Algaecal / Team AlgaeCal News / October 6, 2018

Are you confused about how to take your AlgaeCal products? Well lucky for you, we have designed a print-friendly guide for you to use on the best ways to take your AlgaeCal products. Print it out, stick it on your fridge and never forget when or how to take them again!

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Algaecal / Nutrition / Recipes / October 18, 2016

Start your day with this deliciously crafted gluten-free sourdough starter! It contains sorghum, a grain with unique bone-protective benefits such as helping to maintain healthy blood sugar and insulin levels while decreasing oxidative stress.

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Today, I’m so excited to finally offer a practical approach to help ease inflammation with safe and natural foods. It’s called Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil and It’s truly a game-changer! And it could be the missing link to your health problems – it’s ingredients have been shown to help reduce the risk of disease. In several of my recent emails to you I’ve covered the 3 most powerful anti-inflammatory foods on the planet. They are: fish oil, astaxanthin, and curcumin from turmeric root. Not only are they anti-inflammatory but each of them are antioxidants too – so they scavenge the free radicals that age and damage our cells.  No wonder each of these superfoods has STACKS of human studies showing a wide range of health benefits – and Triple Power gives you each of these ingredients, in a…

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