You Don’t Want to Miss This… [April Fool’s]

Algaecal / Video / March 31, 2017

Author: Dean Neuls, AlgaeCal CEO and Co-Founder

Dean Neuls is AlgaeCal’s Co-Founder and CEO. He has been operating the company since its beginning, and is passionate about creating an excellent product that helps people. Neuls is also a natural health author and student of bone health science.  As the discoverer of plant calcium and sponsor of calcium clinical research, he is uniquely qualified in this field. He also leads the rest of the AlgaeCal staff by example with his healthy diet and active lifestyle. Dean was born in Grenfell, Saskatchewan and raised all over Canada.

We have a special announcement that you don’t want to miss…

Click to watch the video below and find out the exciting new direction we’re taking here at AlgaeCal.



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Donna D.

Laughter is good for the soul and your health!! Loved the video and Buddy.


We agree, Donna! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

– Monica


At first, I thought, “What in the world???” But, then I realized what a great role model Buddy is for those of us who want to improve our bone health. Buddy stays active physically and mentally. He rests when necessary. And, he encourages us to enjoy each others’ company while working hard to stay healthy and active. But, does he take his bone supplements regularly? And, does he offer fashion advice for those of us who, while getting a little older, we still want to look hip? Thanks!


Hi Noreen,
Haha Buddy is a great role model and more important, friend, for us here at AlgaeCal. He does take his own version of bone supplements, and is more interested in the treats we hold in our hands than giving us fashion advice! Who knows…maybe that’ll change some day 🙂

– Monica


If it was my company I would fire everyone who had anything to do with the making of that video, its dissemination and the concept itself. However, it is not my company so I will just unsubscribe.


Hi Moriyah,

Sorry you feel that way. We were just having a little April Fool’s fun this year.

– Monica


April Fool’s Day. Now pull yourselves together.


Happy April Fool’s, S. Pulled together and ready to work as usual!

– Monica


I love animals. It’s not that I don’t love animals. The “Buddy” concept is lost on me. I am trying your plant-based AlgaeCal for the first time. Out of the 3 different products I purchased at the same time, AlgaeCal is the only product I will reorder. The idea of only 1% bone restoration a year is not appealing to me (I’d like more %); however, it’s better than nothing. Dogs and cats could use plant-based bone restoration products, too. Is that what Buddy is about … AlgaeCal is good for dogs and cats, too? I’m generally a very smart person. I just need help with your “Buddy” concept.


Hi Becky,
If you are looking to accelerate your bone density, have you looked into adding Strontium Boost in addition to AlgaeCal Plus? It’s a mineral that is naturally found in your bones and can triple the rate of your bone building.

As for Buddy – April Fool’s :). We thought we would have a little fun at AlgaeCal this year.
– Monica


I love animals too, but the Buddy concept is lost with me too. I use AlgaeCal Plus and your fish oil. Love your products, but not the Buddy concept.


Thanks for the feedback, Sue.

– Monica


I hope this does not mean that our product is only second best since dogs are man’s best friend


Haha love it, Jerry! Absolutely not.

– Monica

Karen Richman

April Fool! Right?
I was satisfied with the very helpful Customer Service that I have spoken with on previous calls.


Hi Karen,
Yes – April Fool’s haha :)! So wonderful to hear that you’ve been happy with the service you’ve received over calls.

– Monica

Beth Ann MacCready

It was sweet and the AlgaeCal staff are so young— from my perspective. And they look very healthy as well. That’s reassuring. 🙂


Hi Beth,

Thanks for taking the time to comment, we truly appreciate it! Wonderful to hear you enjoyed the video.

– Monica

Jean McLean

Great way of introducing staff by adding humour.


Thanks, Jean! Means a lot.

– Monica


Great direction. Woof woof.
Dogs (and cats) presence in our lives is good for the soul mody and mind.


Bow Wow Buddy, Hope they give you good bones as part of your salary package.

Dean Neuls

Hahaha Kate! Buddy is 11 now, and looks pretty good. He does take AlgaeCal as Monica said and it really does give him a healthy coat. He also goes for almost daily hikes in the mountains. His “Mom”, Jeanne does spoil him a little for sure 🙂


Can I give my algae cal to my older dog got her bones??


