Nutrition / Nutrition / Vitamin D3 / October 4, 2012

Can The Sun Make You Slim? It’s well known that vitamin D is important for fighting depression, strengthening bones, and boosting immunity. But if that’s not enough of a resume for one single letter, recent evidence suggests that vitamin D can also affect your weight. Though it can be had for free, 77 percent of Americans are vitamin-D deficient, according to a recent study reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine. (1) Interestingly, a similar number of Americans are also overweight. Cause or coincidence? Read on, then decide. Is Made in the Shade Worth the Weight? As you know, Vitamin D is produced in your body when sun exposure is adequate. We can get a smattering of D from other sources such as salmon, tuna and eggs.  But hide in the shade from the super doses the sun provides, and science…

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Nutrition / Nutrition / December 13, 2011

Americans spend $27 billion on dietary supplements, according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, and supplement use is on the rise.  According to the CDC between 1988 and 1994 one third of the population took a supplement.  By 2006, over half the population was taking a supplement. In women over aged 60, calcium supplement usage has increased exponentially.  Between 1988-1994 only 28% of women aged 60+ were taking calcium, but between 2003 and 2006 that percentage had grown to 61%. Supplements can be an excellent way to fill in dietary gaps and imbalances, as long as they are high quality.  Buying the cheapest supplement on the shelf will likely backfire, as many nutritional supplements use the lowest cost ingredients, or are lacking the necessary co-factors for absorption. The cheapest calcium supplement at the drugstore will probably be a form of calcium that is not…

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