A Vancouver Summer with Team AlgaeCal

Algaecal / Team AlgaeCal News / July 17, 2014

Boats along False Creek, Vancouver

With the Vancouver weather being beautiful, sunny and hot the past couple of weeks, the AlgaeCal team has been taking advantage of it and doing some cool summer activities.

dean and adamOur CEO Dean Neuls and Director of Marketing, Adam Killam are off for another fishing trip, this time up the coast of Vancouver Island! They will be sleeping on the boat for 3 nights and hoping that neither of them will get sea sick! But just in case, Dean packed some sea-sickness remedies.


vanessaVanessa, our SEO guru, is planning to surf, hike, swim, kayak….pretty much everything you can think of! She’s our adventurous one of the group always up for new and fun things. And this summer it seems like she’s into trying anything to do with water! Not a bad plan considering the weather has been perfect for these kind of activities.


kyleKyle is our movie aficionado! He has recently seen 22 Jump Street, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and plans to re-watch Young and Dangerous from 1997 this weekend. You ask him if he’s seen a movie, chances are he has! And he will give you a full synopsis of it, too. He’s our Roger Ebert of the AlgaeCal office.


monicaAnd I (Monica) want to try out the Pitch and Putt in Stanley Park this weekend. Apparently it has 18 holes ranging from 40 to 100 yards and is a hidden gem in the park. I grew up on a golf course and had my first hole-in-one at age 9 so I know my way around a golf course. It’s hard to go golfing when you live in downtown Vancouver, but this Pitch and Putt will be the perfect solution!


Author: Monica Straith, BS

Peter Slavchenko
Peter Slavchenko

Adam Killam, Director of Marketing,
While I received your email today, regarding the submission of inspiring and interesting stories to send on to you, by reply email, my smartphone, where I pressed the button, to reply, inadvertently deleted it, this after I had taken about 30 min. to search my memory for an appropriate experience, that I thought would surely benefit Algae Cal’s readers.
I trust you will accept my story. In case you need to verify me, my cell number is 226 973 5392, and I recently purchased a container of Algae Cal, to be sent to my residence in London, Ont.
In terms of my best experience utilizing vegetarian sources of calcium to ease joint pain, I would like to relate to the readers of Algae Cal, that earlier this year, when I started to feel tired, and had knee and other joint pain, several times a week, even though at that time I was swimming about 3 or 4 times a week, and following mostly a vegetarian diet. Then I greatly increased the intake of leafy green vegetables, by about 3 times what I was previously eating (usually eating kale, various varieties, black , green, and red). After about 2 weeks, I no longer had any pain, either in my knees or elsewhere, and I also no longer felt tired. Interestingly, while I had been jogging, almost everyday, since high school (4 seasons a year, usually outside), I never experienced any knee pain, at all, except for some temporary pain, in high school, where the family doctor diagnosed me with “Osgood slather’s disease”, which is a strange sounding name, even at this time. I no longer jog (I fractured my left foot about 10 years ago, although I can run, more slowly, even for about 40 min), regularly.
Incidentally, my current diet includes virtually no cooked food, except for the occasional wild Pacific salmon, which is found in the frozen section of one of the local supermarkets, even at about $4 per pound (believe it or not, at least one of the major supermarkets gives this price, on any given week), as gotmercury.org, a website for determining the safety of food, gives data indicating that wild Pacific salmon is quite free, relatively speaking, of any contaminants (which is not the case for tuna, and other exotic fish, like shark, or swordfish).
I trust this info has been helpful, and interesting.
Best of health.


Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with AlgaeCal! It’s wonderful to hear that after two weeks you no longer had pain in your knees or elsewhere. I have passed along your story to our Director of Marketing, Adam Killam and he will email you personally.

– Monica @ AlgaeCal

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