Hi Maggie,

Buddy takes a dog supplement called GreenMin, which has AlgaeCal powder in it. We wouldn’t recommend AlgaeCal Plus specifically as we aren’t sure what kind of affect the K2 would have. Also, depending on the size of your dog there are certain servings sizes that would be better…something to discuss with your veterinarian and probably best to purchase a supplement specifically formulated for your dog.
– Monica


Would love to see more of “Buddy”


I too at first thought”Whaaat??” Love that you can be playful at work. One thing I did notice was all your staff were sooo young. No offense but I’d like to see people my own age (55.) You definitely looked like a high tech company with the age group and how they were dressed. Great product they though. And keep up the sense of humor. And Miriyah, get a life!!


Hi Marcy,

Good point – I’d like to assure you that we have a much bigger age range of people working at the company. Will definitely do better next time representing that. Truly appreciate the feedback!

– Monica

Ann Hancock

Loved Buddy’s April Fools’ joke. Too bad more bosses aren’t like Buddy.😊

You all have a great sense of humor AND a great product


Thanks for taking the time out of your day to comment, Ann. Glad you liked the joke 🙂

– Monica

Mickey Shirey

I loved the video! So nice to see the staff has a sense of humor and it was nice to see Buddy. This made me laugh and as everyone knows, laughter is the best medicine! Keep up the good work.


Thanks, Mickey!

– Monica


May we borrow Buddy to fill in as President of the US? We are in need!

Dean Neuls

I agree Buddy may be a slightly less controversial choice for President. I’ll ask if he’s available 🙂
Thanks for your wonderful sense of humor!

Janice Christiansen

Am not interested in entertainment from your emails. No thanks, Buddy. To me, seems like a marketing idea by young millenials instead of showing science-minded people dealing with real medical issue of osteoporosis.

Dennis Saunders

I’m not sold on Buddys supervisory and sales skills quite yet but he does appear to be better looking than Dean—Just saying.


Haha fair enough, Dennis. Thanks for taking the time to comment today :).

– Monica

Dean Neuls

Hahaha Dennis! Sadly, I have to agree 🙂


So what’s wrong with a good sense of humor??
You go Buddy!!


Not funny. Waste of time, but I liked buddy.

Pamela Monday

Ha ha–clever April Fools joke. I hope the guy who took things too seriously will seriously learn to lighten up and continue to take your products! Laughter is so necessary to good health, mentally and physically !


Thanks for taking the time to comment, Pamela :). Glad you enjoyed it.

– Monica

Nancy Bruett

I have a friend who could benefit from AlgaeCal, like me. I intended to fw your next email to educate her, but this does not do it. Too cute for a serious / expensive (to me) product.


Hi Nancy,
Definitely understand and while we do like to have a little fun from time to time, we absolutely take our mission seriously. Are there certain topics you’d like to forward to your friend? If so, let me know and I’d love to help point you in the right direction.

– Monica


I’m happy to have found this website and to get started on algae cal. So hope it will truly help possibly to reverse my bone loss. Wonder if it is labeled as pharmaceutical grade?

Dean Neuls

Hi Charlotte, pharmaceutical grade means that ingredients would have to be treated un-naturally to standardize them. AlgaeCal is a whole food – so not a pharmaceutical product – which is really where the magic happens. As a living plant, it contains ALL of the minerals in your bones in similar ratio. If you were to use a pharmaceutical grade calcium, it would be only calcium – and that is proven to benefit bones only a little.

Dean Neuls

Oh, and Charlotte, it WILL work for you. Just take it exactly as directed (AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost), and be sure to get plenty of protein in your food. You will see increased bone density, I promise. 🙂


Good on you for having a bit of fun, life can get a bit serious at times. I love you all, the helpful staff, buddy and especially your products. Keep up the good work.


Thanks, Evelyn! We truly appreciate the feedback 🙂

– Monica


Can algae-cal be used for pets?

Margarette Fowler

Can algae-cal be used on pets?


