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Bone-Healthy Living / Other / Research / Video / March 24, 2010

Two seniors holding up dumbbells

Bone health expert Rebekah Rotstein talks about the myths of osteoporosis and simple diet tips for strong bones

  • Osteoporosis is something young people should worry about too
  • Osteoporosis exercise tips
  • Milk is not always the best source of calcium
  • and more…

AlgaeCal Can Help Support Bone Health

Strengthening your bones is possible at any stage of life with the AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost supplements. This first-ever combination of all the clinically supported bone building ingredients from around the world, helps you build stronger, healthier bones within 6 months – and we guarantee it.

In a six-month randomized, open label human clinical study, 176 women and men ages 18 to 85 used AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost supplements and followed a healthy diet while participating in a light exercise program. In just six months (180 Days), participants experienced a significant average INCREASE in bone mineral density of 2.8% as evidenced by before and after DEXA scans. Highly compliant participants experienced an INCREASE in bone mineral density by an incredible 3.7%.

Published Research

Author: Monica Straith, BS

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