Calcium Rich Foods Diet Tips

Nutrition / April 21, 2010

Calcium helps keep your bones strong and healthy, but getting enough calcium from your food requires some creativity and foresight. These Nutrition experts will show you how to top everyday foods with delicious calcium-rich additions.


Video Transcription

Nicky: Hi. I’m Nicky; EatingWell’s Nutrition Expert.

Jessie: I’m Jessie; Food Editor at EatingWell. We’re here in the test kitchen today to give you some tips to help boost your intake of calcium, which is really important for bone health.

Nicky: Yogurt is a really excellent source of calcium. Just 1 cup has about 30% the daily value, and it’s great with fresh fruit.

Jessie: If you want to get a little more creative, Indian raitas are a great way to go; they’re sauces that are usually paired with spicy food. This one actually already has cucumbers and cumin in. I’m just going to add some tomatoes, some fresh mint, and some onions, and then I’m going to serve it with a spicy grilled chicken breast.

Nicky: Some fish, like sardines, provide calcium too. In fact, just 3 ounces of sardines has 40% the daily value.

Jessie: Then I would just go ahead and serve it right on top of a fresh salad, and have it for lunch.

Nicky: For more tips on eating for strong bones, come to, where good taste meets good health.


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Recipes for Stronger Bones

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