Hi Margarette,

Buddy takes a supplement called GreenMin, which is formulated for dogs and has AlgaeCal powder in it. AlgaeCal Basic may also be a good choice, although I can’t say what servings size etc. would be appropriate so definitely something to discuss with your veterinarian.

– Monica


Love the Buddy video and I hope Buddy is a regular visitor at work, not just for April Fools Day! Studies have shown that pets at the work place have a positive influence on the employees – they work more efficient, experience a lot less stress and burn out and they call in sick a lot less. Plus, the dog as well as people need exercise, so it’s a win-win situation. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more of Buddy and the staff in the future. I am sad that some people didn’t get the April Fools Joke and even unsubscribe to the newsletter. Life is hard enough, don’t take everything so seriously!


Hi Elke,

Thanks so much for the feedback and the information about pets at the work place – super interesting and I have to say from personal experience, I agree!

– Monica

Dean Neuls

Hi Elke,
11 year old Buddy has been with the company, coming in to work most days, since almost the beginning of of AlgaeCal. He is my business partner, Jeanne’s dog, but she kindly allows all of us to enjoy him daily. Thanks so much for taking your precious time to comment 🙂


Haha, love it! Thank you the fun 🙂


There is no closed captioned for the deaf to read the messages of person speaking in this video. We need to have in all videos. Thanks!


Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Will definitely think of this for future videos.

– Monica

My dog Lucky – my best freind

Great way to start the day.!!!

Mary K

Too funny. I love dogs so Buddy gets my thumbs up!!!

Susan Tereba

Cute! Kind of like Guido, the house mouser, at Our Health Coop where I buy my other supplements. Guido took on quite a personality and then they retired him and I still miss him!


I loved Buddy, and the fact that the staff can have a bit of fun on April Fool’s Day. Looks like you got some comments from some of those fools; taking things way too seriously! I’m delighted with the 14% increase in bone density my doctor noted after my first year on AlgaeCal and Stronium Boost. Keep up the good work!


Hi Patty,
Wow! Delighted to hear of such an incredible increase after one year on AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost.

Thanks for the positive words – and if you ever need some yourself, know we are always here! 🙂
– Monica


I thought it was a fun video, April Fools or not! It is nice to see the faces behind this great product. Still need to have my second Dex Scan – so hoping for a good result!! I take AlgaeCal daily and the fish oil. I supplement with Strontium Boost on occasion. Keep up the good work Buddy 🙂


Appreciate the kind words, Gina. We are hoping for a good result for you as well. Let us know if you have any questions during your bone health journey 🙂
– Monica

Caroline Perry

I didn’t mind seeing Buddy working in your office! We love our cats and dogs too! Everyone needs a little laughter in their life 😂 let your hair down, folks!

I’m counting on Algae-Cal and Strontium to help my osteoporosis! I’ve told my family doctor I will take this at any cost rather than the pharmaceutical injection recommended by my Oncologist! I’m in charge of my own health.

Thank you, Algae-Cal, from Australia! Also thanks, Buddy 🐕.


Hi Caroline,
Glad you like seeing Buddy from time to time :). If you have any questions during your bone health journey, please let us know!
– Monica

Judy Elliott

Animal videos are always a hit. Don’t understand how people don’t get Buddy. He is a great boss. Apparently I need a miracle to save my back & hips. I have spent my life building strong bones but after menopause and also candida treatments, my spine & hips degenerated rapidly I have started the Algae-Cal regime & hoping it is my miracle.


Hi Judy,
Thanks for the positive words and glad to hear you’ve started AlgaeCal. If you have any questions during your bone health journey – do not hesitate and please let us know. We are here to support you during the entire process, and beyond.
– Monica

Lara B

In my opinion, this video is not professional, I appreciate a good laugh and love dogs, but this video is not helping anybody to improve their health, specially considering the price of YOUR PRODUCT!!!
Also, the girl in a white shirt, the shirt needs some iron, sure its a casual and fun, but again, it could be done in more tasteful way. Invest in Marketing!


And you guys nailed it! Very cute! Some people just don’t have a sense of humor…

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