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AlgaeCal Reviews & Success Stories

Christine Reichow
Fort Myers, Florida

“…Not Only Had My Bone Loss Stopped But AlgaeCal Was Actually Reversing it…AlgaeCal Has Really Turned Around My Bone Loss.”

“My name is Christine Reichow and I was diagnosed with osteopenia about 13 years ago. I have always had small bones and this was in our family (half Italian-French heritage). Everyone in my family had small bone structures and had bone loss as they became older.

I went on Actonel as many people did years ago and I became more and more worried about taking the drug and about that time, after several years on Actonel, I found out about AlgaeCal and decided to try it.

After several years on AlgaeCal, my doctor took bone density test again, as they do every year, and found that not only had my bone loss stopped but I was actually reversing it and I have to attribute that to taking AlgaeCal along with doing yoga classes, exercising and other things that will support bone health and I am just really happy that I found AlgaeCal because it has really turned around my bone loss.”

Debbie D’Arcy
Swansea, UK

“Several DEXA Scans Showing a Steady Improvement In My Bone Density Mass… Today, I No Longer Have Osteoporosis”

“I’m 59 years old and about 5 years ago I had a fall. And surprisingly I’d actually sustained a wrist fracture.

I therefor decided…to go for a Dexa scan and surprisingly I discovered I had osteoporosis in the spine and I had osteopenia elsewhere.

…I went on conventional medication – bisphosphonates and calcium too involving vitamin D and calcium. I continued for a short while never but never happy that should be taking drugs with probable risk factors…

I found Algaecal and was very very encouraged by the reviews that I read and people’s success and delight to something that was a massive help to them. So I started with first of all, in conjunction with the conventional treatment but then I decided to go it alone on AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost to the present day.

I’m delighted to say that I’ve had several DEXA scans since, all of them showing a steady improvement in my bone density mass.

With the result today I no longer have osteoporosis. I’m well into the osteopenia range…At the risk of sounding like quite a clumsy clot I actually have had 2 falls since…both could have easily resulted in fractures. But things are strengthening. I’m very grateful for that and I’m very grateful to the producers of AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost for giving me something I can feel confident in. I would recommend it to others in my situation.”

Cindy Casey
Mariposa, CA

“My left hip has improved 3.9%, right hip 6.4% and best of all spine 7.5%.”

“Hi, my name is Cindy Casey and I’m 62 years old and last year in September 2012. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

I was very surprised by this because I have always been very healthy. About 10 years earlier I had a drug store test where they check your heel and I was above average at that point. Well 10 years had made a difference and part of what happened in that 10 years a friend of mine had melanoma and I started using a lot of sunscreen and sun block clothing. I think I had a problem with no getting enough vitamin D.

Anyways in September 2012, I had osteoporosis in both hips and in my spine. The spine being the worst. It was minus -3.1. So I was in a panic as most of us do and did a lot of research and didn’t like what I read. As far as medications are concerned and the side effects. I went on forums where people were really having those side effects happen. I’ve been a vegetarian since 1975 and I don’t eat sugar and medications don’t really suit my temperament. So I decide to see what else was out there and found AlgaeCal supplements. Well, I’ve tried it for a year and just went back for my follow up DEXA scan with very good results. My left hip has improved 3.9%, right hip 6.4% and best of all spine 7.5%. So I’m very happy. I don’t have osteoporosis in either hip anymore. It is now osteopenia and I’m borderline on spine. So maybe next year this time, I won’t have osteoporosis at all. So this had made me very happy. When I first started taking it, I first noticed that my gums were in better health and nails became stronger. So, I think that is also something that happened taking these supplements.

Cindy Casey Dexa Scans

Joanna Bangor
Ramona, California

“…You’re out of the woods. You’ve stabilized. Your hip has stabilized and your spine has grown. It has gotten stronger.” And I said “It worked!”

“I’m Joanna Bangor and I’m from San Diego California.

I did my research first of all, and I found a plant based calcium. I exercised, I did what I was supposed to do. So I went back the next year. And she (my doctor) took my levels again – she gave me a test. She came in very happy, because she gave me the test right in her office.

And she goes “You’re out of the woods. You’ve stabilized. Your hip has stabilized and your spine has grown. It has gotten stronger.” And I said “It worked!” And she wanted to know about the product and she said she was going to tell the people in her office who wanted to do a natural form of supplementation about the product. And I was very happy. So she was happy – I’m happy and I continue to feel stronger.

I’ve been thinking about starting to dance again – but I’m quite old, so I don’t know. But it would be fun. And at one point I would go “Oh I wouldn’t do that”. Because I could really mess up something – I could really hurt something. But now I go “Why not?”

You know I feel more confident. And when you’re more confident you’re apt to try new things.

I feel happier. I feel stronger. And that’s everything to me.”

Sandy Ham
Sandy Ham
Grovetown, GA

“…no longer had osteoporosis in my femurs and was only border line in my spine…And this happened during the same time that I was also taking thyroid medication”

My name is Sandy Ham and I have an Algaecal success story to tell.

My mother had severe osteoporosis in her 40’s and currently both of my older sisters have it. Since I already had my genes working against me, I was determined not to be a statistic and in my mid-20s I made significant health changes: I became a vegetarian, began taking calcium supplements and exercising .

Well unfortunately my first DEXA scan at the age of 50 revealed that I already had osteopenia so I was even more determined to prevent further bone loss. I began seeing some holistic health professionals and after 3 years, my bone density continued to decrease.

In July of 2013, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism/Hashimoto Disease. I consulted a holistic professional but eventually it was determined that I needed to begin taking thyroid medication, Levothyroxine 50 mcg (generic for Synthroid.) The medication significantly improved my symptoms but I was concerned about how it might affect my bone density. I had a DEXA scan in February 2014, a little over a year since my last one, and unfortunately it now revealed that I had osteoporosis in my right femur and spine with significant osteoporosis in my left femur, a decrease in my T-score from -2.0 to a -4.0. I was familiar with the Algaecal program from their website but was hesitant to try it because of the cost. However, after trying so many other options, and not wanting to go on medication, I figured what have I got to lose except about $300 if it didn’t work, but I could gain back my bone health if it did work. So I decided to take the risk and ordered my first 6 month supply.

I began taking Algaecal Plus and Strontium Boost in February of 2014 and had a DEXA scan in August of 2014. My scan revealed that I no longer had osteoporosis in my femurs and was only border line in my spine, with the most significant change being in my left femur which had gone from a T-score of -4.0 to -2.2 in just 6 months on the Algaecal Program!!! And this happened during the same time that I was also taking thyroid medication!!! I am such a believer in the Algaecal Program and I plan to stay on it for the rest of my life!

Sandy Ham – Age 55
Augusta, Georgia

Sandy Ham’s previous Dexa Scan 2014

Sandy Ham‘s current Dexa Scan 2014

Sheryl Archuleta
Sheryl Archuleta
Buena Vista, CO

“, I feel, improved solely because I was taking this bone health combination from AlgaeCal.”

Hello. My name is Sheryl. I’m from Buena Vista, Colorado, and I’d like to tell you a story about my osteoporosis.

In December of 2012, at 60 years old, I had my first DEXA scan, and was shocked to find out I had osteopenia in my hip, and I had osteoporosis in my spine. Two months later, I found the AlgaeCal website and decided to try it. That was February, 2013.

In May of 2014, a little over a year later, I did a bone scan again, and I got my results. I was so excited that my bone density had improved. My spine went from a T-score of minus 2.9 to minus 2.3. My hip went from a T-score of minus 1.3 to minus 1.

I still have a little osteoporosis in my spine, so I’ll continue this program, but I highly recommend this product. I didn’t do anything different. I’ve always exercised, eat well, and my bone density, I feel, improved solely because I was taking this bone health combination from AlgaeCal.

Thank you. Bye.

Sheryl Archuleta’s Dexa Scan 2012

Sheryl Archuleta’s Dexa Scan 2014

Julie Cooke
Auckland, New Zealand

I am delighted to have improved my bone density in just one year

My name is Julie Cooke and I’m 59 years old. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for more than 30 years.

When I had a bone density test in June 2013, it showed a marked deterioration from 2 years previously with osteoporosis in my right hip and my lumbar spine in the osteopenia range. I started taking AlgaeCal and strontium following those tests.

In July this year, I had another bone density test. I was delighted that the report noted a substantial increase in my bone density, with a 9% improvement in my lumbar spine and a 5.1% improvement in my right hip.

The only change in my medication has been the introduction of AlgaeCal and strontium, which I credit with this improvement. And the first time I began taking these products, I had just felt better. And now, of course, I am delighted to have improved my bone density in just one year. I realize I have further to go to improve my right hip in particular, and intend to continue taking these products. I would recommend AlgaeCal and strontium to anyone concerned about their bone density.

Thank you for making such wonderful products available, that not only improve bone density, but also have none of the nasty side effects of prescription medication. I also find the regular e-mail updates very interesting and useful. Thank you so much.

Julie Cooke’s Bone Density Report 2014

Julie Cooke’s Right Hip Scan 2014

Julie Cooke’s Lumbar Spine Scan 2014

Dr. Amie Louise HarpeDr. Amie Harper
Berkeley, CA

“… I took 4-6 tablets of AlgaeCal each day and I had an amazing healthy experience with my pregnancy and when I gave birth to my daughter she was very healthy. ”

“Hello! My name is Dr. Amie Louise Harper and I want to share a testimonial with you about AlgaeCal products during my second pregnancy. I had an amazing experience. With my 1st pregnancy I had lost a lot of calcium and I could feel it. I could sense it in my teeth were very sensitive. So I got pregnant again and I did not want that to happen again to me. So, I took 4-6 tablets of AlgaeCal each day and I had an amazing healthy experience with my pregnancy and when I gave birth to my daughter she was very healthy. One of the indicators of her receiving enough calcium in her diet was that she was born with two teeth and these two teeth stayed and didn’t fall out. A lot of times when babies are born with teeth they are fake teeth and they fall out within a week or two, but these teeth stayed. So my practitioner told me that was a definite indicator that she got enough calcium in her diet.”

“Furthermore I didn’t experience the loss of calcium and weak sensitive teeth with my first pregnancy. In addition to that, I continued to nurse my new born baby while taking AlgaeCal product and she is fine. She is now almost two years old. She has healthy strong bones and beautiful teeth. I nursed her first 14 months 85% of her calories came from breast milk that was made very nutrient dense and mineral rich with many foods that I ate and supplementation of AlgaeCal. So, I highly recommend and promote this product. I can’t tell you enough about it and I’ve recommended to many other women who are pregnant and nursing and they have great results too, but I just wanted to share my story with you because as a person who went through a pregnancy and took a calcium supplementation I can vouch for the products effects in increasing calcium intake and other minerals.”


the truth about algaecal vs calcium citrateNorma Morales
BC, Canada

“…An 8% Bone Density Improvement…No More Headaches, Sleep Better & Feel a Lot More Energetic”

So my mom comes from a family of osteoporosis, and being in her 50’s it’s very important for her that she takes care of her calcium intake. So years ago she was diagnosed with osteopenia and since then she’s being using AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost supplements, together with a healthy diet and lots of greens, and with regular visits to the gym she now feels a lot better.”

