Harvesting AlgaeCal Calcium – Live Marine Algas Calcareas

Harvesting Marine Algae Plant Calcium

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An Ecologically Responsible Harvest

AlgaeCal is plant source of raw calcium from live marine algae called Lithothamnion superpositum (or Algas Calcareas™ as the locals call it). The obvious concern is how can it be harvested without harming the delicate ecology of the ocean?

The species of marine algae we use does not grow in coral reefs. Remember, Corals are considered animal while AlgaeCal is a plant – so it grows in a different environment. The tiny algae attach to pieces of seaweed on the sandy ocean bottom. Toward the latter part of a 180 day life cycle, it typically reaches the size of a person’s fist and it is washed up on the beach.

algas calcareas harvesting
Close up of algae containing large amounts of calcium, magnesium and more than 70 trace minerals

The algae is harvested by hand in from the shores of a remote area in South America. We employ a team of trained locals who live-harvest this marine algae from the beaches at low tide within 48 hours of being exposed to the sun to keep all of the minerals and nutrients intact. The crop is rotated from beach to beach to be sure to not interfere with the natural cycle of marine algae.

The marine algae is then washed with fresh ionized water and then sun dried. The algae is then milled down to powder form to become AlgaeCal. To ensure the quality and safety all batches of AlgaeCal powder are tested for microbial activity and mineral content.

There is no chemical treatment, no sieving process anAd no additives or extractions that might create impurities. AlgaeCal is a completely natural product.

plant based calcium ingredients
Tennis ball size algae on the sandy beaches of South America

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