Nutrition / Recipes / May 17, 2016

What is a “no-greens” salad? A no-greens salad, is when you leave out the leafy greens part of the salad: the typical kale, arugula, lettuce combo. Don’t get me wrong. I love salad. But sometimes it’s nice to mix it up and do something a bit different. So with this “no-greens” salad the stars are the beans, olives, fresh herbs and whatever else you can find. And it is SO good. How to Make A Salad with No Greens It might sound a little funny – to make a salad that has no-greens, but I guess I would compare it to a Greek salad. Where the star isn’t the greens – it’s about combining everything and making it work. So where to start? Choose a base for your salad. For traditional salads, this is going to be your greens (lettuce, kale, arugula). But…

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Bone-Healthy Living / Health / Nutrition / Recipes / January 25, 2016

I really didn’t want to share this silly video with you. I mean, what does churning butter have to do with bone health anyway? (Oh, I guess we could research up some connection between the amazing fat-soluble vitamins in hand churned butter and bone density – but it would definitely be a stretch!) Anyway, my wife Viv (AlgaeCal’s COO) and Monica (AlgaeCal’s Content Manager) overruled me! So here you go. Have a chuckle at my expense. Watch the video below. Ok now you know what kind of silliness goes on in my house on an otherwise quiet evening. Let me know if you enjoy us getting a bit personal once in awhile. Please give us your thoughts in the comment section below the blog post.

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