Osteo Study

/ January 26, 2017

This study provides evidence that AlgaeCal calcium powder is a more “bone cell friendly” form of calcium. After more than 80 years of traditional limestone based calcium supplements, this study shows that a more bio-accessible plant form is now available.

Researchers from the Harvard Medical School and University of Connecticut, collaborated on this landmark study which was In direct head-to-head tests, the scientists compared the effects of AlgaeCal with the two top-sellers, calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

Focused on the proliferation, mineralization and oxidative stress in cultured human osteoblast cells, the study results showed that AlgaeCal®, increased alkaline phosphatase activity 200 percent more effectively than calcium carbonate and 250 percent better than calcium citrate. In addition, AlgaeCal outperformed calcium carbonate and calcium citrate by 300 and 400 percent respectively on DNA synthesis – the ability of these osteoblasts to produce new bone building cells.

This study has been published in published in the peer-reviewed journal, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry.