2015: Year in Review

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2015 has been a whirlwind of a year!

  • We introduced the entirely new website and product branding.
  • A 7 year study on AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost was completed and submitted for publication
  • We launched a brand new AlgaeCal product: Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil.
  • And we recently revamped our “Success Stories” page.  Which includes new testimonials you probably haven’t seen before.

We’ve done a lot more, but I won’t bore you with the rest.  Instead I wanted to recap the year with the top 9 AlgaeCal blog posts of 2015, picked by YOU, the readers.

#1 What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Organic:  

An experiment by a Swedish grocery chain had one family demonstrate the difference eating organic makes.

What Happens When You Eat Everything Organic

#2 6 Foods to Avoid for Osteoporosis:  

Keeping away from these foods will not only improve your bone density, but they’ll also better your health overall.  

Foods to Avoid

#3 The Alarming Study Telling You Calcium is Not Necessary:  

All too often the media reports sensationalistic headlines, which is a disservice to your health.  Find out why this study was destined to fail in the first place.  

The alarming study telling you calcium is not necessary


#4 The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen (Infographic):  

Every year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) names the list of the fruits and veggies that have the most pesticides, and which ones have the fewest.

Dirty Dozen, 2015


#5 13 Essential Nutrients for Bone Health and How to Get Them:

When it comes to your bones there are 13 essential bone-building nutrients.  The hard part is figuring out how to get them in your diet, but don’t worry, it’s all revealed.


#6 Do Omega 3 Fatty Acids Increase or Decrease Prostate Cancer?:  

This was a great customer question.  And we had Lara Pizzorno, author of “Your Bones” explain the answer.

Fatty fish

#7 55% Of Us Are Low on This Mineral and Feeling Run Down:   

Feeling tired and run down?  It may be because of this mineral deficiency.

Low On This One Mineral

#8 Why Coke is Spending Millions to Keep You in the Dark:  

Discover why Coca-Cola is paying the people your trust to promote this…Coke
Do You Have a Calcium Deficiency? 10 Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For:

More than 99% of your calcium is stored in your bones and your teeth.  So when you don’t get enough you increase your risk of bone loss.

Preventative Care - Calcium

And that’s it, folks.  The year in review.  See the common theme here? FOOD.

It makes sense to me.

Giving your bones what they need via nutrients is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your bones. And that’s what AlgaeCal Plus offers: A plant-based, whole food supplement proven to strengthen your bones and every other tissue in your body!

PS: 2016 will have more food-focused blogs!  But is there anything else you’d like to hear about?  Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Dean Neuls, AlgaeCal CEO and Co-Founder

Alicia Lee
Alicia Lee

Been Taking Algae Cal Plus with the Strontium Boost for about 6 months Took a bone Density test to determine I had osteoporosis Only took Algae Cal Plus 2 a day only. Will I have to start over again with treatment. Will be taking another bone density test soon to see if treatment Has reversed bone. Osteostrong.com gives me a free copy of bone density test to take to my doctor. Thanks Alicia Lee


Hi Alicia,

Thanks for sharing that bone density resource! Look forward to hearing about your next bone density test 🙂

– Monica @ AlgaeCal

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