A Bone Density Increase of 12.3% in One Year

Mark-MartinMark Martin of Martell, Nebraska has always strongly believed in taking the natural approach to health.

“I have been eating healthy for 30 years and taking hefty doses of vitamins for around 25 years. I’m in better health than most of my friends.”

But unfortunately, Mark’s DEXA scan results revealed a startling fact – he had extremely low bone density in his spine and his hip was borderline osteoporotic.

Mark was shocked and dismayed, because he always believed leading a healthy lifestyle would be enough to keep him strong. This diagnosis forced him to do some extensive research… and he found AlgaeCal – the only certified organic plant-based calcium supplement proven to increase bone density.

“I first started taking AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost on November 19th, 2007.”

One year later, Mark had the same scan done using the same machine at the same office and the results were exciting – the bone density in his hip grew by 5% and 12.3% in his spine! He has now been using the products for over 5 years and continues to build bone. Mark’s was doctor amazed by the significant increase:

“My doctor suggested I go off the supplements for a year to see if I have a decrease in my bone density… Forget it!… I’ll be ordering another year’s supply shortly.”

Low bone density has no actual symptoms, but the fact is, after middle age we ALL lose more bone than we create. So if you live long enough, low bone density is inevitable. But now it can be reversed – safely and naturally!

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