“So in her last DEXA exam there was an improvement of 8%, and since then she’s also had other benefits as well…she doesn’t have all the headaches she used to have, and she can sleep a lot better, and she feels a lot more energetic.” “The supplements from AlgaeCal have helped her live a better lifestyle in general and we’re very happy with the results that we’ve had from the company, so we just want to say thank you to AlgaeCal and we recommend it to everyone, so…thank you AlgaeCal.”

Bill Mesusan
Tucson, Arizona

“My DEXA scan technician told me I was the only person she’d ever seen increase their bone density in less than 6-months.”

What attracted me to AlgaeCal is it’s organic and plant based. So I decided I’d try it- the 6 month program with the Strontium Boost to see if I could improve my bone density.

After 6 months I had another DEXA scan done and the results were very interesting again. This time I had significant improvement in all my T scores!

What was most important to me was my left hip that went from a -1.70 to a -1.60. That was an increase in bone density of 2.6% which is very significant. It took me out of the range of osteoporosis and into what is considered just mild bone loss.

The technician who was giving the DEXA scan for a second time was also very interested also because she had been taking a calcium supplement with the Strontium Boost, a different product and she told me “I’ve never seen anybody improve their bone density in 6 months or less. She said “I’m going to be looking forward to seeing your results in the morning”. I think she was also probably pleasantly surprised.

The reason I’m sharing my experience with you is that I hope, if you suffer from bone loss, like myself, it’ll help you make a more informed decision and perhaps take a more natural approach to a challenge that appears to a part of the natural aging process. Thank you.

Linda Matchett
Linda Matchett
Cranberry Township, PA

“”I’m so pleased… my numbers are going up!”

Hi, my name is Linda Matchett. About six years ago, I had my first bone density scan. I had to put it off for a while because I thought my overall health was good, and I probably shouldn’t have done that. My bone density came back very bad, and I’m at high risk for a left hip fracture. I have osteoporosis in my lower back, and I have osteopenia in my neck. Anyway, my doctor told me to take the calcium supplements, so I did for two years. And then I had my next bone density scan, and very much to my surprise, that came back no change.

So I was online one time doing some research and checking out what I should be doing, and the Algaecal supplement advertisement came up. So I checked
it out, went to their website, ordered it, thought I’d try it. I like organic products anyway. So I did that. And I had questions along the way. They were so kind to answer them for me. And so anyway, at this point I’m making baby steps, but last year I had my third bone density scan, and my numbers are going up. And I’m so pleased. I mean, like I said, it was small, but at least I’m headed in the right direction, and I feel I’m doing the right thing for myself. And also, I wanted to give you encouragement to give this product a try. I feel it’s a quality product. The people were great. They give you a break if you order six bottles. It’s a little less money, and I’ve been very pleased with it and actually looking forward to 2015 when I can get my next bone scan after taking Algaecal for two years straight. So I really feel that it’s going to be a very positive thing for me. So anyway, give it a try. Thanks.

Reversing Osteoporosis with AlgaeCal
George S. Smith
Orem, Utah

“My last DEXA scan showed a 9% bone density increase.”

Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis), which then developed into osteoporosis. My doctor recommended a prescription for my condition, but since several of my friends and family have not had favourable results from prescription drugs for osteoporosis, I decided to try some of the natural supplements available.

My doctor recommended that I have a dexa scan every 6 months. I had tried several different natural supplements, but without success, until I started taking AlgaeCal, nine months ago.

My last dexa scan, showed a 9% bone density increase. The technicians doing my scan were amazed, and wanted all the information on this supplement, so I promptly e-mailed them the AlgaeCal website.

I and my wife, Mary Roberts Smith, N.D. have recommended this product to many friends and family, in both Utah and California. Many have suffered negative side effects from prescription drugs for osteoporosis, and they are delighted to find a natural solution that really works, with no negative side side effects.

Click on the Video Below to Watch George Tell His Story!

See George S. Smith Dexa Scan Results Here

George S. Smith and Mary Roberts Smith are from Orem, Utah, and you can find her great book, where she recommends AlgaeCal, “Looking Younger and Living Longer” at http://www.teacherstorehouse.com/Health


Mary Teeuwen
Ontario, Canada

“Because of My Success My Doctor Has Chosen To Take AlgaeCal & Strontium Boost…For Her Osteoporosis”

Hi, I am Mary Teeuwen and I wish to share my experience with osteoporosis.

In 2008 when I was 58 I was really devastated to find out I had osteoporosis of the lumbar spine and osteopenia of the left hip. My doctor wanted me to take a $10,000 therapy covered by insurance that required me to take shots every single day for 18 months.

Instead, I went on the Internet and found the AlgaeCal site. After 2 years of taking AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium my bone density improved in both my hip and spine bringing my lumbar spine back to the osteopenia range. My goal is to continue taking these supplements and continue my diet and exercise program to ensure my bone density continues to increase.

Ironically, since then, my doctor who now in her mid 50’s has also been diagnosed with osteoporosis. And because of my success with these supplements has also chosen to take AlgaeCal & Strontium. I am very please with these calcium supplements because they are natural. Because they are monitored and tested. And because they have proven to increase my bone density significantly. Thank You

Anne Clemens
Anne Clemens
B.C, Canada

“The density of my lumbar spine increased 13.8%, and up the left femur: 9.8%.”

My name is Ann, from Vancouver, Canada, and I’m happy to endorse the AlgaeCal program.

I’ve always been conscious about the importance of diet and exercise.

I was using calcium supplements and thought I had nothing to worry about
because I had several bone density exams that were close to normal. So I
was shocked when a test in 2010 revealed that I was close to being labeled
osteoporotic and my fracture risk was high.

My doctor did not want to prescribe bisphosphonates because of my sensitive
stomach and suggested I try to put more calcium into my diet by choosing
appropriate foods, and that was something I was already doing.

Not long after, my sister told me about the AlgaeCal program. She had been
on it and found success because her bone density tests had increased. So I
thought, what did I have to lose? I started on AlgaeCal and Strontium in
January 2011, and had to wait 3 years for the follow-up bone density exam,
which occurred last October.

The results were amazing. The density of my lumbar spine increased 13.8%,
and up the left femur: 9.8%. These values are statistically significant.

My doctor was pleased and surprised, I even more so. So I will continue to
use the AlgaeCal products and recommend them.

Lara Pizzorno
Seattle, Washington

“…My Bone Density Went Up Huge”

“I was really impressed with the research I read, so I started taking AlgaeCal….When I had my next DXA run, my bone density had gone up hugely. My T scores in my spine went from a -1.9 T score to -1.5. Actually it was -1.7 to -1.5 and my femur went from -1.9 to -1.5. So it was a really huge positive change.”

Linda Quinn Testimonial Linda Quinn
Bend, OR

“My latest DEXA scan in March showed a 4.1% increase in my bone density “

“Hi, I had a DEXA scan bone density test in December of 2012. It showed that I had osteoporosis. For the past year and three months, I have been taking AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost. My latest DEXA scan in March showed a 4.1% increase in my bone density.

I am now back to osteopenia. This product reversed my bone loss, and I want everyone to know how pleased I am with it. Thank you.”

Linda Quinn DEXA 2014

Linda S. Smith
Kenner, LA

“A 8.1% increase in my spine, a 10% increase in my hip all while I was on thyroid medication.”

Approximately 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with osteopenia, thanks to the affects of menopause. At that time. I could not open a jar or anything without wincing in pain. My yearly DEXA scan consistently reflected a decline in bone mass, even though I faithfully took calcium supplements, I exercised, and I tried to follow a pretty good diet. Last year’s DEXA scan revealed osteoporosis of the lower spine a -3, which wasn’t good at all, as well as in my hip. Helping find an alternative pharmaceutical medication, I came across the AlgaeCal website. Actually guaranteeing an increase bone density, or double my money back. When I placed my order I found out that I would not be eligible for getting a refund if my bone mass didn’t increase simply because I was on thyroid medication. Well I’ve been on thyroid [medication] for 20 plus years, but I thought you know what,why not give it a try. I was on all these other supplements for a number of years, calcium supplements, really, when I thought you know were best money could buy. But my bone mass continued to decline. So I said why not give AlgaeCal a chance. I didn’t get a refund, not from a calcium supplement that I purchased, so why not give AlgaeCal a chance. And I am so glad that I did. I recently had another bone scan, and I am thrilled to say it reflected a 8.1% increase in my spine, a 10% increase in my hip, my doctor was overjoyed. He was amazed, and I just thank god for leading me to the AlgaeCal website. By the way, I have no pain or weakness in my hands, and my nails are stronger than ever, and I look forward to get in even better a result on next year’s DEXA scan. Thank you AlgaeCal!

Linda S Smith 2013 Dexa Scans

Linda S Smith 2014 Dexa Scans

Phyllis BabilaPhyllis Babila
Los Angeles, California

“It was the money back guarantee that sold me because it seemed the promise was real & that they stood behind their product 100%…which nobody does anymore”

I am 67 small boned, thin & bendy…. VERY active, I discovered I was osteopenia when I was 62 the usual ankle test, so I upped my calcium citrate, & magnesium intake…. cal chews, dairy, did weigh bearing exercise.. in addition I am a healthy eater.. then after some time I had my first bone dexa test about a year later and I was told I have osteoporosis, I was in disbelief that I had gotten worse after supplementing and making a real effort.I started researching the causes, looking things up on the internet, asking around & my doctor suggested prescription drugs Fosamix, Boniva….I researched those & was horrified at the side effects…a girlfriend said try ALGAECAL, I researched that, it made sense but it was the money back guarantee that sold me because it seemed the promise was real & that they stood behind their product 100%…which nobody does anymore….I insisted that I have another bone dexa test from my doctor (which was hard to get) after 6 months of taking ALGAECAL 2 pills 2X a day and strontum 2 pills 1X per day (not together, with considerable time in between) my dexa test T scores went up from …-2.7, -2.7, -2.9 to -1.9, -2.4, -2.3 …better, improved!….I continue to supplement with ALGAECAL, in the evening, some strontium in the AM and I make kale lemonaid, w/my juicer, lots of green drinks, and chicken foot broth, kale, spinach, black sesame seeds, almonds in my food, I do Yoga 1 X per week & some minimal gym work outs and hope my next dexa coming up is even better. pb

Phyllis Babila 2013 Dexa Scan

Phyllis Babila 2012 Dexa Scan

AlgaeCal Success Stories and Testimonials Jean Riggio

“There has been a 5.8% increase in the BMD in the lumbar spine, a 13% increase in the right femoral neck and a 5.4% increase in the left femoral neck.”

My story goes like this. I’m a 74 year old woman who was recommended by her gynecologist to start taking a prescription bone strengthener for Osteopenia of the AP spine. I was already taking AlgaeCal but not seriously until she suggested the alternative. I have read enough to know the prescription products could cause exactly what I didn’t want such as fractures or jaw bone problems. I have taken both versions along with the Strontium. I don’t always take the Strontium and wasn’t when these tests were done.
I had a bone scan and another a year later. The findings were fairly significant. The radiologists comments were:

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: The current scan is compared with the previous one dated a year earlier. In the interval, there has been a 5.8% increase in the BMD in the lumbar spine, a 13% increase in the right femoral neck and a 5.4% increase in the left femoral neck. Frohna, Brian, MD
I can only attribute the results to AlgaeCal, a healthy diet and some excerise. I take no other meds except for a periodic baby aspirin.

