Bone-Healthy Living / Research / October 29, 2013

Notice the many people claiming to be ‘health experts’ these days, all with varying advice? It’s exhausting knowing who and what to believe, as they seem to present equally compelling evidence for their case. So in the rare moment they agree on one thing, I take note because I think it may be an example of that elusive thing we call ‘The Truth’. Vegetables: The One Thing All the Experts Agree On Have you ever heard any diet plan, or person recommending that you stop, or even moderate your consumption of broccoli, kale or collard greens? 

 No, but the merit of steak, rice, bread, cheese, fish and more, is always being debated, with even the advocates advising to limit your amounts.(1) 

 That vegetables are just good for you is unanimous even amongst the most opinionated nutritional authorities.


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Not Enough Minerals Essential Trace Minerals and Mineral Deficiency Explained by Dr Robert Thompson M.D. – Watch this video to find out why everyone needs to supplement in order to obtain the minerals our body needs! Video Transcription We have a health crisis that’s been determined by the Surgeon General of the United States with regards to our bones and the lack of minerals that exists. We’ve also known for over 70 years that the agricultural mineral content of our soil has been severely depleted and it’s gotten worse over the decades as we’ve over-fertilized, over-farmed, not rested the soil, and not subjected our land to natural flooding, which certainly redistributes minerals. This process and the fact that our foods are very rarely vine-ripened, which is a huge aspect with regards to mineral absorption; 80% of the minerals are absorbed…

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Bone-Healthy Living / Research / May 30, 2012

Oral bisphosphonates have some more flak to fend off with findings of a new study coming in from Canada pointing that usage of the drug class puts the osteoporosis patients at an increased risk of developing serious inflammatory eye diseases that have the potential to cause serious vision impairment. (1) Oral bisphosphonates are commonly prescribed class of drugs by orthopaedists to post menopausal women as an osteoporosis treatment. Bisphosphonates work by binding to the bone calcium and inhibiting the production of osteoclasts or cells responsible for bone breakdown and resorption. They are also prescribed for other conditions such as Paget’s disease, multiple myeloma, bone metastasis as well as to those suffering from hypercalcemia (excessive calcium deposition in bones) etc. Some popular bisphosphonates brands are Fosomax, Boniva, Reclast, Actonel, Zometa, Didronel, Aclasta and Skelid. The findings of the current studies which…

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Bone-Healthy Living / Research / November 16, 2011

Stem cells are biological cells that may develop into many different types of cells in the body in its early stages of development. They are known to serve as a sort of internal repair system, dividing without limit to replenish other cells as and when required.(1) Now a study conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology shows that it is possible to ‘induce’ stem cells to develop into a certain specific type of cell just by controlling their shape. This has immensely beneficial implications in the field of osteoporosis treatment as it points at designing material which will help regeneration of lost or damaged tissues in the body.(2) It is known that in the realms of tissue-engineering, the primary objective is to repair as well as regenerate partially lost or damaged body tissues. This is done using stem…

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