Medical / Nutrition / April 26, 2013

4 Reasons To Eat Plant Calcium NOT Rocks


Plant calcium is becoming increasingly popular thanks to Dr. Oz declaring to his audience of millions that he “adores” AlgaeCal Plant Calcium for it’s ability to prevent what he feels is the true leading cause of death, frailty, on his nationally syndicated TV show.

Watch the video here…

Here’s what you should know about plant calcium.

Nature Knows Best

I think anyone would agree that fruits and veggies are good for you, right?

Yet, big pharma pushes megadose horse pills containing isolated calcium, magnesium and sometimes Vitamin D.

Nowhere in nature do you find food that contains just 1 or 2 nutrients.

Without getting into a lengthy dissertation I think it’s safe to say, there must be a healthy reason for that.

Nature knows what vitamins support which minerals, in the combinations and dosages that are idea for your body.

No lab could ever come close to chemically synthesizing a nutritional supplement that mimics the healthful goodness and nutrient balance as Mother Nature, herself.

If you’re taking a supplement to makeup for shortfalls in your diet, make sure it’s from natural sources. Organic is even healthier.

Nature knows what’s best for your body.

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Plant Calcium Is Body Friendly

Many people experience digestion problems and constipation after taking traditional rock calcium supplements.

The problem could be the source of the calcium, impurities, sensitivities to chemical binders and fillers to form it into a tablet, etc…

Many people have seen their digestive discomfort alleviated when they switched to a certified organic plant calcium – likely because plants are easier to digest than rocks.

Rocks Are For Walls Not Your Body

When was the last time you heard a parent tell their child, “Sweety, sit down and eat your rocks, then you can go outside and play?”

It’s much more typical to hear, “Don’t throw rocks!”

And if you saw your child putting a rock in their mouth you’d definitely slap it out of their little hand, wouldn’t you?

So why would you think eating them in the form of a calcium supplement is OK?

The fact is, 90% of traditional calcium supplements are made from rock sources. And study after study since the 1930’s have concluded that traditional calcium supplements DO NOT stop bone loss – they merely slow it down.

Rocks are for building walls, not your bones.

Nature Needs to Stay Natural

The demand for calcium is high. Over 60% of the population take a daily supplement that contains calcium. And that number is climbing as our population ages.

Sparked by the popularity of AlgaeCal after being featured on the Doctor Oz Show, new plant calciums are beginning to appear on the market.

Big corporations mechanically harvest the plant source, chemically bleach the plant, then mass produce batches in machines that look like cement mixers…

…beating the living nature of the poor plant.

Impure plant sources and chemical treatment make it impossible for these new plant calcium to get the USDA Certified organic seal of approval.

An Indian ayurvedic practitioner explain to me that plants contain “living energy” – when we consume them the energy is transferred to our bodies.

I think that’s the best justification I can think of for getting your calcium from organic plants vs rocks.