Thank you for a product that actually does what it says.

Most Sincerely,
J Riggio

Jean Riggio’s DEXA scan report

Ellen SuarezEllen Suarez

“I discussed it with my doctor and told him I would have another bone density scan in 6 months to see if the product lived up to what the info said would happen. Well, it did,”

For four years I took Fosomax and at the end of that fourth year I began having difficulty swallowing and also started getting sharp pains in my eyes, things I had never experienced previously. Needless to say I immediately decided to discontinue taking the medicine. After that I went a couple more years taking nothing more than Vit D for my bones and hoping I was getting enough calcium in my diet, but that did not end up to be the case. I ended up with osteopenia and more recently osteoporosis. After my bone scan seven months ago my doctor said he would put me on Prolia , giving me two shots a year because of the osteoporosis. I hesitated because I thought it was relatively new and really didn’t want to see what would happen after taking it for a few years like the Fosomax and so I started looking on the internet to see what else might be available. It was that search that introduced me to AlgaeCal and Strontium. So I discussed it with my doctor and told him I would have another bone density scan in 6 months to see if the product lived up to what the info said would happen. Well, it did, with my bone scan showing an 8.1% increase in bone mineral density at the total hip. However, I do still have osteopenia at the hip and lumbar spine and so I have ordered another 6 month supply of product. Knowing that my bone density has already improved and will continue improving I feel better about facing the winter snow and ice knowing that if I fall my bones will be better equipped to withstand the impact.


Ellen Suarez’s DEXA scan

Cheryl Pia
Cheryl Pia
Carlsbad, CA

“AlgaeCal works!”

Just returned from my 3rd bone density scan and I am ecstatic!

3 years ago, my first bone density scan showed osteopenia in hip, spine, legs. 2 years later, my second bone density scan showed full blown osteoporosis in all 3 parts of my body. I did NOT want to take any of the very dangerous (IMO) pharmaceuticals that treat bone loss, so I consulted with my gynecologist, who recommended AlgaeCal. I ordered the same day and began using AlgaeCal along with Strontium. Scheduled a 1 year follow up to see if there was any improvement, and discovered that the osteoporosis had completely reversed itself in my hip and femoral neck and had moved from osteoporosis to osteopenia in my lumbar spine.

The bone density tech said “I had never seen so much improvement in one year.”

I cannot recommend this product enough!

Cheryl Pia

-Nov 26, 2013

Cheryl Pia DEXA 2013

Lena AlexiouLena Alexiou
Nicosia, Cyprus

“After six months of taking AlgaeCal and strontium…we increased bone density with no side effects”

My wife and I would like to thank you so much as after six months of taking your algaecal and strontium combination treatment, we have very good results in increasing bone density with no side effects. Before starting your treatment, we had been trying (for almost one year) other treatments but with no result at all (and of course we did not want to try the conventional drugs after reviewing their side effects…). Now, after 6 months and a new dexa test her t-score L1-L4 and z-score values have increased respectively from -2.9 and -2.4 to -1.7 and -1.1. The femur value t-score and z-score have also a better result from -1.9 and -1.6 to -1.9 (this has not changed) and -1.4 respectively. Thank you again!

Thank you,
Demetris Manolopoulos
Lena Alexiou

Lena Alexiou- DEXA Results 2012

Lena Alexiou- DEXA Results 2013

Lilieth LewisLilieth Lewis
Windsor, Ontario

“My excitement peaked because in less than a year, bone density test revealed I was no longer osteoporosis!”

I was excited recently when I visited my doctor after doing a new bone density test. However, before I share my excitement, permit me to tell a little about myself.

I was diagnosed in 1991 with an immune system disease called “Pemphigus Benign Familial – which in simply terms is a condition brought on by stress and causes blistering of the skin folds in most areas of your body. Over the years I was treated with prednisone, which caused me to develop osteopenia. This later was diagnosed as osteoporosis.

My doctor recommended I take a once a year injection, however I refused because the side effect was a loss of calcium. I was excited when I stumbled across a Newsletter that talked about AlgaeCal calcium and how it was plant based and clinically tested. Because I am very health conscious, I decided to give the AlgaeCal Plus a try.

Hence my excitement peaked because in less than a year I went back for a bone density test and it revealed that not only was the osteoporosis no longer there, it also showed in the scan that my bones were compared to that of a young adult.

I would therefore definitely encourage everyone to take this calcium.

Lewis Lilieth 2010 DEXA

Lilieth Lewis 2013 DEXA

Susan Lee
Susan Lee
Portland, Oregon

“I recommend AlgaeCal highly – I cannot ask for better improvement of bone density for my age in such a short period!”

I had a bone density test done at a clinic in Hong Kong in April 2011.

The results were my spine was in the osteopenia range (yellow area) and hip joint was at the bottom 1/3 of the normal range (green area).

I was concerned and searched the internet for alternative supplements to replace the calcium citrate that I had been taking for a few years, after calcium bicarbonate caused bloating in my stomach.

I found AlgaeCal and liked the research reports. I decided to order and take the supplements from the summer of 2012. In March of 2013, after taking 3 capsules a day for at least 8 months together with my multivitamins I had another bone density test done at the same clinic in Hong Kong.

The lower back result jumped to the normal range (green area) and the hip joint result remained in the normal range (green area)
I cannot ask for better improvement of bone density for my age in such a short period, especially when taking 3 capsules a day instead of 4 – which was recommended.

I recommend AlgaeCal highly for improving and maintaining bone density.

Thank you,
Susan Lee

Susan Lee – DEXA Results 2011

Susan Lee – DEXA Results 2013

Barbara BriddleBarbara Briddle
Arizona City, AZ

“My Doctor was Surprised to See Improvement in All 3 Areas…and AlgaeCal Has Changed My Life”

My name is Barbara Briddle, I live in Arizona and this is my story on using AlgaeCal and how it has changed my life. It all began in 2008 when during my Bone Density Review with my Doctor; it was determined I had Osteroporosis and was immediately put on Fosamax.

The test scores at the time were:
AP Spine L1-L4 was at -2.6 Osteoporotic
Total Hip Left was at -1.4 Osteopenic
Femoral Neck (Left) was at -2.1 Osteopenic

Shortly after starting the Fosamax I read an article warning of the damage Fosamax was doing to the jaw bone. I immediately stopped taking it and began looking for an alternative. I found an article on AlgeaCal and decided to give it a try. It offered a very good money back guarantee if my test scores did not improve over the next two years so I thought what do I have to lose.

In 2010 during my next Bone Density Review with a different Doctor (I had changed doctors since 2008) at first all she did was talk about my 2008 test scores, her concerns, and she wanted to put me on another Drug. She had not seen the results from my test in 2008 and was basing her decisions on the 2010 test alone. I had brought my X-rays and reviews from 2008 and asked her to please compare the results between 2008 and 2010. After doing so she was actually surprised to see that the tests did show improvement in all 3 areas. After further discussion she even agreed to wait until the next test in 2012 before deciding on an action to take.

My Ap Spine L1 – L4 had improved from -2.6 to -2.2
My Total Hip Left had improved from -1.4 to -1.3
My Femoral Neck NO information for my Femoral Neck.
Conclusion: Osteopenia

In 2012 I had my third Bone Density Review with another Doctor (we had moved again). I hadn’t picked up the past X-rays from my previous Doctor so I didn’t have anything for the Doctor to compare the results to. However I did have the hard copy reviews filed away at home.
Reviews of the last 3 Bone Density Tests from 2008 to 2012 show the following T-Scores

AP Spine L1-L4
2008 -2.6 Osteoporosis
2010 -2.2 Osteopenia -Improved
2012 – Total 1.4 Osteopenia –Still improving moving towards normal +1 and -1

Total Hip Left
2008 -1.4 Osteopenia
2010 -1.3 Osteopenia -Improved
2012 Total -.4 Now Normal Bone Density

Femoral Neck (Left)
2008 -2.1 Osteopenia
2010 No Info
2012 -1.2 Ostepenia -Improved,moving
Towards normal +1 and -1

Because of the positive results using AlgeaCal I intend to continue to take it and will continue to monitor my results. I am extremely happy with the improvements especially since I did it without taking a prescribe drug that comes with warnings that were worse than the condition itself.

Barbara Briddle DEXA Scan

Carol Gartin
Carole Gartin,
San Diego, California

“My DEXA Results Showed that I Had Gone From Osteopenia to Normal…In a very short amount of time!”

I learned about AlgaeCal from the Dr. Oz television program. It made very good sense so I ordered the 6 month Combination set. I took the AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost for 5 months. I have just opened my sixth bottle and it was time for my DEXA Scan. The results showed that I had gone from osteopenia to normal in my left hip. I feel that was a great improvement in a very short amount of time. I will continue to use these fine products and can hardly wait to see what happens in my next scan in the fall of 2013. Keep up the good work.

Thank you,
Carole Gartin(Age 69)

Carole Gartin DEXA Scans

Terry Ermini Dexa
Terry Ermini,
Sacramento, California

“my hip had increased 10.7% and in my spine the increase was 17.8%.”

I started taking AlgaeCal a little over two years ago. Shortly after starting I had my every other year Dexa scan. It showed I had pretty serious osteoporosis. This past March I had another Dexa scan. It showed that the bone density in my hip had increased 10.7% and in my spine the increase was 17.8%. Needless to say I am thrilled with the results. I’m doing so well that my doctor said if I kept on doing whatever I was doing I wouldn’t need another scan for 3 years. In addition to the AgaeCal I am a vegetarian and eat only a little dairy but lots of organic fruits and vegetables. I also take Ayurvedic herbs.

My spine is out of the osteoporotic range and into osteopoenia. I can hardly wait to see what the results will be in three years after continuing to take my AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost. I have shared my good news with strong encouragement to follow my example with my daughter and daughter-in-law, my nieces and close friends, and my Yoga teacher. Thank you AlgaeCal!

Terry Ermini Dexa Scan

Carol Gartin
Lorraine Boucher,
Virginia Beach, VA


I am three months short of my 81st birthday.

When I was forty one I was diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis. My chiropractor warned me to do everything to avoid falling because I would surely break a bone. Since then, I have broken many bones, mainly in my feet, ankle, wrist and discs in my spine. My height shrank from 5’8” to 5’3.”

In 1972, I learned of Fosamax and asked my doctor to prescribe it for me. He was not in favor, informing me that while Fosamax would increase my bone density, the bone it would build would be inferior and subject to breakage. I persisted and so he filled out my first prescription for Fosamax. I did not stay on it very long. There have been many very bad side affects attributed to Fosamax and these continue with the range of bisphosphonates.

In 2005, I moved to Virginia. In 2011, I had a new Personal Care Physician. Following my bone density scan that year, my new MD registered serious concern about the fragility of my bones. She sent me to a doctor specializing in Osteoporosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. This specialist prescribed a bisphoshonate. I had read up a great deal about bisphosphonates and something new called AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium. I had brought her information on these two latter meds I wanted to try. She was totally disinterested in what I brought and sounded a dire alarm that, unless I followed her advise and had her prescription filled, I would certainly end up crippled. I thanked her and left and never filled the prescription.

