Bond Girls Bike Across America for Bone Health!

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Mother and daughter enjoying bike ride in the park together

What would possess a fifty-something mom and her daughter to bike all the way across America?

According to Marybeth Bond, “We’re Shrinking! When I realized this a few years ago I compared notes with my sisters and mother; we discovered that between us we’ve lost six inches due to osteoporosis. I don’t want my daughters to have the same problem.”

“Recently I learned that girls acquire 85-90% of their bone mass by age 18. During this period in their lives my daughters lived at home and I made breakfast and dinner every day. I was responsible for their diets and I wish I had known more about regular exercise and bone-bolstering foods.”

Follow these women as they pedal across America in an all-female campaign to bring awareness to the silent disease osteoporosis which runs in our family and affects millions of American women.

They will be riding through five National Parks and seven cities, beginning in San Francisco and ending in New York City. Follow their progress online or meet them along the way in San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Bentonville or NYC.


Marybeth Bond: People often ask me, “Why are you doing this?” And, because my daughter ask me. JC invited me to ride across America with her and her best friend and I jumped at the chance. We leave from San Francisco right across the Golden Gate Bridge and then arrive two months later at the Atlantic Ocean near Yorktown, Virginia. Three of us are doing the trip. Me, I’m mom, Marybeth. I’m in my late 50s and then my daughter JC, who’s 22.

JC Bond: Woohoo!

Marbeth Bond: And Jaycee will have just graduated from Cornell and Laura —

Laura Maxwell: — Maxwell, who will have just graduated from San Diego State University.

Marybeth Bond: Every day we’re going to be blogging and you’ll be able to follow us on Twitter and YouTube and Facebook, as well as on our daily blog on

JC Bond: Dot com! My training includes a lot of cross-training. I’m still in school so I’m working with a very busy schedule. I’m cycling a lot. I’m going to Spin classes. I’m running. I’m going to the gym, and I’m swimming.

Marybeth Bond: And I got a coach and the coach is working out, lots of time in the saddle, on the roads in spin classes, in the gym, yoga, yoga with weights, swimming. We decided that instead of just making this a trip for ourselves, we wanted to do something for others. So, we wanted to help a charity through the bike ride and all of our training and the yoga and the weight bearing and the biking and all is good for health and it’s good for bones. So, we looked into the National Osteoporosis Foundation, and we decided, we were going to make this a ride for bone health. Bond Girls Bike America for Bone Health, and so, all proceeds, all donations go directly to them.

JC Bond: Well, osteoporosis is a disease that affects women and most of the press has been on women who are post-menopausal but much of your bone mass is pre-determined by the time you’re 21, 22, 23 years old. The best thing you can do to prevent osteoporosis is to make sure you get enough calcium in your diet. Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet, and make sure you’re exercising.

Marybeth Bond: That’s right, and that’s why our sponsor is perfect, Total Cereal, which provides 12 essential minerals and vitamins every day including 100% of your calcium and vitamin D —

JC Bond: — Vitamin C —

Marybeth Bond: — C, etcetera. Travel with us virtually. You know, follow our blogs and follow us on Twitter or Facebook and if you feel so inclined, we’d be happy if you donate a dollar a mile, even $10 for $10 miles. Maps and daily updates and new photos and video streaming are all available at

JC Bond: Dot Com.

Marybeth Bond: Dot Com.

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