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AlgaeCal Calcium Absorption Test

We tested AlgaeCal for calcium absorption in a test simulating the human digestive tract by the respected seaweed analyzing institute, C.E.V.A. in France.

Calcium absorption of AlgaeCal was compared to some typical foods that are high in calcium content. We were pleasantly surprised to find AlgaeCal demonstrated higher calcium absorption than common calcium containing foods.

Calcium Absorption Test Results image2

Where Does AlgaeCal Stand?

1. AlgaeCal Is Very Soluble

We know AlgaeCal has a unique porous nature, like a sponge so it has a lot more surface area than regular calcium carbonate. More surface area means more opportunity for stomach acid to come in contact with the calcium and dissolve it. We have proven this theory is true – in a USP dissolution test simulating stomach conditions, 97% of the calcium in AlgaeCal goes into solution. In other words 97% is available for absorption, even for elderly people if they take AlgaeCal with meals. View USP Dissolution test.

2. AlgaeCal Is Very Bio-Available

Beyond solubility in the stomach, AlgaeCal has proven to be bio-available in the rest of the digestive process as shown in the CEVA test above. View the full CEVA test results.

How much calcium actually goes into your bloodstream varies by 3 fold among individuals, depending on your need for calcium, size of dose taken, co-factors, etc. In other words AlgaeCal does 100% of it’s job by being available for absorption into your bloodstream.

3. Your Results Are What Really Matters

You only want better bio-availability because you believe it will lead to increased bone mineral density and reduced fracture risk. The common mistake is to assume better bio-availability means better bone health, and that is not always the case. For example, some of the highly soluble calciums like calcium citrate-malate, calcium bis-glycinate and calcium formate sound good, but they have failed to demonstrate superior human results in studies compared to basic calcium carbonate. It is important to demonstrate good bio-availability as we have with AlgaeCal, but the most bio-available calcium is not necessarily going to produce the best bone health.

What has been proven in well controlled clinical studies is that trace minerals including zinc, copper, manganese, silica, strontium and boron have a positive impact on bone health. Some studies show the addition of trace minerals to calcium produces more positive results on BMD of postmenopausal women than calcium alone. AlgaeCal naturally contains all of the above mentioned bone support minerals. Furthermore, a clinical study with AlgaeCal and other co-factors is showing excellent end points including evidence of excellent bone enhancement.

If you are looking for a superior calcium supplement, AlgaeCal Plus is not only very bio-available, but contains all of the proven bone supporting trace minerals and co-factors, and it has shown clinical evidence of increased bone density, even among post-menopausal women! No other calcium supplement can make this claim.

AlgaeCal Plus

AlgaeCal is the world’s only pure plant source of calcium, so it is a particularly body-friendly form of calcium. It also naturally includes magnesium and important bone-supporting trace minerals in a form that your body recognizes as food. Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 have been added at full dosages.Learn more about AlgaeCal Calcium Supplement AlgaeCal Plus Product