I ordered AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium. My M.D. could not prescribe it for a host of reasons: it came from Canada, was not approved in her practice and was in the category of alternative medicine. MD’s prescribe within the range of pharmaceutical medicines. I like this doctor. She did not insist on my taking the pharmaceuticals for Osteoporosis but did not stand in the way of my taking AlgaeCal.

SIX MONTHS AFTER STARTING ALGAECAL, it happened to be time for my 2-yr bone density scan. WITH MY RESULTS IN HAND, MY DOCTOR OPENED THE DOOR TO MY EXAMINING ROOM WITH A BIG SMILE ON HER FACE. “GOOD NEWS!’ SHE SAID. YOUR BONE DENSITY HAS IMPROVED 9%. She wrote on the results she handed me, “CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING.” Well, I think that’s not a “prescription” but it’s certainly an endorsement!

She still cannot “prescribe” AlgaeCal for me. Such is the state of the writing of prescriptions. Pharmaceuticals, after all, play a major role in the education of our MD’s in our Medical Schools. For every illness there is a pharmaceutical pill.

I now have to wait until 2015 for another bone density test. I have great confidence that, come 2015, I will be out of Osteoporosis and will have graduated into Osteopenia.
In the meantime, I enlist the help of team members “Good Diet” and “Exercise.” And I highly recommend the reading of Lara Pizzorno’s book, Your Bones. That’s where I discovered AlgaeCal and Strontium.

Lorraine Boucher DEXA Scans

Diane1Diane Guenette,
Montreal, Quebec

“Osteoporosis can be reversed after all…No other product I had taken worked as well as AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium.”

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 5 years ago. The doctor asked me to go for a bone density test. I met him afterwards to review the result. He said I had severe osteoporosis and that I could easily break a bone; it would be wise to take calcium and vitamin D. He also prescribed Actonel which I took close to 5 years. I went back to the clinic about 2 yrs after and another doctor suggested I take another density test which I did. Upon review of this test, the doctor was satisfied with it as the bones were starting to rebuild themselves.

During that period, I did some research about specific drugs to promote bone density addressing specifically the osteoporosis condition. Essentially, I found out that it was suggested that if one took the medication (actonel in this case) longer than 5 yrs, one was at risk of having a heart attack and that it did not necessarily rebuilt the inside of the bones ! Therefore, one is still at risk of a fracture.

I also researched natural products. The one product that I looked at the most was ALGAE-CAL + and Strontium 38 promoted by Dr. Oz on TV. He certainly had credibility. I read all the reports and testimonials I could find about it. It looked promising. Particularly, since this product also contained Boron and vitamin K which are powerful minerals spurring bone growth.

I have been taking this natural product for 6 months already. I was curious to know if there was any improvement in my condition. I recently went for a density test and the result was a surprise indeed. It clearly stated that I had medium osteopenia which is a precursor of osteopororis. WOW ! I was impressed. Osteoporosis can be reversed after all. Of course, everything can contribute to improve this condition such as diet, exercise, meditation, and other forms of therapies. Having a ..can do.. attitude also helps a lot.

I’m very encouraged with the result of this last density test, there is hope after all. No other product I had taken worked as well as ALGAE-CAL+ and Strontium combo. I suspect that the boron and vitamin K in it really make a difference for me.

I highly recommend this product.

Sheila PetersonSheila Peterson,
St. Louis, MO

“After just days of taking your recommended dosage for bone building, I noticed that I felt better.”

I have been taking AlgaeCal for about 2 1/2 months and I feel great. I am 60 years old and was diagnosed with osteopenia at 54. At my last appointment, my bone doctor said I needed to be on Actonel at least every other month since my bone density did not improve with stopping the drug for 6 months. She also recommended cutting back on the calcium because of recent studies relating it to heart problems. I was taking about 1800 mg of “rock calcium” daily along with extra D. My levels of D when tested were in the normal range but the calcium didn’t seem to be improving anything. On top of that, I was noticing a lot of stiffness in my joints especially in my fingers.

I tried the Actonel again but was having acid reflux for days after taking it. My daughter started researching calcium on line and came across your products. I ordered the 6 month supply of the Kitchen Sink along with the AlgaeCal and Strontium. After just days of taking your recommended dosage for bone building, I noticed that I felt better. My nails now seem stronger and I am hoping that my next bone test (4 months from now) will reflect bone density improvement. I feel confident that it will just on the basis of how I am feeling. It is also comforting to know that there is a product that can produce results without the drugs and ill side effects.

Thank you so much!
Sheila Peterson
St. Louis, MO

Elmedina PodrugElmedina Podrug,
The Netherlands

“I also noticed that I had more energy in general.”

Hi everybody,

I`ve been using the AlgaeCal for 12 months now and I am very happy with the results as to my bone density.

Two years ago I had a very painful bulging between my lumbar vertebra. I couldn’t move for a week and the recovery was very long and painful.

After the DEXA SCAN exam which I had a year ago I found out that my back problem was caused by OSTEOPENIA of this part of the spine (which is the first step to OSTEOPOROSIS). Then, a friend of mine told me about AlgaeCal and its benefits for the bone density. After first six months of using it I noticed that I could bend more easily and without pain. I also noticed that I had more energy in general.

I can warmly recommend this supplement to all people who need to strength their bones and feel better in their everyday life.

Thank you for the great product that I will certainly continue to use in the future.

Elmedina Podrug

Cherie BrooksCherie Brooks,
United Kingdom

” This programme is my only hope and I am feeling very positive that this is my answer and, I will recommend to my sister who also has osteopenia.”


I had a nasty accideent in 2009 and broke my hip, had a hip screw and found out that I had osteopenia. I tried the bisphonates reluctantly but couldn’t cope with the aweful stomache pain so then started regular calcium, vit D and magnesium. Three years later, after struggling to walk with ease, I hurt my foot and fearful of further bone loss and associated issues and in desperation, took bisphonates again but what a mistake so I stopped tasking them after just a few months. These meds have given me terrible bone and muscle pain. “That’s enough of those meds”, I thought and started researching. I found algeacal and it fits perfectly with my physical needs (natural calcium, bone building properties in stontium and all the minerals). This programme is my only hope and I am feeling very positive that this is my answer and, I will recommend to my sister who also has osteopenia.

Regards and thanks

Cherie Brooks

Stephanie BainStephanie Bain,
Edinburgh, UK

” Interestingly my hair always very fine and fly away has strengthened and thickened. “


I am a 55 year old therapist and fit and healthy Pilates teacher.
Every 2 years I have a DEXA scan.I have now had 3 DEXA scans (2007, 2009,2011).
Until 2011, I was diagnosed with osteopenia. The consultant had not prescribed medication of any type up until then. Alarmingly from my last scan in Oct 2011, I showed a 6.3% drop in bone density in the lumbar spine placing me in the definite osteoporosis bracket. The calcium supplements and weight bearing Pilates exercises had had no effect. The consultant prescribed ‘protelos’ (strontium ranelate). However I am very reluctant to take this as I am anxious about possible short term and longer term side effects.
Then I discovered and started to take AlgaeCal 3 months ago and already I notice and feel the difference in my bones as various Pilates exercises I teach and practice are no longer causing slight discomfort which I had previously experienced. Interestingly my hair always very fine and fly away has strengthened and thickened. Could this be due to some of the minerals in the Algae Cal?
I look forward to the next scan due in 2013 as I am hopeful there will be an increase in bone density , certainly some reversal.

Increased Bone Density
Linda Sue
West Linn, Oregon

“My Doctor Laughed At Me – Until I Showed Him My Increased Bone Density Scan Results”

Five years ago, I fell and fractured the femur – the bone was treated with the placement of four pedicle screws and on I went. Suddenly, the femur head began to wear away until I was forced to undergo total hip replacement; as the blood supply to the femur was cut off by the screw placement. During surgery, they discovered I had osteoporosis as the bone was very soft.

Following recovery from surgery, I had a DEXA scan and found that my score was a minus. The first orthopedic doctor laughed at me as I showed him the Algaecal and Strontium that I planned to use in healing and recovery from the state of osteoporosis.

My doctor asked, “Is this all you are planning to take?” I told him that he should consider sharing this with his patients. Nonetheless, I found another osteopath that was willing to help me test the theory. After six months of being on Algaecal I ordered another DEXA scan and returned for the results at the doctor’s office.

The doctor said he has never seen anything like this before. There was a 2.6 bone density increase. The osteoporosis in my spine was now considered osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis) and he relayed that the osteoporosis in the good hip looked as if it would totally reverse to a normal state if the results continued.

I sing the praises of Algaecal and share it with everyone I meet. It is a wonderful product and it should be the treatment of choice for the millions who have unfortunately used the pharmaceutical products.

The best part of this story, over and above the bone density increase, was the fact that I could return to the orthopedic who laughed at me and share the awesome results of using the Algaecal and Strontium; also, urging him and his staff to incorporate this product in patient treatment.

Thank you,
Linda Sue

Andre Robert of Quebec Canada

Andre Roberts
Quebec, Canada

“…the 17% increase was surely the result of my taking Strontium Boost…My specialist said this was EXCEPTIONAL”

—– Original Message —–

From: Andre Robert

To: Algaecal Customer Service

Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 8:36 PM

Today I had my annual visit with the specialist treating me. He didn’t know I already had a copy of the results of the last test. So he announced to me the 17% increase, showed me the color graphic showing how I moved from the Orange area to the light Green area, skipping the Yellow area, and said: this is surely the result of my taking Strontium.

He also said this was EXCEPTIONAL results, even if sometimes there is the possibility of exaggerated or false reading, if we take 50% of that or a 8% increase in my bone density, it is still exceptional. Medication he normally prescribe gives 2 or 3% annually only. I’m very happy to hear him admit quite freely that what I was taking was the cause of my getting so much better. He told me to continue with that. Regards, Andre Robert

—–Original Message—–

From: Andre Robert
Algaecal Customer Service
Wednesday, September 7, 2011 1:49pm

Must be coincidence, I just scanned my last report to send it to you, and immediately received your mail. Please find attached copy of this report done a few months ago. I was most interested to hear what my doctor would say, my scheduled appointment was a couple of weeks ago. He did not know I already had a copy of the test result.

I discovered I had Osteoporosis 4 years ago (2007), my doctor then told me it’s OK to take Strontium and AlgeaCal calcium, but if next test shows degeneration, I will have to take his prescription (Actonel). Had second test in 2009, results where fantastic, my doctor then told me to continue with AlgeaCal, I no longer had osteoporoses but only osteopenia.

Third test in 2011, wonderful results again, I am left with traces only of osteopenia, with T-score of -1,1 and 1,2 after starting at -2,9 in 2007. My doctor said I am living proof that Strontium works, he repeated at least 3 or 4 time during the exam, my results are definitively from taking Strontium.

He even said I could stop taking it, and it would take years for signs of osteoporosis to reappear again. Of course I have no intention of stopping but at least will not feel bad if I need to skip some days when traveling or other reasons.

As a bonus, I have stopped taking Indapamide at least a year and half ago, and on this last test, there is no sign of Hypercalciuria. So in a word I feel great. Got 2 persons to start taking Algeacal calcium and Strontium during the last 2 years, and my sister is going to start soon. I don’t know if I can say I am completely Cured, but at least I am close.

See Andre Roberts Latest DEXA Scan Results

AlgaeCal Works For Men Too!
Mark Martin
Martell, NE

Look at These Dexa Scan Results!

