Algaecal / Team AlgaeCal News / July 17, 2014

With the Vancouver weather being beautiful, sunny and hot the past couple of weeks, the AlgaeCal team has been taking advantage of it and doing some cool summer activities. Our CEO Dean Neuls and Director of Marketing, Adam Killam are off for another fishing trip, this time up the coast of Vancouver Island! They will be sleeping on the boat for 3 nights and hoping that neither of them will get sea sick! But just in case, Dean packed some sea-sickness remedies.   Vanessa, our SEO guru, is planning to surf, hike, swim, kayak….pretty much everything you can think of! She’s our adventurous one of the group always up for new and fun things. And this summer it seems like she’s into trying anything to do with water! Not a bad plan considering the weather has been perfect for these…

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Algaecal / Other / Team AlgaeCal News / Video / April 11, 2012

All the popular calcium supplements on the market are made from rocks (limestone and marble). The ‘code’ word is used on a label is “calcium carbonate” or “calcium citrate”. Hauled out of open pit mines using heavy machinery, rock has been popularly used because it is high in elemental calcium – at 40% – and because it is cheap for the manufacturer. Until plant calcium was available, rock calcium products could be seen as better that nothing, as they are able to slow down your bone loss. You naturally lose 1% of bone every year after age 35 or so. Rock calcium products (like Caltrate or Tums) do slow that loss to .5% per year. But you are still losing bone, and will get osteoporosis – IF you live long enough! Hopefully since you are reading AlgaeCal News you are…

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Other / Research / Team AlgaeCal News / Video / October 26, 2011

World Osteoporosis Day It was World Osteoporosis Day on October 20th 2011, and the National Osteoporosis Foundation put on a great event, here is a great recap about the IOF report ‘Three Steps to Unbreakable Bones’ for World Osteoporosis Day. Eating well, ensuring sufficient vitamin D and staying physically active are two essential components of a healthy lifestyle. These are also the pillars of osteoporosis prevention at all stages of life. Heike Bischoff-Ferrari outlines the three steps to unbreakable bones in the 2011 World Osteoporosis Day report. Video Transcription This year’s theme of the World’s Osteoporosis Day is Prevention. We want people to be aware that there are 3 important pillars of prevention: One being Vitamin D, the other being a healthy nutrition rich in calcium and protein, and the third pillar being exercise. Important is that if we manage…

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