Evidence That Dried Plums May Shield You From Osteoporosis

Nutrition / October 14, 2011

A simple and proactive solution to reducing statistics of osteoporosis and fractures in post-menopausal women comes from something as innocuous as dried plums. Florida State’s Margaret A. Sitton professor and chairman of the Department of Nutrition, Dr. Bahram Arjmandi has gone on record to say that no fruit comes even close to the benefits dried plums can deliver in terms of increasing bone density- figs, dates, raisins and strawberries included. (1)

The study that lasted over a year and funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture was headed by Arjmandi and co-conducted by a group of researchers from Florida State and Oklahoma State University, administered 100 grams of prunes to one group of 55 women and gave a similar quantity (100 grams) of dried apples to another group of 45 women each day. Besides this dietary addition each group was also given 500 mg of calcium and 400 IU of Vitamin D on a daily basis.

At the end of the study period, tests on bone density showed clear results. The group of 55 women whose diet included the intake of prunes showed significantly higher bone density in the regions of arms and spine when compared against the group that was given dried apples daily. As per Arjmandi, the chemicals in the dried plums could greatly reduce the rate of bone resorption/breakdown which in the post menopausal women exceeds the rate of growth of t new bones. (2)

In the US alone, some 8 million women and over 2 million men suffer from osteoporosis. (3)And though in the first 5-7 years of menopause women are more at risk than men (with women losing as much as 7% of their bone annually), but the statistics almost equal out by the age of 65 years for both men and women.

As per Dr. Arjmandi, “Don’t wait until you get a fracture or you are diagnosed with osteoporosis and have to have prescribed medicine. Do something meaningful and practical beforehand. People could start eating two to three dried plums per day and increase gradually to perhaps six to 10 per day.” (4)


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Robert Thompson, M.D.

Vine ripening is related to both the mineral content of the fruit (80% of the minerals are absorbed from the ground into the fruit or vegetable in the ripening phase) and the whole food vitamin C content of the respective fruit or vegetable (remember 100% of the vitamins, in this case C, are produced after the minerals get there through ripening, and ascorbic acid is not vitamin C and depletes your vitamin C level). Since dried fruit does not spoil or does so slowly, vine ripening is less of an issue, hence a greater nutritional benefit in vitamin C and trace minerals in vine ripened and dried fruit. Remember heating (pasturization) blows up the vitamin C molecule. The drying process is done with a vacume, no heat.

margaret morris

Dr Thompson..just to say that I have osteoporsis. It does not run in my family my mum 86 is so fit!. I have paid hundreds of pounds to a brilliant kynesiologist..iriologist..as I will not take osteoporosis tablets and I have taken 3 types..feel so ill…well she discovered that my illeosecal valve..leaks..that stigmoid and hudson valve faulty(I go to toilet daily but consitancy hard and sometimes constipation…I was constipated from being born Mam had to do all sorts to help me go..Yet taking a good pro-otic and flower remedies I go softly and regular…feel more alive etc! (there was some emotions to deal with via some homopathic tabs) .BUT WHAT I WANT TO SAY IS…I BELIEVE THAT THE FAULTY VALVE HAS STOPPED NUTRIANTS SPREADING ROUND MY BODY FOR THE LAST 4 YEARS…AND I FEEL THIS IS A BIG CONTRIBUTING FACTOR TO OSTEOPOROSIS…I can tell all over my body and gut especially theres been something wrong…excuse mistakes.maggie morris..

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