Dear Sirs,

I publish a family oriented newspaper for Lincoln, Nebraska. Please feel free to use my email as an endorsement or if you want something new let me know. I’m a big believer in taking the natural approach to health. I’ve had diabetes for 35 years and have been eating healthy for 30 years and taking hefty doses of vitamins for around 25 years. I’m in better health than most of my friends.

My son who is age 25 is on your product ( still a couple a months away from his 1 year dexa scan) and I want to get my 85 year old mother started as well.

After doing extensive web research on my own, I first ordered AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost on November 19th, 2007 and started using your product shortly thereafter. On 9-19-07 prior to starting your supplements my T- score on the hip was -2.2 and the AP Spine (L1-L4) was -4. One year later on 10-09-08 I had a second Dexa scan performed at the same office with the same machine, and my hip increased to -2.0 which is a 5% increase. The spine increased from -4.0 to -3.3 which is a 12.3% increase!

Thank you for making your product available!

I am a 54 year old male. My doctor suggested that I go off your supplements for a year to see if I have a decrease in my bone density. (he is puzzled by the significant increase) Forget that! I want to continue for another year to at least maintain my increase or improve upon it. I’ll be ordering another year’s supple shortly.

See The Amazing Dexa Scan Results Here

Sincerely yours,

Mark Martin
Martell, Nebraska

Improved Dexa Scan Results
Spokane, Washington

More Improved Dexa Scan Results!


I’ve been taking bone scans every couple of years as they turned out to be that I was osteopenic according to WHO Guidelines. I’ve tried various calcium supplements but bone scan tests only got worse until I tried Algae Cal Pus and Strontium Boost–following the exact direction on the bottles.

After a 7 month period I took another bone density test. The 7-Month Repeat Bone Densitometry Report to my delight showed a slight increase in spine area from 0.861 gm/cm which is an increase of .012 gm/cm. The hip area from 0.746 gm/cm which is an increase of .032 gm/cm. The report stated, HIP: BMD has increased by 4.5% over 7 months. “This does reach statistical significance.”

With continued use of supplementation, exercise and lots of greens and live food I am certain my bone density tests will continue to improve.

Thank you for your GREAT product AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost.


Varennes, Quebec

“Unbelievable! Never would have expected to experience a difference in 3 weeks!”

I started on strontium only 3 weeks ago, is it possible to already experience a difference??

For the past year, I have been unable to prop myself up on my elbows for more than a few seconds, because it hurt! Now, I can do it without pain, for as long as I want. I do it every once in a while to make sure it is not just a temporary fluke, but it really is true. And there are a few other little pains that manifested themselves with certain movements that no longer seem to be there. Unbelievable!! Never would have expected it.


Leona Walsh Bothell, WA

“The bone density of the lumbar spine has increased 3.4% and the total hip increased by 4.0%”

Leona Walsh Testimonial

Leona Walsh Dexa

Leona Walsh

AlgaeCal Works For Men Too!
David Hoffman
Wailuku, HI

“AlgaeCal Works For Men Too!”

Dear Algaecal:

I have just completed my first 6 months and am cautiously happy to report that I have shown a bit of improvement. More on that later:

I live in Hawaii, my Doctor specializes in Internal Medicine. She has expressed extreme concern about the use of Strontium. Claiming it is a heavy metal and could be harmful. While I do not share her beliefs, she is monitoring my progress as she has monitored me for more than 10 years.

I think this is an opportunity for you to convince an influential Kaiser Doctor about the use of your combinations, especially if I continue to show positive results:

Here are my numbers:

I have my T- scores going back to at least the year 2000. My Lumbar spine has progressively gone from -2.9 in August of 2000 to -3.5 in August of 2007 (-3.3 Dec. 07 ) but had remained at -3.1 from 2004-2006. My July 08 test showed -3.0

My hip has progressively declined from -2.8 in August of 2000 to a high of -3.4 in December of 07. My July 08 tests showed it at -3.2.

So both tests showed in 6 months a .2 improvement.

David Hoffman
Next Step Marketing LLC

Betty Rombough bone levels have increased significantly With AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost
Betty Rombough
North Caldwell, NJ

Fighting Osteoporosis With AlgaeCal!

I am 59 years old and have had osteoporosis for the past ten years due to frequent prednisone use for ulcerative colitis. Every year my test results have gotten worse. I tried Fosamax and Actonel, but was allergic to both of them. As I was searching the Internet for something natural that would increase bone density, I came across Algaecal. I was impressed with what I read and told my doctor that I was going to take 4 Algaecal Plus and 3 Strontium Boost daily for one year. If my bone density showed significant improvement, she could offer her patients an alternative to synthetic drugs for osteoporosis.

During this past year I had to take prednisone on four separate occasions. So, my hopes of any significant improvement seemed slim. I recently had my bone density test done (July 3,2008) – exactly one year to the day from my last one. I was amazed at the improvement.

My left hip went from a T-score of -2.6 to a -2.4. The left femoral neck of my left hip went from a -3.2 to a -2.9. There was an increase in the composite bone mineral density of 2.8%.

My total lumbar spine went from a T-score of -2.7 to a -2.3. The L3 region went from -3.0 to a -2.6, and the L4 region went from a -3.4 to a -2.7. This was an increase in the composite bone mineral density by 5.8%.

My left forearm went from a -2.8 to a -2.7. This was an increase in the composite bone mineral density by 0.5%.

In every area I improved. I am hopeful that one day I will be osteoporosis free! I am so thankful to God for leading me to this product, and I highly recommend this wonderful natural solution for osteoporosis.

Sincerely, Betty Rombough

Nicole Antonuccis bone levels have increased significantly With AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost
Nicole Antonucci
Palm Harbor, Florida

“Teeth and Bone Levels Have Increased Significantly!”

Thanks to my sister I had a Bone Density test done January 2008 and unfortunately was diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor prescribed Fosamax, Calcium with Vitamin D and Estrogen.

After 1 week I reacted to this treatment and stopped immediately. My husband and I started to research an alternative and we found your company “AlgaeCal” and feel very fortunate.

I have not had another Bone Density test yet but while going to my dentist and having x-rays we noticed to our surprise the bone levels have increased significantly.

While on AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost for about 6 months now I feel much better, my teeth are much stronger, have high hopes for my next Bone Density test and have been telling everyone about your product and suggest strongly to take it preventively at the very least.

I also told my doctor about the last 6 months experience and he took your phone number and is impressed so far with what I have been telling him. Hopefully he will be converted as well.

Thanks so much for your efforts in giving us something that is safe and natural to help us get and stay healthy.

Nicole Antonucci

Carola Leonard Increased Her Bone Mineral Density With AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost
Carola Leonard
La Massana, Andorra

“Improved My Bone Density!”

Hi – I have just made my second big order with you and do have some exciting news to share.

My bone density was first tested five years ago when I was 55. Results were as follows:-

T Score Lumbar: – 3,8
T Score Femur: – 2,7

Z Score Lumbar – 2,2
Z Score Femur – 1,5

Over the next few years I tried all sorts of natural things but my bone density kept going down and last year (2007) I was at:

T Score Lumbar – 4,3
T Score Femur – 3,1

Z Score Lumbar – 2,4
Z Score Femur – 1,7

You can imagine I was feeling a bit desperate at this point so I went on to Livial but also did some more research into the natural fields. I might add here that I have coeliac disease which I am sure has caused a problem with absorption – the calcium I was taking was just not getting through apparently. I discovered Algaecal and decided to give it a try, taking both Algaecal Plus and Strontium Boost. I found I tolerated both no problem and have taken them for a year now. Imagine my delight when I went for a bone density test a week or so ago and found my results to be better on the whole than when I was first measured. Here are the results for June 2008:

T Score Lumbar – 3,8
T Score Femur – 2,5

Z Score Lumbar – 1,8
Z Score Femur – 1

So I will continue with Algaecal Plus and Strontium Boost (plus Livial for the time being) a healthy diet and reasonable exercise. I am almost sixty now, around 5ft and weigh approx 100lbs. I feel great and will let you know my results again next year – I anticipate more success!

Many thanks for your excellent product and very good service.

With best wishes
Carola Leonard

Joanna Bangor Increased Her Bone Mineral Density With AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost
Joanna Bangor
Ramona, CA

Increased Bone Mass!

Thank you, I have been taking calcium supplements for 25 years and after menopause I was still experiencing bone loss. My experiment with AlgaeCal took one year, but I keep at it and my dexa bone scan showed an increase in bone mass.

My doctor wanted me to take Boniva but I refused, she’s very impressed with my results and calls AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost my miracle drugs.

Thank you again
Joanna Bangor

Arthritis relief With AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost
Miriam Valere
Salt Lake City, UT

Arthritis Relief

I was doing some research on arthritis and ran across your product and decided to try it. To my delight–within a month it made significant difference in my level of arthritis pain–but even more importantly, I experienced relief from chronic tendonitis in my elbow–which I had been told would require surgery to repair. For the first time in 4 years, I’m able to comfortably use my arm again and can garden, do household chores, paint, etc with no pain! Oh, and I’m sleeping better at night to! Thank you for this great product–I’ve told lots of people about it

Miriam Valere

Joint Pain Relief

Joint Pain

I used to wake up in the middle of the night from a sound sleep in tremendous pain from my hands. The joint pain was unreal. I had been taking calcium supplements without any relief. I then switched over to AlgaeCal™ and in seven days I started to notice a change. My hands no longer pain me and I have greater flexibility and better yet I don’t wake up at night in tears from the pain!!!

Thank You AlgaeCal

Menopause Relief
Regina Penna Costa

Menopause Symptoms Relieved

I am 53 years old and started menopause 12 years ago. I exhibited the usual symptoms of hot flashes and irritability. After one week on AlgaeCal I noticed my hot flashes were reduced and I had more energy. After one month, they were gone totally! I am a massage therapist that massages up to 7 people daily and I have noticed my sore knees and arm muscles have subsided as well.

Regina Penna Costa

Athletic Performance
Dave Marello
BC, Canada

Athletic Performance

As a 45 year old personal trainer, I am in tune with my body and any changes are quite noticeable. After taking AlgaeCal for one week I began to notice more energy in my workouts and after several weeks I realized that my recovery times even from hard gym work was faster than before. Now I have been on the product for more than a year with no colds or flus, no injuries, and I feel better than I did in my twenties! I feel like my body was lacking some major or minor minerals even though I am careful about diet, and now the missing link to optimal performance has been discovered. I’m thrilled with the results and wish the folks at AlgaeCal every success as they take this exciting product mainstream. I think they should market it as an anti-aging medicine!

Dave Marello

Solange Audrade


I am Solange Audrade and I am 50 years old. My doctor told me I had bad fibromyalgia for 2 months. After taking 4 caps per day of AlgaeCal Plus the pain was completely gone in 3 weeks. I have not changed any other aspect of my life except for taking the Algae so it has to be the key to my recovery. I have returned to dancing and enjoying my life once again thanks to re-mineralizing my body with your amazing product.

