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Nutrition / Nutrition / April 15, 2014

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Whether you are curious about becoming a vegetarian, doing research or have been eating a plant-based diet for a long time – this is the guide for you!


The Definitive Mineral Guide for Vegetarians will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the minerals you need to fulfill a healthy and balanced vegetarian diet.

This guide will explore and get to the bottom of the debate (avoiding any moral/ethical issues) of whether it’s physically possible to get all the same and necessary minerals by going the plant-based route.

Also, IF the exact same minerals can be gained from a strictly vegetarian diet, then where and in what amounts are these nutrients found.

Furthermore, we will be address and answer questions such as: does cooking and freshness affect mineral levels, and if so, by how much? What are the mineral levels of mass farmed vegetables versus organically farmed?

How to read it:

The guide consists of 12 chapters covering topics from trace minerals to organic vs. non-organic foods. You can begin at chapter 1 and continue to read through until chapter 12, or simply skip back and forth between the chapters that catch your attention.

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