Nutrition / Omega 3 / Research / December 2, 2011

Latest research conducted by a team of scientists at the University of Bristol shows that there are signs of an omega 3 osteoarthritis link. How so? Osteoarthritis seems to be greatly reduced by the intake of Omega 3 found in fish oils. The study points that the difference fish oil omega 3 makes to symptoms of osteoarthritis are both significant and substantial. How the Omega 3 Osteoarthritis Connection Works Osteoarthritis (or degenerative joint disease) is a type of arthritis where there is a breakdown and eventual loss of cartilage in one or more joints of our limbs. The cause of the disease is not yet known. However, wear and tear of joints, heredity, obesity and occurrence of fracture could trigger the condition. The treatment is limited to pain relief and joint replacement. (1) The University of Bristol study (funded by Arthritis…

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