Solange Audrade

Janice Mau
Queensland, Australia
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To: support@algaecal.com
Subject: AlgaeCal Inc: Osteoporosis ReversedThis is an enquiry e-mail via https://www.algaecal.com/ from:
Janice MauHi, in 2007 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. After one year on Fosamax there was no improvement. Still bone loss. I stopped taking it.I found AlgaeCal and began the program. Although I have had periods where I’ve missed taking the AlgaeCal and Strontium Boost (ran out, late re-ordering), there has been continual improvement.In 2011 scan tests showed no osteoporosis but improvement to osteopoenia. Today, 24th September 2012, scan results show NO osteo problems. Totally reversed. I have better than normal bone density for my age. I’m 62 this year. Wahoo !! Will put another order in asap and make sure I don’t forget again. Thank you AlgaeCal !

Sheila Atkins
Tenerife, Canary Islands

“Improved Health Due to AlgaeCal!”

I have always considered myself to be a very young 57 year old!

I have put this down to having lots of projects on the go and many ambitions to fulfill,

We have lived in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands for the past fifteen years, where we bought an old wine Bodega which we restored and turned into four country cottages a rural Hotel. www.tenerifecottages.com
I felt that the heavy building work, landscape gardening, painting and decorating was all good for me and kept me fit. Our hotel is now successfull and not so much heavy work involved, although there is always the maintenance gardening and cleaning to be done, which I take a pride in and have enjoyed to the full.

I had suffered from terrible cramp and pins and needles for almost a year in both arms and legs so bad it was hard to sleep as, as soon as I laid down my arms and leg would cramp or go numb. Several trips to the doctors resulted in them telling me I was working too hard and to rest more!

In the Summer I went for my annual ladies check ups and it was suggested that I had a bone density scan. ( The Spanish health system is very good at routine checks) To my horror I had a problem and my reading was a T score 2.5

My Doctor suggested that I take Bondenza monthly and Natecal daily, I have to say that my Spanish is not brilliant so I always go on the web to check that I have understood the prescription and method of use etc.

I am not one for medication and have never even taken painkillers and tend to go the homeopathic way. I was quite shocked to read the implications of the drugs prescribed and the poor results it would achieve. So more searching on the web brought me to your product which sounded very impressive and just what I needed.

It was at this time time that I had a chronic case of Lumbago and could hardly get out of bed, a Scandinavian friend of mine who specialists in Shiatsu massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy was shocked to see (feel) the rapid deterioration of my bones.

I told her about your product and she was very impressed and said I would not find anything better.

My order turned around within a week which is amazing for the Canary Islands and I started them straight away. I have only been taken your tablets for one month, so you may think that is not enough time for a testimonial, but let me tell you that I now sleep so well and have no sign of cramp or pins and needles and feel so much more relaxed on top of that because of a thyroid problem my weight was starting to soar and I have now returned to my normal weight.

I just know that your tablets are working and I cannot wait for my next bone density Scan in January.

I do intend to tell the Spanish hospitals and clinics about your product and as soon as I have definite proof to show , ie my next bone density scan I intend to go on to the local radio station as I know there are many people suffering from Osteoporosis in the Canary Islands and they are all looking for a better solution.


I will be placing my next order shortly and would appreciate more leaflets with the parcel. Word of mouth is what you need your product can sell itself.

Thank you and my best wishes,

Sheila Atkins.

Rae Shungur
Alberta, Canada

“My shoulder feels like new and my ankle is at a respectable 95% due to AlgaeCal”

I was first introduced to the product in early 2006. At the time, physically, things were not good. I’d recently torn my Achilles Tendon and the upper end of my humerus was chipped, causing rather wonderful pain in my left shoulder. The ankle was in a cast while the surgical procedure on the Achilles did its magic and my shoulder would supposedly never heal unless I opted for a rather undesirable surgery.

Enter AlgaeCal! I started taking it along with Kitchen Sink, that spring. I’m not one of those to say I got up and started dancing around the room, but within a few short weeks, I could feel a noticeable difference in my energy levels. I found myself sleeping more soundly, waking up feeling rested and, certainly not requiring as much sleep as before. I almost felt ” more efficient.

More important than this, the shoulder started to improve. In those days, I couldn’t do a push-up without grimacing and bicep curls were out of the question, unless I was raising a pint to my lips. The change was subtle, but one day 8 or 9 weeks after introducing AlgaeCal to the routine, I didn’t notice the pain as much. Still, given my experience, I continued to take it easy in that respect.

(Keep in mind the leg was in a full aircast at this point.)

Finally one fateful afternoon I felt like pushing myself a bit more than I’d been doing. I remember starting out with some pushups to warm up…WARM UP, I said. That used to be the height of the routine! I got on a bench and started pressing, lighter, then heavier, then heavier still. I’d exceeded previous plateaus from when I was in my 20’s (I’m a 30-something now). And, I’m very pleased to be able to say that the shoulder has completely stopped pestering me. I rather like it now.

The achilles healed in record time thanks to AlgaeCal and my physiotherapist. She insists I have good genes, which I owe to mum and dad. But, in my opinion, my shoulder feels like new and my ankle is at a respectable 95% (by my modest estimation) due to AlgaeCal. Aging, I’d say, only really bites, when it hurts. Physically, I feel as though I’m 25 today. I hope I at least act my age though.


Rae Shungur


Nancy Bianco-Millen Margaretville, NY

“I’m so proud and happy to report my results”

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From: nbiancomillen@********.com
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2011 11:08 AM
To: support@algaecal.com
Name: Nancy Bianco-Millen
Question/Comment: To Whom It May Concern:

I just had to write to tell you the great news.

I had a bone denisity exam on 4/14/2009, at which time the result for my spine was -2.5 and for my hip -0.95. As you know a score 0 to -1 is normal to low normal; a score of -1 to -2.5 indicates osteopenia, or the beginning of bone loss, and -2.5 or lower indicates osteoporosis.

Well, I have been on the AlgaeCal Bone Health Program for two years now. I had my latest bone density exam in April 2011 and just received my results back. I am so proud and happy to report my results now…..my spine is at -1.3 and my hip is at -0.3.

I will continue on this program for two more years to see what the results are. This really does work! Thank you.


Mary Bingham
Corolado Springs, CO

“…now I am above average in my hips and spine!! Thank you, AlgaeCal, you saved my life!”

From: Mary Bingham msbingham@********.net
Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2011 11:33 AM
To: support@algaecal.com
Subject: AlgaeCal Inc: Above Average!!

Two years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia. I wanted to stop this trend fast. I started to research calcium products and found AlgaeCal.

I was impressed by the living plant concept versus the dead rock. I have been taking this product for two years and now I am above average in my hips and spine!! Thank you, AlgaeCal, you saved my life! Also, you are most helpful and friendly when I call. I hope I do my job as well as you do yours! THANK YOU!

Linda Lee Dobbs
Los Angeles, CA

“…this AlgaeCal has really helped after only 2 1/2 months.”

From: LLDobbs@********.com
Sent: Sunday, July 01, 2012 12:50 PM
To: support@algaecal.com
Subject: Contact
Name: Linda Lee Dobbs

Question/Comment: I just want to say how grateful I am for this product. I was initially quite skeptical. I had an old injury (two years ago) prior to taking AlgaeCal and didn’t really hold out much hope, since I have terrible osteoporosis. I was told there was no fracture (after the xray) & even if there was a hairline fracture, I might loose the foot in surgery, so I was just suffering along.

But this AlgaeCal has really helped after only 2 1/2 months. I now have ordered more today. Thank you!!! This is a great product!!!

Judy MacDonnell
Humble, TX

“My lumbar spine density has increased 16.6% and my femoral neck density has increased by 5.1% since my last test in 2008”

Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2012 6:04 PM
To: support@algaecal.com
Subject: AlgaeCal Inc: Bone density increase
This is an enquiry e-mail via https://www.algaecal.com/ from: Judy MacDonnell

I’ve been on your regime for bone building for several years now, and am very pleased with the bone density test results from January this year. My lumbar spine density has increased by 16.6% and my femoral neck density has increased by 5.1%, since my last test in 2008.

I credit algaecal and strontium with the increase, also my diet. I do believe that changing to an alkaline diet is something that you could promote. Dairy products and most animal products have an acidic effect on the body, so promoting these as sources of calcium is perhaps inadvisable. Establishing a plant-based diet with the emphasis on the more alkaline items is very beneficial. There is a lot of medical information online to explain how the body pulls calcium from the bones when the system is acidic. It doesn’t matter how many supplements you take, if the calcium is being excreted at a great rate!

Anyway, I am convinced of the benefits of algaecal and strontium, and will continue on those supplements at least until my bone density registers in the normal range. Then I will try a couple of years without, maintaining my alkaline diet, and see how I go.

Thanks for being there :-).

Isabel Lee
Pleasant Grove, UT

“Overall feeling better…lost of pain in my body gone”

From: AlgaeCal Customer Support [mailto:support@algaecal.com]
Sent: February-06-12 2:04 PM
Subject: AlgaeCal Testimonial- Isabel Lee (Utah)
Dear Algaecal Co.,

I year ago I was very sad about the news that my bone density test was. I pray and had a feeling to go to internet to look for something that would help me. I had a feeling to order these great product from Algaecal.

I took as prescribe to increase calcium in my bones. Overall I was feeling better, a lots of pain in my body was gone. But I did not know if the bone was strong, I wait for a whole year to be able to have a new test. The results was amazing, even the lady that did my test was surprised. She said ” I saw this ,maybe 4 times in my profession” I am very grateful for this wonderful product.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.,
Isabel Lee

Kristi Davis
Modesto, CA

“My DEXA scan indicates no sign of osteoporosis in spine or hip”

Sent: Friday, December 30, 2011 2:58 PM
To: support@algaecal.com
Subject: AlgaeCal Inc: Results after 2 years of using AlgaeCal
This is an enquiry e-mail via https://www.algaecal.com/ from: Kristi Davis

After breaking my wrist in 2009, a DEXA scan showed Osteoporosis of the Spine in the L1-L3 wiath a Tscore of -2.6 and Osteopenia of the hip with a Tscore of -1.7. Fracture risk of Hip moderate and of spine severe.

Two years later my DEXA scan indicates no sign of osteoporosis in spine or hip. My BMD increased 10.5% in the spine and 7.2% in the hip. I am so glad I resisted medications they recommended and instead researched your site to discover your supplements. I hoped for improvement but never dreamt I would see these results. I plan to continue with exercise, diet and your supplements for life. Thank you for your product and educational website; I am convinced I would never have seen such results without AlgaeCal

Deb Barck
Henderson, NV

“I have had huge improvements to my bone health and all my dental health…It’s amazing!”

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From: vegasbarcks@********.net
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011 11:35 AM
To: support@algaecal.com
Subject: Contact

I just wanted to tell you that I have been using your product for 2 1/2 years and I have had huge improvements to my bone health and all my dental health. It’s amazing and I tell everyone about it. My sister, Suzanne Beshara, takes it as well since I sold her on it and she is 72 years old and looks amazing since taking your product. I never referred her via your site but she is a vegetarian and was excited when I told her I found something natural to take. It’s expensive but worth every dime!


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From: Deb Barck [mailto:vegasbarcks@********.net]
September-28-12 1:27 PM
AlgaeCal Inc: Osteopenia gone!

This is an enquiry e-mail via https://www.algaecal.com/ from:
Deb Barck

I just got back from my Dexa scan and found out that my osteopenia is gone! I have all healthy bone sturctures and I’m even in the above normal in my spine! Thank you AlgaeCal! I found out three years ago that my bones were deficient and like to be Osteporosis if I didn’t do something to stop it. I did, I have been taking AlgaeCal ever since and I KNOW that is the reason for my success. I keep sharing the news and letting others know about this great product.

