Medical / Osteoporosis / May 1, 2014

Infographic – Avoid Osteoporosis With These Early Detection Tips

Around the world weakened bones cause 8.9 million fractures per year. Osteoporosis has hit what the Surgeon General calls ‘epidemic levels’ mainly due to huge lifestyle changes that have occurred for most of us over the last few generations. Losing some bone density is a by product of age for most people. But losing bone density at a rapid pace is what leads to the early onset of osteoporosis – which usually ends in life altering fractures from simple innocent activities that never would have previously harmed you.

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The good news is modern medicine has taught us ways that we can detect osteoporosis in advance, from far off. And once you do, there are many adjustments you can make and activities you can do to prevent osteoporosis.
Our ancestors did not have the same knowledge and tools to do this, so many of them only found out they had porous bones from a painful fracture. Usually discovered late in life, typically it was too late to change the course substantially and positively affect bone density.

That’s why it is vitally important to take steps to prevent osteoporosis before it happens.

This infographic was designed for this very purpose: once you go through it, you will be armed with the latest tips and insights on how to prevent what is grimly called ‘the silent killer’.