dumbbells come to the shoulders. Stand nice and tall.

So we’re going to drop down until our elbows come close to the knees, push through the heels, and return to that standing position. Make sure that you keep your chest up. Make sure that you drive through the heels to engage the glutes and the hamstrings, and stand tall. By adding the dumbbells, we’re making this a resistance exercise to really strengthen those bones.
Aim to complete 15 repetitions of this exercise.

I’m Holly Perkins. Thanks for working out with me. Be sure to check out all of my Everyday Health videos.



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