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Algaecal / Team AlgaeCal News / September 29, 2016

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Our team has grown so much over the past few months, which is great because it means our office is lively, fun and full of friendly faces every day!

Today, you’re meeting just a few of our growing team – but don’t worry, you’ll be meeting us all very soon!

AlgaeCal recently celebrated some team birthdays, and I want to share the photos with you here on our blog. You guys have shown us so much love on our previous team posts so I thought, why not keep sharing more of what goes on behind-the-scenes at AlgaeCal.

I hope you enjoy these birthday snaps. As you can see in the photos, we can get a little mischievous, but it’s all in good fun!
May birthday photo

This is May! She’s our Office Manager and also speaks to you about your bone health journey every time you call. Has May helped you before? May has been with AlgaeCal for almost 3 years. We love her bright and bubbly personality, which she brings to the office everyday. If you’ve spoken to May on the phone before, you’ll know what I mean.

Antony birthday photo

Meet Antony, our newest video whizz! He grew up in Essex, England, before moving to Vancouver at the age of 11. Being a movie fanatic from a very young age, he developed his skills as a filmmaker throughout high school, before attending Capilano University to study Motion Picture Arts. After completing his four year degree, Antony wanted to find a career where he could use his craft to tell stories that could help people.

After meeting the team at AlgaeCal, it was a perfect fit, and Antony is having an amazing time helping people strengthen their bones naturally through film. In his spare time, Antony loves watching movies (obviously), supporting Liverpool FC, working out, and hanging out with his buddies.

Viv and I believe that our team is one of our greatest assets, so we invest a lot into the culture here at AlgaeCal. And apart from training, we also have team lunches every week and social events to encourage team bonding.

Before we finish up here, there’s one more team member I want you to meet.

Buddy birthday photo

This is Buddy, our beautiful office dog! Well, Jeanne is his mom but he comes into the office everyday after his hike. We had to involve him in the birthday fun (even though it’s not his birthday). Isn’t he handsome? Buddy’s hobbies include hiking, eating and chewing my shoes!

I hope these photos have given you a taste of what our office culture is like. Let us know if you want to see more posts like these!

Author: Dean Neuls, AlgaeCal CEO and Co-Founder

Ruth Speegle
Ruth Speegle

Just finding out about your product.. I am 86 years. Am I too late to try this. -Always been active, walking, swimming, etc. Diagnosed 1 year ago low bone density. Have thyroid problem–back aches when on feet too long -Skin cancers otherwise O.K. Ruth

Jenna AlgaeCal
Jenna AlgaeCal

Hi Ruth,

It’s never too late to reclaim your bone health safely & naturally with AlgaeCal! We would love to share with you Mildred’s story, she is 88 years and has experienced incredible results. You can hear her story and see her DXA scan results here.

Ruth, we’re glad to see you’ve had your questions answered via email with one of our Bone Health Consultants. If you have further questions please let us know! You can always reply directly to our email or give us a call at 1-800-820-0184 🙂

– Jenna @ AlgaeCal

Mary Stephens
Mary Stephens

Looks like you really celebrate birthdays there, that is wonderful. I have been on your product for about a month now and I really feel I can tell the difference already. Keep up the good work, thank you.


Such happy people! So nice to see!

Jackie Blanton
Jackie Blanton

So far I love the algae Cal I know it is working. The proof in the pudding will be how much my bone density improves. I do have to tell you I love the fish oil. I love the taste. I have used the omega oils for quite sometime but this oil with the orange taste is amazing. Thanks for your products and the quality. The time and effort you put into your products is rare. Thank you Jackie Blanton

P.S. I also like all the education with the emails.


Thank you for sharing your pictures! What a wonderful team you have. May is wonderful, so helpful and knowledgeable.
I love your calcium and strontium bone builder pack and look forward to my next dexa scan to see how I’ve improved?
God Bless all of you!!
Debra Summers

Marie-Claire Lafleche
Marie-Claire Lafleche

Love your pictures!! Love “Buddy”! My Weimaraner, Ivy, went to doggie heaven December 2014. Ivy was my second Weim. Because of my great love of dogs, especially Weims I am adopting a new Weim this coming December. She will be born sometime next week! So exciting! PLEASE give my email address to Jeanne so we can exchange photos of our fur babies!!

My Weims have been my reason to take AlgeaCal, even though I find it quite expensive considering the exchange on Canadian dollar. However, I would rather spend of bit more on a good product then throw money away on a cheaper product that does not give me any real health benefits.

After doing a lot of research I have come to the conclusion that AlgeaCal calcium is the only safe calcium to consume on a daily basis. I have to keep strong and healthy for my fur babies!

Thanks again for your great product!

Richmond Hill, ON

Jeannette Matheson
Jeannette Matheson

Love the team pictures and Buddy so cute. I am a dog lover and have a little one myself.

Happy week end…and keep the emails coming.


Dean Neuls
Dean Neuls

Hi Jeanette

Thanks sooo much for your words of encouragement. Happy weekend 🙂

To your health
– Dean


Thanks so much, Jeannette! We will 🙂

– Monica @ AlgaeCal

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