Bone-Healthy Living / Nutrition / May 7, 2014

Plastics deserve their bad rap. Use stainless or glass, and avoid cosmetics that list dibutylphthalate (DBP), dimethylphthalate (DMP), and diethylphthalate (DEP): they’re phthalates, there to improve scent longevity…not yours. Transcript Hi. I’m Dr. John La Puma with your Refuel Minute. Dustin Hoffman, in The Graduate, thought the future was in plastics, but some chemicals in plastics, paint, and pesticides, turn male frogs into female ones, distort sperm, and act like estrogen in the body. That can create more belly fat, increase insulin, the fat storage hormone, and make you gain weight. Instead, first, try not to eat any food that’s been hot and has touched plastics. Second, don’t put plastic plates, cups, and bottles in the microwave or dishwasher, or drink soda from bottles you’ve left in the sun. Third, get a grille and cook for the week in just…

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Bone-Healthy Living / Health / April 23, 2014

Words come out of our mouths just from habit. We often forget the true, original meaning. Breakfast is one of those. It means to literally ‘break-the-fast’ that started the night before. Granted it’s not a long fast, but still there is an ongoing debate on when it’s best to break it. And your bone health may be affected by which position you take. Since you were a child you were prompted to eat a hearty meal in the early morning, as that would provide the fuel that propels you throughout your day. However, a new school of thought emerged, suggesting that breakfast may be over rated – you may have heard the buzz around “intermittent fasting“. Two points were made that allowed us to push the seductive snooze button one more time and sleep through breakfast because… It’s actually your…

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Nutrition / Recipes / April 21, 2014

This hearty and healthy dip can do no wrong! Packed with vitamins, protein, and fresh herbs, this is a great go-to snack or dish to bring to get-togethers. Fresh herbs contain vitamins, minerals, as well as disease-protecting flavonoids. Cilantro, in particular, is one of the highest sources of Vitamin K! Try having just one bite of this dip.

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Nutrition / Nutrition / April 15, 2014

Whether you are curious about becoming a vegetarian, doing research or have been eating a plant-based diet for a long time – this is the guide for you! The Definitive Mineral Guide for Vegetarians will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the minerals you need to fulfill a healthy and balanced vegetarian diet. This guide will explore and get to the bottom of the debate (avoiding any moral/ethical issues) of whether it’s physically possible to get all the same and necessary minerals by going the plant-based route. Also, IF the exact same minerals can be gained from a strictly vegetarian diet, then where and in what amounts are these nutrients found. Furthermore, we will be address and answer questions such as: does cooking and freshness affect mineral levels, and if so, by how much? What are the mineral levels of…

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Bone-Healthy Living / Research / April 14, 2014

Guest Author : Dr. Karen Wyatt is a hospice and family physician who writes extensively on spirituality and medicine, especially at the end-of-life. She is the author of the award-winning book “What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying.” Connect with her at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @spiritualmd.     In my work as a hospice physician I found that most of my patients desperately needed to talk about life and whatever meaning it holds, as they looked back from the vantage point of their last days on this planet. For many of them it was very important to know whether or not they had fulfilled a purpose through their existence here or if they were leaving behind anything by which to be remembered. For some the search for meaning was…

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Nutrition / Nutrition / April 8, 2014

“Let thy food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates Some of the most powerful medicines known to man are not in the form of a pill, but rather in the form of foods and spices. “The medical and psychiatric community is rediscovering the many connections between food and mental illness after more than a half century of depending primarily on prescription drugs for relief,” says Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, a professor at the University of Calgary. “From around 1950 or so, there was an explosion of research on medications,” she says. “Big pharma took over the treatment of psychiatric illnesses, and we lost centuries of knowledge.” Fortunately, what we lost is starting to re-emerge as recent academic research has begun highlighting the powerful effect that food can have on health. For instance, the Mediterranean diet consists mostly of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and plenty of…

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Bone-Healthy Living / Research / April 7, 2014

Guest Author :John La Puma MD is a practicing physician, board-certified in internal medicine and nutritionist. His latest publication is REFUEL: A 24 Day Eating Plan to Boost T and Stamina Naturally. For more from Dr. John La Puma, please visit   Everyone is short on sleep these days, but women suffer more mentally and physically than men if they get fewer Zs. That’s even more true in perimenopause and menopause, because as estrogen and progesterone drop, their sleep-inducing abilities go away too. Having trouble staying asleep is an early warning sign for menopause, and postmenopausal women are at risk for hypothyroidism, weight gain and sleep apnea…but you already knew that. The good news? Both men and women can turn down the blue wavelength light from LED screens earlier before bed, and help the pineal gland in your brain…

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Recipes / Research / April 4, 2014

I must confess that before 6 months ago, I had never tried brussels sprouts in my life! The first time was at the famous Jean Georges Steakhouse in Las Vegas. I remember the flavor and texture being enhanced by a balsamic reduction and chopped walnuts – I was in love. Who thought the star of a meal could be a side of brussels sprouts?! After that night, all I could think about was recreating my own version and fortunately, it only took me a couple of tries to perfect it. This dish is simple, has little prep time, and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

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Magnesium / Nutrition / Research / April 2, 2014

It must be tough living in the shadow of a giant – but that is what magnesium does every day. The need for calcium has been drummed into us since childhood, but almost to the exclusion of magnesium. The result is 57% of Americans do not meet the US RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances) for magnesium intake! And if you’re in the majority who fall short on magnesium, it explains why you are more stressed and have less energy than you feel you should. Just as one missing mini microchip will prevent your computer or phone from working, your body without magnesium will prevent you from operating too. Why Magnesium Is Critical Magnesium is essential for hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body. It helps: regulate muscle and nerve function; support a healthy immune system; keep bones strong; keep your heart…

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Bone-Healthy Living / Research / April 1, 2014

Guest Author : Dr. Karen Wyatt is a hospice and family physician who writes extensively on spirituality and medicine, especially at the end-of-life. She is the author of the award-winning book “What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying.” Connect with her at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @spiritualmd. The word resilience technically describes the ability of an object to return to its original form after being bent, compressed or stretched. For us human beings resilience is a quality that determines how well we cope with adversity in life, whether it comes to us as physical, emotional or spiritual difficulty. This is an important subject for all of us right now because life on planet earth is becoming more and more precarious, exposing each of us to new difficulties all the time.…

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