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Vitamin D for Bone Health IOF General Secretary, Bess Dawson-Hughes, discusses IOF position on Vitamin D for adults, and makes important recommendations for vitamin D nutrition from an evidence-based perspective. Video Transcription Vitamin D is important for fracture prevention in a couple of respects. First, it improves muscle strength in the lower extremities and lowers risks of falling. Second, it improves bone strength, and therefore lowers your risk of having a fracture, should you fall. We get Vitamin D from a couple of sources; the most important source is sun exposure. Sun exposure to the skin increases the body’s production of Vitamin D. The other way we get it is through either the diet or through supplementation. The diet is not rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is present in salmon and other oily fish, there’s a little bit in…

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Calcium / Nutrition / Nutrition / Research / Video / February 15, 2011

How Much Calcium Should A Woman Get Per Day? Dr. Heaney describes how much calcium a woman needs per day in order to protect her bones. Video Transcription There are two answers to that question: One, calcium alone is not enough, and that’s very important to understand that. You need an adequate hormonal balance, you need adequate exercise, and you need adequate nutrition. Those are the 3 legs of the Stool of Bone Health. I used to ask audiences, “Which one of those legs would you rather do without?” You’re not going to be very successful sitting on that stool with only 1 or 2 legs; you really need all 3 if you’re going to have stability. Within nutrition, then even there, calcium alone is not enough. You need to have an adequate protein intake. Bone is made up not…

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