3 Things Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Calcium Supplements

Calcium / Nutrition / Research / July 14, 2014

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You probably already know that once you hit your mid-thirties, you lose about 1% of your bone mass each year.

That’s why doctors recommend calcium supplements. But in four years of medical school, doctors only get about a single afternoon’s worth of training in nutrition. So it’s no wonder that when it comes to calcium supplements, most doctors don’t understand the nuances.

Your doctor may have recommended you take calcium supplements, but chances are, he or she didn’t tell you these 3 vital pieces of information:

1. Most Calcium Supplements Only Slow Bone Loss – They Don’t Reverse It
For over 70 years, researchers have known that calcium carbonate and calcium citrate, the two most common forms of supplemental calcium, slow down the bone loss that occurs as we age. That’s why doctors recommend it—because slow bone loss is better than fast bone loss.

But slowing bone loss isn’t the same as stopping it … much less reversing it.

Now, however, there’s a breakthrough in calcium supplementation that does reverse bone loss. Even better, clinical studies show it builds new, healthy bone fast—within just 6 months! I’ll tell you more about this breakthrough in a minute. But first, let’s look at what else your doctor may not have told you.

2. “Rock and Chalk” Calcium Raises Your Risk of Heart Attack
Did the recent headlines about calcium and heart attack risk catch your eye?

In case you missed it, here’s a recap. An 11-year study of 24,000 adults yielded this shocking conclusion: calcium supplements actually increase your heart attack risk by 86%!

That’s because the most common forms of supplemental calcium come from “rock and chalk”—or, to be more precise, from rock quarries and strip mines.

These forms of calcium—found in the majority of calcium supplements—contribute to arterial plaques. Those plaques then clog up your arteries and increase your chances of heart attack and stroke.

Take a walk down the aisles at your vitamin store, and look at the labels on the calcium supplements. You’ll see that almost every one of them is calcium carbonate or calcium citrate—a.k.a. “rock and chalk” calcium. And that could be dangerous to your health!

The study underscored what doctors have been saying for years: it’s best to get your calcium from food.

People who get their calcium from food don’t face the same risks as people who take calcium supplements. That’s because when calcium is in food, it’s in a form that’s more easily absorbed.

But, getting all your calcium from food, though, is easier said than done. No matter how much you love milk and cheese, getting the recommended daily amount is a daunting task. There’s a better way, and I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

But first, here’s what else your doctor probably doesn’t know:

3. Your Calcium Supplement Is Darn Near Useless … Unless You’re Getting These Other Vital Nutrients
Calcium may grab the spotlight, but it doesn’t get the job done alone. It depends on a team of supporting players like vitamins D3 and K2, and minerals strontium, magnesium, and silica.

Without these nutrients, calcium simply can’t get to where it needs to go in order to build new, healthy bone.

That’s why taking any kind of supplemental calcium without the important cofactors is like flushing your money down the drain!

Best case scenario? Expensive urine, as the calcium leaves your body because it couldn’t get into your bones.

Worst case scenario? If it’s “rock and chalk” calcium, it can hang around in your bloodstream, ultimately forming arterial plaques that can raise your risk for heart attack and stroke.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and convenient solution.

The Bone-Building Breakthrough That Won’t Harm Your Heart

AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost is a nutritional “dynamic duo” that provides your body with all the nutrients it needs to reverse bone loss and safely build new bone.

Unlike “rock and chalk” calcium supplements, it does not cause arterial plaquing or gastric discomfort.

And unlike prescription medications (which can actually increase the risk of hip fractures or cause your jawbone to deteriorate) it has no damaging side effects.

That’s because the calcium in this breakthrough formula is uniquely plant-based, derived from marine algae called Lithothamnion superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the locals call it).

Lithothamnion superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the locals call it), by the way, is Certified Organic. It’s hand-harvested from the pristine waters of South America, dried in the sun, and milled into a powder. That’s it. No harsh chemicals or solvents are used in processing.

As you know, algae are plants. In fact, they’re actually food, and a vital part of the food chain at that.

Just as vegetables in your garden absorb nutrients from the soil, Lithothamnion superpositum (or Algas Calcareas as the locals call it) absorbs nutrients from the sea—calcium, of course, along with at least 70 more minerals. Once absorbed, the algae converts them into a form that your body can easily use, much the same way that garden vegetables absorb minerals from the soil and make them more bioavailable to you.

Let’s talk for a minute about strontium. Strontium is a “stealth mineral” that most people have never heard of.

Published, peer-reviewed studies demonstrate the importance of strontium in bone health. Healthy bone naturally contains strontium, and without it, your body simply can’t build strong bones. That’s because strontium does two important things: it inhibits bone cells from being re-absorbed by the body and it stimulates growth of new bone.

With AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost, you’re getting everything you need to build strong, healthy bone. AlgaeCal Plus provides bone-building plant-based calcium, along with other important minerals.

Strontium Boost gives you a “research dose” of strontium, the same amount of strontium proven to build healthy bone.

Why settle for slowing bone loss, when you can actually reverse it?

To get started on your bone-building regimen with AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost, or to learn more, click here.

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