Top 20 Calcium Rich Foods Shopping List [Printable PDF]

Calcium / Nutrition / October 20, 2016

Have you ever gone shopping for your weekly groceries and wondered what bone-healthy foods you should be buying?

With the huge amount of products on offer at a typical supermarket, it can get pretty overwhelming.

Eating a varied diet that is full of vitamins and minerals is so important if you’re trying to build strong bones. And of course, adding foods high in calcium to your diet is one of the most important steps.

So what are some of the best sources of calcium?

To help you figure it out, my team’s created a handy printable shopping list filled with bone-healthy foods for you to print out and take to the store.

Our Top 20 Calcium Rich Foods Shopping List

Tick them off as you go!

Calcium Rich Foods Infographic

Click Here to Download as Printable PDF

In the past our printable lists have been pretty popular, so we’ve decided to make another one just for you. We hope you love it!

Do you want to see more printables from our team?

We’ll make more if we get lot’s of love for this one, so please like, comment and share with your friends and on social media 🙂

James Redd

What does alcohol consumption have to do with increasing bone density ?
I am taking your products and I hope after a year, my bone density will be back up to normal. I was 1/2 way to osteoporosis when I got a compression fracture of a bone in my back.

Anne O’Shea

Very handy an d good keep up good work can I order my alga cal

Hada E Catricola

Thx u for your list. It’s bigger than mine and it will make it easier to shop. You also gave me some I had no idea. Keep it up !


Thanks, Hada! Wonderful to hear we gave you some you haven’t thought of before 🙂

– Monica from AlgaeCal


I think the “printables” are great. I appreciate getting only what I want printed and not a lot of other stuff tagging along. Thank you.

Joyce Luecke

I think the “printables” are great. I appreciate getting only the items I am interested in and not a bunch of other stuff that I do not want. Thank you


Thanks A LOTTA because calcium helps with periods and I am on mine wanted to know good foods for it!!!;)


Printable yes please.
Thank you

Patricia Santenello

I have just returned from a 3 day food wellness conference.
It was emphasiz that we should not consume low or nonfat dairy – and that whole fat dairy is better for us. Do you have any comments on this.


Hi Patricia,
Great catch! We actually do recommend whole fat dairy as we agree it’s a better option. I’ll make sure to update the infographic 🙂
– Monica from AlgaeCal

Phyllis Lindsay

I love the idea of the shopping list and adding foods high in calcium that’s a lot for this information. I will keep in touch.


Glad you like it, Phyllis.

We’re thinking of doing more stuff like this as it seems to be quite popular 🙂
– Monica from AlgaeCal


More printables please!! Can you make a similar one for Vitamin D?


I’m having some problems with the Algecal,whenever I take it it gives me loose bowels. I have the same problem with the power boost. The fish oil also bothers me. What could it be in the capsules that is causing this? I really wanted to continue this but it seems I’m running to the bathroom a half hour after taking it & yes I take it with food.


Hi Rita,

Sorry to hear AlgaeCal is not agreeing with you. We will be reaching out shortly to find the best solution for you. In the meantime, please discontinue use.

– Monica

Chris Burgin

I do have osteoporosis and it’s good to see the good foods to help the bones. Thank you

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