/ October 2, 2008

Hi – I have just made my second big order with you and do have some exciting news to share. My bone density was first tested five years ago when I was 55. Results were as follows:- T Score Lumbar: – 3,8 T Score Femur: – 2,7 Z Score Lumbar – 2,2 Z Score Femur – 1,5 Over the next few years I tried all sorts of natural things but my bone density kept going down and last year (2007) I was at: T Score Lumbar – 4,3 T Score Femur – 3,1 Z Score Lumbar – 2,4 Z Score Femur – 1,7 You can imagine I was feeling a bit desperate at this point so I went on to a medication but also did some more research into the natural fields. I might add here that I have coeliac disease…

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