Lakshmi Ramparass Ontario, Canada

“My hip is +4.7…now normal. Lower spine +0.4”

From: lakshmi ramparas
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 8:22 AM
To: support@algaecal.com
Subject: Testimonial

After taking AlgaeCal capsules and Strontium for a year with exercise, my bone density increased:


Total Hip: %change – +4.7 now normal
L. Spine: %change – +0.4

I continue to use the AlgaeCal capsules and do my exercise. I am very happy to have found AlgaeCal because I do no like taking pharmaceuticals and was very worried about my osteopenia and osteoporosis

Lakshmi Ramparass
Georgetown Ontario

Catherine E. Hill Glendale, AZ

“Algae Cal Plus and Strontium does work. I have been on their program 5 years and I have improved every year”

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From: cathychocolates@********.com
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 1:14 AM
To: support@algaecal.com
Subject: Contact
Name: Catherine E. Hill

Question/Comment: This is a testimonial that Algae Cal Plus and Strontium does work. I have been on their program for about 5 years and I have improved every year. If I was to take Fosimax there is too many side effects to this medication and they have not proven this medication yet. Too risky for me.. I will continue to do what is best for me and my bones. I would highly recommend there product to anyone.

Patti Bobel
Scottsdale, AZ

“…an average increase in bone mineral density of 9.3% of the lumbar spine, 12.2% average gain of the hip and 5.9% average gain of the hip femoral neck”

Patricia J. Bobel

Dear AlgaeCal,

Thank you for allowing me to share my extremely exciting story.

In August, 2005, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the lumbar spine and hip. A follow up dexa examination was suggested in one to three years. Going forward, I made the decision to avoid taking any of the prescription drugs recommended by my doctor and began trying a variety of over-the-counter calcium supplements, eating calcium rich foods and exercising.

In March, 2007, my dexa examination did not reveal any significant change in bone mineral density. However, with no other alternatives at that time, I continued with the same supplements, calcium rich foods and exercise.

In October, 2007, I discovered and began the AlgaeCal + Strontium Boost supplemental program.

In October, 2008, my dexa examination revealed a slow and not-so-significant change with an average increase in bone mineral density of 1.8% of the lumbar spine, -7.2% average loss of the hip and 0.6% average gain of the hip femoral neck.

Now, for the best part of my story:

In October, 2010, my dexa examination revealed an average increase in bone mineral density of 9.3% of the lumbar spine, 12.2% average gain of the hip and 5.9% average gain of the hip femoral neck. In my particular case, these percentages actually equate to the highest level for osteopenia. My doctor gave me a “thumbs up” to stay with the AlgaeCal + Strontium Boost supplemental program along with calcium rich foods and exercise for now.

I believe and endorse that AlgaeCal is number one in the discovery of a natural supplement for the treatment of osteoporosis. And, a very good idea for those wanting to prevent osteoporosis by making AlgaeCal a definite part of their daily dietary regimen.

All my best, Patti

Lillian Nardone Cinnaminson, NJ

“I showed my Doctor…he was so astounded that he said he will tell his patients to take these products too.”

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Lillian Nardone

I wanted to share the great news about the algaecal and the strontium that we have taken for the last 2 years. My Sister and I have taken the required dose faithfully and 2 years after we started we both took the DEXA test to measure our bone density. Both of us have had such wonderful results every measurement (neck,spine, and him have improved so much, we are well on our way to becoming our of the osteopenia range we are looking forward to getting completely normal, so we are going to keep taking the both formulas please keep on making these worderful products. I might add I showed my Dr. here in New Jersey, and he was so astounded that he said he will tell his patients to take these products too. Thank you so very much.

Lillian Nardone and Francesca Alamia.

Janet Ridings
Sta Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

“My doctor and nutritionist are both extremely impressed. Both are going to start recommending Algaecal to their patients”

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Janet Ridings (Spain)

Hi I just wanted you to know that I have shown an Algaecal carton to both my nutritionist and my doctor and they are both extremely impressed. The nutritionist is top level and I’ve known him for years and he has never seen such a good formula Both of them thanked me profusely and both are going to start recommending Algaecal to their patients – thank you so much for this product.


Sandy Stankus Worcester, MA

“I noticed that my sleep had improved remarkably”

—–Original Message—–

Sandy Stankus

For the last four years, I have struggled with sleeplessness. My doctor prescribed an antidepressant to aid my sleep which worked to some degree. I started the AlgaeCal bone building regime last month after a dexa scan revealed spinal bone loss. Since starting the program, I noticed that my sleep had improved remarkably. I no longer take the prescription medication. The other calcium supplement I took bothered my stomach; this doesn’t. I’m so pleased with the results, I just ordered a six month supply of the program. I’ll keep you posted!

Jill Severn
NSW, Australia

“…my density is WAY up. I am no longer osteopenia.”

—–Original Message—–

Jill Severn

Dear Eric,

My physician says there is NO WAY the deposits of Calcium could have come from your products. Also I went for a bone density scan yesterday & my density is WAY up. I am no longer osteopenia. So THANK YOU.

All the best Jill

Karen Kobel
Lockport, NY

“…remarkably improved her dexa scan results!”

“I didn’t think anything would really help my daughter Caitlin. At 15, the doctors diagnosed her with osteopenia. Her dexa scan was horrible news, because she needed spinal surgery. She is allergic to just about everything! Using the AlgaeCal for 6 months has, as the doctors put it “remarkably improved her dexa scan results!”. Every calcium we tried gave her diarrhea, rashes, and wheezing. We are now using AlgaeCal with no adverse effects!! She can now have her surgery and get back to herself. Being handicapped in many puts limits on anything she does. Now with AlgaeCal’s help, she will be able to run and play like she used to!! So many, many thanks to you all at AlgaeCal!!!

My only hope is that you never go out of business!!!!”

Susan Hastings Rutherford, NJ

“After the scan to her surprise and mine, the test showed that there was an increase in my bone mass!”

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Susan HastingsFrom:
Saturday, January 15, 2011 11:25 AM

To: orders@algaecal.com

Dear Algaecal, I just got back from having a dexa-scan have not seen my doctor as of yet to discuss the results, However the technician was very impressed! She knew prior to the test that I was not taking Actonel and then tried Boniva, and refused to take that as well, for it really caused side effects that were totally bothersome. After the scan to her surprise and mine, the test showed that there was an increase in my bone mass! She said :” What are you doing?” I had the information I had intended to show it to my doctor. I showed her the booklet that I received from Algaecal Plus and she was very impressed! I left it with her for her sister has osteoporosis and is not thrilled about her taking the prescription drugs that are on the market!

I cannot wait until I see my doctor in two weeks he is going to be impressed as well. I want to thank you so much for your product. I was very concerned at my first dexa-scan results for I had a 50/50 chance of fracture!! Now, I’m not sure what % I now have but the fact is that my bone mass has improved and I am very happy!! I’ll continue to take your product and I am going to tell others about my experience!! Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!

Be well,
Susan Hastings

Jeanne Marie Reed Shreveport, LA —– Original Message —–
From: “Reed, Jeanne”
To: “Algaecal Customer Service”
Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 9:52 AM
Subject: RE: AlgaeCal Inc: Medical informationThanks for your reply. The physician that I currently go to is a bit of an ass. When I told the tech I was taking Algae Cal…her reply was a bit terse in that she stated that I would definitely be going back on to Actonel. Since I have never seen this physician he got wind of this and stated in my “letter” that he “doesn’t mind if a patient goes on a drug holiday, but must revert back to taking the bisphoshonates.” I will no doubt be walking out of his practice this year and try to find someone else in Shreveport…which may take some doing…you know…the Southern mentality. I don’t think he would be willing to adjust the results whatsoever because I am thinking that he feels that Algae Cal/Strontium is voodoo medicine. I am really sick of the overall medical diatribe concerning alternatives to these big pharma toxic substances. This is what I and so many other people have to put up with.Thanks again for your concern. I am very happy on Algae Cal/Strontium Boost. I have had no difficulty at all with assimilating this supplement. I am taking other supplements for high cholesterol and cystitis as well as boosts to overall health, and I have never felt better. Thanks to you and everybody associated with Algae Cal for your fine products and outreach. I have told countless people about your products and will soon be issuing my own small cards that I will carry around explaining the advantages of Algae Cal. I think this is the least I can do for a company that has done so much for me.Take care. Jeanne

Linda Melito
Maspeth, NY
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From: “linda melito”
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 10:36 AM
Subject: AlgaeCal Inc: recent bone density testI’ve been taking your product for about 1 1/2yrs. today i had a bone density test and i no longer have osteoporosis. my last test was 2yrs ago, and my left hip was pretty bad. i don’t have the numbers in front of me, but the tech. told me they were the highest in 4yrs. thank you so much for your product.

Ann Carveth Melbourne, Australia —– Original Message —– From: “Ann Carveth”
To: Algaecal Support
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 2:26 PM
Subject: AlgaeCal Inc: use of algaecal etcGood Morning,I have been taking Algaecal and Strontium plus since being diagnosed with osteoporosis in June 2009. A recent DEXA scan has shown a 2% increase in bone density in the lumbar spine and 1% in the femoral neck moving this area from osteoporosis to osteopenia. I have been exercising at a gym three times a week and using weights. I have gained 2 kg in weight and my height has not decreased at all. Some detractors have said that I would have increased the density just by exercise, something I am not convinced is true. My main question is should I now go on to the maintenance programme and decrease the amount of Algaecal or if I continue taking 4 tabs a day will bone density continue to grow? Would appreciate if you could give me your thoughts on this.Regards

Lori Yob
Spokane, WA
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From: “Lori Yob”
To: AlgaeCal Support
Sent: Friday, March 19, 2010 8:46 PM
Subject: AlgaeCal Inc: my testimonialAfter a year and a half on Algaecal my T score in my lumbar spine increased from -3.0 to -2.5, a 7.5% increase and my femur increased from -0.0 to +0.1 an increase of 1.3%. My original bone density was done Nov. 24, 2008 and this new one was done Mar. 5, 2010. Now get this, my doctor wanted me to come in to discuss treatment options after receiving my latest results. I said why would I change what is working??? She looked at the IMPRESSION: portion of the results which still said osteoporosis and not at the change in my bone density, which INCREASED!!!! I was shocked, I had so hoped I would get affirmation that I was on the right track but instead I got treatment options…..Please listen to what is being offered in this Algaecal product, It works!!!!!Thank-you Algaecal for giving me back my bones in a healthy way!!!!!!
Lori Yob

Evolina Lane
Ontario, Canada
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From: Evolina Lane
To: support@algaecal.com
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2010 4:48 AM
Subject: testimonialI was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years ago. My doctor wanted me to take medication. I refused. I have been taking calcium supplements for years. I also take other supplements as well. Two years ago I fell and broke my left wrist. On 2008.11.03 I had a Dexa scan. The results were:
Lumbar spine T-score -3.5 and Z-score -2.1
Left femoral neck T-score -2.4 and Z-score -1.1.My doctor wanted me to take medication. I refused. Then in February 2009, while lifting something heavy I ended up with two compression fractures in my spine. (T8 & T11). That was when I decided to start taking Algaecal and strontium.On 2010.02.09, I had another Dexa scan. The results were:
Lumbar spine T-score -3.1 and Z-score -1.4
Proximal femur T-score -1.1 and Z-score 0.0Even with this improvement, my doctor wants me to take Aclasta injections. I do not want to do this because of the side effects.Thank you Algaecal for your great product. Evolina Lane

