60 Year Old Teacher Shows Her Students How to Dance

Algaecal / June 1, 2015

Author: Monica Lam-Feist, BS

Monica is AlgaeCal’s Content Marketing Manager. Monica completed her studies at The University of Wisconsin-Madison where she received a B.S. degree in Life Sciences Communication and a B.A. degree in Sociology. She also received certificates in Digital Studies and Leadership. Monica was an elite athlete and played Varsity soccer for the Wisconsin Badgers, Vancouver Whitecaps and for the Canadian Women's National Team. She brings a holistic and unique perspective and pulls from her experience in athletics and health to write for AlgaeCal.

I love Ellen Degeneres.

She’s real.

She’s funny.

AND she knows how to dance.

Which brings me to this video I wanted to share with you. You may have seen it if you watch Ellen because she shared it recently. And since then, it has gone viral.

Shirley Clement is a 60 year old dance teacher who retired in style (and with major rhythm) to the hit, “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

Don’t you want to get up and dance after that? I do!

Chris Price

Loved the video because it is very inspiring. I am 62 and still dance, walk a lot, do pilates, and weight baring exercises. I love your newsletters and just started taking Algea Cal Plus. I know our bodies are all different, but I hope it works for me. Thanks for the fun video.


Hi Chris,

Thank you for taking the time to comment :). So wonderful to hear that you enjoy our newsletters and are taking AlgaeCal Plus.

If you have any questions during your bone health journey, please let us know!

– Monica from AlgaeCal

Adele Hatcher

Loved the video. I love to dance and square danced for years as well as ballroom dancing until I brought my hip playing pickleball.when I was 72 years old.


So glad you enjoyed the video, Adele! It’s a good one 🙂

– Monica from AlgaeCal


Kudos to her, she’s awesome and energetic, I love dancing and staying physically active

Joan Williams

Good for her, I could have done most of that when I was 60, but not now I’m 70, been ill and don’t have any energy at the moment. I’m also not allowed to do head stands even if I could, due to stable glaucoma. I can’t skip around either since I fractured my foot as I can’t bend it properly and it aches just walking, making me limp at times. I can’t believe how inhibiting it is. I just wish I could do the things I did 10-15 years ago.


Hi Joan,
Can definitely understand the frustration. We do have some great exercise posts on the blog for all levels (and limitations). I’ve pulled a few for you here:
Seated Exercises: https://www.algaecal.com/expert-insights/seated-exercises-limited-mobility/
Balance Exercises (no skipping or hopping required!) https://www.algaecal.com/expert-insights/4-balance-exercises-reduce-fall-risk/
Aquatic Exercises: https://www.algaecal.com/expert-insights/aquatic-exercise-osteoporosis/
Yoga for Osteoporosis: https://www.algaecal.com/expert-insights/yoga-for-osteoporosis/
– Monica from AlgaeCal

Gina McNeill

Right on grandma!!! I am 58 and have been taking your products since August 2016 after a dex scan highlighted osteopenia and some osteoporosis. I was shocked since I am very active with skiing, hiking and yoga. There is no need for our bodies to go down the path of old. This is a new age and hopefully algaecal will aid me in my path to maintain youth! My next scan is in August 2017 – I hope to see a difference 🙂


Hi Gina,
Absolutely LOVE your attitude and we so agree. Please let us know how your next scan goes and if you have any questions during your bone health journey before that!

– Monica


I just turned 83 and was told I have early stage osteopenia. For my 80th birthday my daughters gave me a surprise party at a local club when a “shag” get together was happening. I got to dance with all the men at the club and with most of our 50 guests as well. Waiting for my first order–hope it stops my progression,


Hi Laura,

Sounds like your 80th birthday was an experience that’s for sure! Thanks for sharing, haha.

If you have any questions about your order or questions during your bone health journey, please let me know :).

– Monica @ AlgaeCal

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