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9 Reasons Why Doctors Love This Plant-Based Calcium Supplement

If you’re suffering from bone loss, here’s great news:

Doctors have discovered a natural calcium supplement that’s clinically shown to not just stop bone loss…

But actually increase bone density.

That’s right—a safe, natural, and clinically supported way to INCREASE bone density…

The company that makes this bone-building supplement is called AlgaeCal…

And the supplement is called “AlgaeCal Plus”.

So, why do doctors love AlgaeCal Plus? Here are 9 great reasons:

1. The only calcium supplement that increases bone density

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How does AlgaeCal increase bone density? By giving your bones all 13 minerals and 3 vitamins they’ve been losing for years.

Most calcium supplements contain only calcium (and maybe vitamin D). Yet even with the recommended amounts of those two nutrients, studies show we still lose bone.

But AlgaeCal contains all the essential vitamins and minerals your bones need to rebuild themselves.

We know this is true because AlgaeCal is…

2. Backed by medical studies


Three separate clinical studies show AlgaeCal increases bone mineral density. The shortest study was 6 months, and the longest was 7 years.1 2 3

Most women with inadequate calcium intake lose about 1% of their bone density each year after age 40. But in the AlgaeCal studies, the women taking AlgaeCal actually increased bone density.

These studies show AlgaeCal strengthens bones in as little as 6 months, and continues to build new bone year after year for at least 7 years. DEXA bone scans of the studies’ participants show this is true.

The studies are found in prominent peer-reviewed journals: Nutrition Journal, International Journal of Medical Sciences, and the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

This is why we’re confident enough to announce that AlgaeCal is…

3. Guaranteed to increase your bone density—or your money back

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When you take AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost together, we guarantee you will see increased bone density in EVERY follow-up bone scan you have while using these 2 products—or we will refund every penny you paid for our products between your scans. This guarantee extends to every scan you have for the next 7 years.

Plus, our One-Year Money Back Guarantee either leaves you 100% satisfied, or you get your money back. Period. That means during the first year, you can get a full refund at any time, for any reason.

The best part is, you don’t have to wait long to see results. That’s because AlgaeCal…

4. Starts working immediately

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The first day you take AlgaeCal, your bones will start healing and getting stronger. And measurable results usually show up in just 6 months.

So when you go back to your doctor’s office for your follow-up DEXA scan, don’t be surprised when they tell you your numbers look great. (Many AlgaeCal customers feel a sense of pride when their doctor asks what they’ve been doing to get such amazing results. That’s when you get to educate your doctor!)

But is AlgaeCal safe? Studies say “yes”. That’s because AlgaeCal is made almost entirely of…

5. Plant-based ingredients


Traditional calcium supplements are made from limestone—a lifeless rock. But AlgaeCal is a kiwi-sized South American marine algae—a living plant. This rare algae is hand harvested, sun dried, then milled into a powder. There is no extraction process, and no additives. The only “ingredients” are pure, whole-food calcium and other bone-building minerals.

These pure ingredients are what makes AlgaeCal easy for our bodies to digest. And they’re also the reason AlgaeCal is… 

6. Vegetarian, kosher, non-gmo, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free

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AlgaeCal’s ingredients are safe, pure, and sustainably harvested. Plus, AlgaeCal is kosher, non-gmo, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free.

And because it’s made of safe, all-natural ingredients, none of the women in the three studies experienced any adverse effects.

But were the results of the studies typical? Will AlgaeCal work for you? Through more than 18 years watching women of all ages and backgrounds take AlgaeCal with amazing results, we’re confident in saying “YES!”

In fact, AlgaeCal…

7. Works no matter your age


We’ve seen women in their 40s with severe bone loss increase their bone density with AlgaeCal… and we’ve seen women in their 80s do the same.

AlgaeCal works no matter your age, because everyone’s bones—whether a person is 45 or 85—still need the same vitamins and minerals to grow stronger.

That’s also the reason why AlgaeCal…

8. Works no matter the current condition of your bones


Slight bone loss or severe, it doesn’t matter. For example: an AlgaeCal customer named Debby D’Arcy discovered she had severe bone loss when she fell and broke her wrist. Shortly after the fall, she started taking AlgaeCal.

Since then, Debby has gotten several DEXA scans, and every one of them has shown her bone density increasing.

Not only that, Debby has had two more falls since then… but no more broken bones!

Another example is Sandy Ham. Her situation was even worse, with a starting T-score of -4.0. But in just 6 months on Algaecal, she improved to a -2.2, even with a long family history of bone loss!

Those are just two examples of why women love AlgaeCal so much. Plus, by strengthening your bones, AlgaeCal also…

9. Restores your active lifestyle

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Maybe bone loss has made you slow down your physical activities, or even forced you to stop them altogether.

If you’ve had to compromise with any activities you love—like walking, gardening, or playing with your grandchildren… 

Or if you’re worried about losing your independence and having to rely on other people to take care of you… 

You’ll be overjoyed when AlgaeCal strengthens your bones and allows you to do all those activities again, with confidence.
In fact, that’s the real reason women love AlgaeCal. It gives them their active lives back.

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