Patricia Simpson Grand Prairie, TX —– Original Message —–
From: Patti Simpson
To: support@algaecal.com
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 8:48 AM
Subject: Patti Simpson bone density results for 2009Eric,Re: 2009–January lab results also revealed an Iodine/Iodide deficiency (approx 2/3 normal level) so I started oral Iodine supplements, in addition to continuing the Bio-Identical Hormone Creams and the Adrenal support supplements to help bring the cortisol levels into line.As you can see from p.3 (2009 DEXA) my AP Spine L 1-4 BMD showed a marked increase from the 2008 result of 0.634g/cm2 (T-score of -4.5) to 0.710g/cm2 (T-score of -3.9) —– a 12% INCREASE in one year!! I was jubilant!!, especially since there were those in my family who did not believe there was anything one could do to increase bone density in people with osteoporosis. The lab results were clearly convincing.The Right Femur had improved from 0.596 g/cm2 to 0.624 g/cm2 (4.6% INCREASE) from 2008 to 2009, and the Left Femur had improved from 0.611 g/cm2 to 0.645 g/cm2 (5.5% INCREASE).Thank you, AlgaeCal, for helping me improve the density of my bones on my way back to strength and health!Patti Simpson, R.N., BSN

Cynthia Baggett
Lake Charles, LA
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From: “cynthia baggett”
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 7:58 AM
Subject: AlgaeCal International: My Bone DensityI just wanted to share this with you i have only been taking AlgaeCal for 8 monthis ——i have osetoporsis in the hip and my doctor wanted me to take Evista but i refused last Nov. 08 i did some research about your product feb.09 and started taking it i had my bone density last week and my report said my osetoporsis is stable —my doctor told me to continue taking my calcium!! i am so pleased with that report for such a short time taking your product i have complete faith in Algae Cal thank you so much

Elizabeth Keeler Oregon City, OR —– Original Message —–
From: “Liz Keeler”
Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 2:06 PM
Subject: AlgaeCal International: Improved bone density testMy spinal number went from -2.7 to -2.4 in my most recent bone density test. I attribute this progress to AlgaeCal & Strontium Boost & I will continue to take it. In the past, I have taken Evista, Actonel and Fosamax & they couldn’t even hold my number, let alone improve my bone density.Thanks you Algae Cal
Liz Keeler, Oregon City, OR

Jonathan Cottrell London, UK —– Original Message —–
From: “John Cottrell”
Sent: Monday, September 14, 2009 5:25 AM
Subject: AlgaeCal International: Amazing test resultsI have been taking AlgaeCal for about a year.I had my latest bone density test results back last week and the Consultant Rheumatologist said that he had never seen such an improvement in bone density. In fact he said this twice as I didn’t look totally amazed the first time!My AP Spine(L1-L4) T-Score had improved by 38.4% (0.581 to 0.804; -4.6 to -2.6)My Total Hip(Right) had improved by 17.6% (0.584 to 0.687; -3.0 to -2.3).My consultant is head of Rheumatology at a major London Hospital and about 60 years old so he has seen an endless number of people with osteoporosis. I showed him the calcium I am taking (the AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost) and he confirmed that the improvement is all to do with getting the calcium I need along with certain vitamins that are included in the supplement. He didn’t mention the strontium but I am sure that is helping as well.

Penelope Starr
Miami, FL
—– Original Message —–
From: “Penelope Starr”
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 9:04 AM
Subject: AlgaeCal International: testimonialI have taken algaecal/strontium for 1 year and my recent DEXA scan showed a -2.30 for the left hip; a definite improvement over the last test that showed a -2.50 for the left hip. My spine has had similar improvement.Thank you algaecal. Penelope Starr

Terry Ann Cantor
Wheelock, VT
—– Original Message —– From: terry cantor
To: support@algaecal.com
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 2:42 PM
Subject: good newshello- I was diagnosed with osteoporosis several years ago; I refused to take the medications offered to me, yet I was worried about the state of my bones. About a year ago, I stumbled upon the AlgaeCal website and, after some research on my own, I gave the supplements a try. I took the strontium for one year along with the algaecal supplement. My dexascan just a couple of weeks ago showed the following:Bone density went from -2.6 to -1.8. This represents an increase of 12% in the spine and 2.7% in the hip. My doctor is pleased and so am I. I am an active 61 year old woman; I take ballet lessons, I snowshoe, and I walk. I am glad to have discovered your product.Many thanks.
Terry Ann Cantor

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Question/Comment: To Whom It May Concern:I just had to write to tell you the great news. I had a bone denisity exam on 4/14/2009, at which time the result for my spine was -2.5 and for my hip -0.95. As you know a score 0 to -1 is normal to low normal; a score of -1 to -2.5 indicates osteopenia, or the beginning of bone loss, and -2.5 or lower indicates osteoporosis.Well, I have been on the AlgaeCal Bone Health Program for two years now. I had my latest bone density exam in April 2011 and just received my results back. I am so proud and happy to report my results now…..my spine is at -1.3 and my hip is at -0.3.I will continue on this program for two more years to see what the results are. This really does work! Thank you.Nancy

Catherine E. Hill Glendale, AZ Name: Catherine E. Hill
Email: cathychocolates@********.comQuestion/Comment: This is a testimonial that Algae Cal Plus and Strontium does work. I have been on their program for about 5 years and I have improved every year. If I was to take Fosimax there is too many side effects to this medication and they have not proven this medication yet. Too risky for me.. I will continue to do what is best for me and my bones. I would highly recommend there product to anyone.

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

February 09, 2005 8:06 AM

I must say after taking AlgaeCal for 30 days I cannot remember feeling better in over a year. This Algae is the only change I have had so it must be the reason I feel so good, I am a diabetic and have high blood pressure and my blood reading a month ago was 225. My tests last week show it dropped to 157 which pleased my doctor immensely. Thank you.

February 19, 2005 8:47 AM

Well I went to the doctor yesterday about my knee. They have ruled out arthritis but feel it is bursitis and/or tendonitis. My blood sugar has dropped from 257 to 126. which is 14 points below the diabetic level. Although I still have diabetes. Yesterday I worked out with my trainer in the pool and he said I had more energy then he has seen in a while. The only thing I am taking other than my heart meds and diabetes meds are your AlgaeCal.

Ed Martino
Orange, CA

Asthma, Allergies, Weight Loss

I am 35 years hold and have had health problems for many years. I have had asthma, allergies, diabetes and also had my thyroid removed. Once my thyroid was removed, I had to be on calcium supplements for life in addition to all of my other medications. When taking Oscal and every other store bought calcium including Barefoot calcium. Even though I was taking about 8 pills a day my muscles still cramped, my bones hurt and I was going into early osteoporosis. Then I started AlgaeCal I now feel great, my calcium levels are perfect, I have been able to loose weight because my energy levels are up, I am off of all my asthma medications and I am not even having trouble with my allergies. The only thing I have changed is…….I now take AlgaeCal and I take only the three recommended pills a day.

Julie Gutierrez

High Blood Pressure

A friend of mine, Remedios, persuaded me that AlgaeCal was great for high blood pressure so she got me a bottle and I started taking it about two weeks ago. I have not had time to get my blood pressure checked BUT I also suffer from arthritis and a muscle injury from Cancer treatments I have been undergoing. To my amazement after a week and a half the discomfort from the muscle injury and the joint pain has been cut by 2/3. I am very impressed, and it is so nice to wake up in the mornings and not have discomfort….. so thank you. I am happy to endorse the AlgaeCal and THANK YOU SO MUCH


Anna B.
Richmond, BC

Heel Spurs

I was struggling with canker sores as well as heal spurs and within a week to ten days, the heel spurs were gone and about a month later I noticed I had not had any canker sores. I have been on AlgaeCal for six months now and none of my symptoms have returned and my overall state of health has continued to improve. I have also started giving one AlgaeCal a day to my dog who is 12 years old. Our dog had a lot of trouble climbing stairs and is now back to climbing them with much less difficulty after only a few weeks on AlgaeCal

Vicky Ordowski

Doggie Health

To Whom It May Concern; I am sure you will find this letter unusual. About 8 months ago I began giving your AlgaeCal to my dog “Buckley” who has had a heart and knee condition for the past 2 years. You would not believe how well he is doing as matter of fact he is down to 1 dioxin a day and absolutely NO LIMP, he is more active today then he was prior to all his health conditions. I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.

Kimberly Marie DiPilato

Menopause, Toe Nail Fungus, Insomnia

When I found myself to be post menopausal, I had great difficulty sleeping. I was only sleeping about 3 to 4 hours a night. When I started taking this AlgaeCal, my sleep improved dramatically. I am now sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night and my rest is much deeper and I awake refreshed instead of exhausted. I also had toenail fungus which has completely cleared up since I started AlgaeCal. I tried everything for the toenail fungus that the doctor suggested and nothing worked, then after I started taking calcium, I noticed as the toenail grew out, the fungus was gone.

Arlene Fenner


I have a one year old daughter who was not sleeping well at night. She was very restless, talked in her sleep and woke often. I started opening one AlgaeCal at night and mixing it with yogurt and giving it to my daughter. In three weeks she was sleeping peacefully through the night…..and so was I. Thanks to AlgaeCal.

Lisa Foster
Antioch, TN

Age Spots Disappeared

I have had severe age spots (those brown spots on your skin often called liver spots) that were so severe I covered myself up with clothing even on the hottest day, for ten years. 3 days after beginning AlgaeCal consumption I noticed a change in the spots. In one month they were gone. I only wish I had taken photographs because the improvement is so dramatic, nobody would believe me. It is hard to imagine the relief I feel physically and mentally and emotionally.

Antonio L. Neves

General Health

My wife had been taking AlgaeCal with great success to her many health problems. Being a skeptic, I didn’t want to give it a try, but I did and have noticed such an improvement in my overall state of health that we now give it to our kids as well. Our whole family is committed to AlgaeCal and greater health.

General Health

Increase of Bone Mineral Density

I would like to inform AlgaeCal that I have been purchasing your products for about 18mths. When I found out that my DEXA tests proved I had Osteoporosis, with a score of -2.9 in August ’06, My Dr. gave me a prescription for Fosomax, but I made up my mind I was not going to take this drug. I searched the internet and found your website.

I started to take AlgaeCal Plus along with Strontium Boost about two months later. My DEXA test just taken in March revealed that my bone density has increased and that I am out of the osteoporosis stage and into the osteopenia stage with a score of -2.3.

I was a little skeptical about taking AlgaeCal Plus and thought it to be a gimmick, but it has proven to be truth for me. I am still walking occasionally with a weight vest, bike riding and other activities. I am 54 yrs old and I had started menopause at the age of 48. Since taking AlgaeCal Plus I feel more vibrant, stronger and my back does not hurt as much. I hope to improve my T score by next year. By the way my Dr. was impressed.

Dottie Da Ponte
Smiths Parish, Bermuda