/ October 6, 2012

Dear Algaecal: I have just completed my first 6 months and am cautiously happy to report that I have shown a bit of improvement. More on that later: I live in Hawaii, my Doctor specializes in Internal Medicine. She has expressed extreme concern about the use of Strontium. Claiming it is a heavy metal and could be harmful. While I do not share her beliefs, she is monitoring my progress as she has monitored me for more than 10 years. I think this is an opportunity for you to convince an influential Kaiser Doctor about the use of your combinations, especially if I continue to show positive results: Here are my numbers: I have my T- scores going back to at least the year 2000. My Lumbar spine has progressively gone from -2.9 in August of 2000 to -3.5 in…

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/ October 5, 2011

Today I had my annual visit with the specialist treating me. He didn’t know I already had a copy of the results of the last test. So he announced to me the 17% increase, showed me the color graphic showing how I moved from the Orange area to the light Green area, skipping the Yellow area, and said: this is surely the result of my taking Strontium. He also said this was EXCEPTIONAL results, even if sometimes there is the possibility of exaggerated or false reading, if we take 50% of that or a 8% increase in my bone density, it is still exceptional. Medication he normally prescribe gives 2 or 3% annually only. I’m very happy to hear him admit quite freely that what I was taking was the cause of my getting so much better. He told me…

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